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  1. Watched Proof of Life. Pretty good for a 20 year old movie. lol
  2. No pics, But we did this last night...with rice and green beans. It was fucking delicious. https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1020770-crispy-parmesan-roast-chicken-with-lemon
  3. I think it should be required to provide names to these gifs....you know, for further, uhhh, research.
  4. Watched Knives Out over the weekend. Pretty entertaining
  5. Good grief. I regret not checking back in on this thread earlier. After seeing the initial post/thread...I got to thinking, man that's 8 pages about a football throwing machine? That can't be right. Jackpot!
  6. Played well in the 2nd half. 1st quarter was a continuation of how shitty they've been playing lately. Hopefully they can show up against LA on Thurs. 5 game road trip at the end of March will be killer. 3/23 @ Dallas 3/25 @ Milwaukee 3/27@ Indiana 3/29 @ Detroit 3/31 @ Philly
  7. Tylerocks


    Boil House continues to be our go-to for cajun crawfish in Houston. If we're feeling crawfish with maybe a po-boy or something else....we go to the Boot on 20th. Strictly Crawfish/beer? Boil House.
  8. Yep, told my wife the same thing. I actually thought he was going to get it, right there in the car.
  9. Wife calls me just now and has managed to lose both keys to her car. I gave her suggestions on possible places she might not have thought of. She responds "I know where to luck, they're not in my stuff." I wished her luck.
  10. I didn't realize until like a year ago, that Mazzy Star wasn't the name of the chick singer.
  11. Fred Savage at High Sierra Music fest..saw him during Widespread Panic Bill Murray at small Band of Horses show in Austin Ty Pennington at Cage the Elephant at Jazzfest Alphonso Johnson(bassist)- WSP in LA Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black)- Radiators show in New Orleans Probably some others, but unless they're standing next to me I more thank likely wouldn't notice.
  12. Very cool. I grew up going to Dozier's. Loved taking the trip out there. Haven't been in years, but they were my fist taste of venison sausage. Childhood friend would get his deer processed there.
  13. Free Drivin N Cryin Show tomorrow in Houston at the Rustic https://www.prekindle.com/promo/id/530585115428728578
  14. Just finished Season 1 of Broadchurch. Solid British crime/murder mystery.
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