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  1. You take the 3 points on the road every FUCKING time. His propensity to pass up free points is astonishingly stupid. fuck him. fuck this whole staff. These kids don’t have a fucking chance.
  2. My wife has pulled this before as well. I saw over the weekend, in-laws were visiting, where my wife learned to load the dishwasher. Holy Fuck. small plates in the top rack. Glasses in between the prongs, so they just slide around. I mean.....
  3. yes, he stood out to me too. Hopefully he'll steal minutes from Hepa and Cunningham. Hepa has been disappointing. Cunningham looked lost.
  4. I told my wife this morning that McConaughey's so over the top it makes it seem fake. Like it's a bit. I'm as big a "Texas Guy" as anyone, but I feel like Jack Black in Airborne after listening to him go on about UT.
  5. Unfortunately not going, but Tedeschi Trucks Band is playing tonight in Houston at Hobby Center.
  6. I wouldn't say he started "over" him, different positions and all...but neither one looked ready to play. Obviously Saturday against Purdue will tell us a bit more
  7. I won't be at all shocked if we lose to Northern Colorado tonight.
  8. Nancy's Hustle has been solid the times I've been. Get the Nancy Cakes....I could eat like 20 of them if I tried. I haven't tried it, but supposedly the burger is great.
  9. You guys wanted an expanded bench....well there ya go. :lol That game was over in the first 5 min. They are completely unwatchable.
  10. That Suzuki scratch could turn out to be huge. He was a machine last time.
  11. She's a 49 year old lesbian (and not the good kind) You want me to PM you?
  12. I just learned my non-sports loving sister, who doesn't even understand baseball is going to Game 7. For Free. I'm stuck at a work Halloween thing, handing out candy, dressed as a god damned hot dog and she is going to Game 7.
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