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  1. Tylerocks


    My sister mentioned this place to me as well. Hell it's worth it for the price alone. That's about 1/2 of what we paid a couple weeks ago.
  2. Started it last night and will continue. Solid start. I agree with some that her voice/character is very specific...but if it fits the role, like this and Russian doll, she's fine. She's a "type" for sure.
  3. 40 Acre version of the Killer B's Brooks, Blue, Baxter
  4. Was wondering how 11 of his 13 rebounds were offensive. lol
  5. Fuck. Yes for the Frog Brigade!! That'll be fucking great out on the lawn at White Oak. Got tix for Grace Potter Feb 24. It's a benefit show for the American Heart Association being put on by a friend of a friend who passed away at 46 from a heart attack.
  6. I was in sales/account management for a pro sports team, but my skills are transferable to any industry. I'm mainly looking into O&G in some capacity, Commercial RE, and IT/SaaS/Tech...potentially Insurance as well, although I'm not currently licensed.
  7. Been following this thread and I feel for everyone going through the process. And yes, its fucking ridiculous. Job after job that I apply for that I'm 100% qualified for end up not even getting a sniff at. The auto-reject emails are comical at this point. Most recently went through 2 interviews with a company...went well, I thought. 2 emails (1 "thank you" email and 1 "update") following up with them have gone un-answered. Just ghosted. Like wtf? I was with a co for 19 years until 2021 and have bounced between doing some contract work and working for 6 months for a company that had to furlough me because they were running out of start up $ Anyone looking to hire sales/biz dev/account management folks in Houston? Hit me up!!
  8. That 1 hour felt like 3 episodes. Fucking great.
  9. Tylerocks


    Exxon station on Shepherd, between Washington and I-10 (just over the tracks heading N.) I think it's the same people that do the truck by W. Alabama...same name at least. It's a little more ($3/taco) but I think the quality is much better than the truck. I usually opt for the spicy beef or chicken fajita quesadilla($6) with frijoles and cilantro/onions. It's basically a giant taco.
  10. I'm familiar with the perma-grin.
  11. Watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent last night. Pretty solid. Pascal and Cage were good together. The LSD scene was great.
  12. Up by 19 at one point end of 3/start of 4th-Wiz go on a 30-4 run. Thats amazing/embarrassing
  13. I watched the 4th quarter last night. That is the longest I've watched a game this season (and last for that matter) This really stood out to me as well. Why is he getting minutes over any of the other young guards?
  14. Love this so far. Those Clickers are fucking gross. As an aside/FYI- the daughter in episode 1 is Thandie Newton's kid.
  15. This. More parents should drug their kids for flights. You sir, are a great American.
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