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  1. It was partly tongue-in-cheek..It's just funny how they get singled out. Every team needs those kinds of GPA boosters. lol
  2. I have to say, as a Jesuit grad (albeit much older) I'm disappointed that all the anger and vitriol is always directed at my jebbie brothers Jett and Max. There are plenty of other white guys you can shit on. Sad. AMDG
  3. This thread needs some fucking adderall. Y'all are all over the place.
  4. Terrol Dillon getting punted in the nuts. Got the block too..
  5. Joey Ellis (RIP) Jesus..I don't remember the story, but came across a post from former Horn Jay Boulware. Joey was unarmed and shot 12 times by 6 Ft Worth cops in 2004.
  6. Haven't been to March, but Rosie Cannonball has been great every time we've been. And we go alot as we're a couple blocks away. Also enjoy the cheese shop. Hit up Riel a couple about a month ago...really solid. Will be back. Hangar steak for me and Kimchi Carbonara for the wife. Also did the burrata app along with empanadas
  7. Butch Hadnot doesn't belong on that list, IMO He actually played in 17 games and ran for 1000 yds
  8. Yeah, about 20 mi....SE of Tyler. My mom is from there (and home of Guy V Lewis) No shit.
  9. Just started this the other night. We're 4 in I think.. Paul Walter Hauser is pretty fucking amazing. His mannerisms, his voice and inflections, the random tics and idiosyncrasies.
  10. Yep. My dad is from PA and his brother is a PSU fan. Growing up those were my 2 teams, so it was a rare treat get to see them play each other.
  11. Well, this is fairly random.. Jeff Higgins
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