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  1. Nice gesture, but the end of that article mentioning the Astros? Fuck off.
  2. Just for shits/giggles I looked this up. We had 10 fucking TE's on the roster in both 2008/2009. WTaF
  3. I can't imagine trading working in Austin for Baton Rouge or going from a seemingly good dude (Sark) to a douche-fuck like Brian Kelly
  4. Caught up on a bunch from Season 9/10. Still hilarious, imo Dyck Sausage party was good, lol So much talent on the show aside from the regulars.. Cassie/Tassie Anik It's always the kind of off to the side one-liners that get me..
  5. 91-94. Rencher was still there in 94/95 Clack/Vasquez came in 95/96
  6. I wonder if you can rent out the patio of Shoal Creek? That would be right up my alley
  7. Sonya Morris, with 2 points off the bench, running her mouth to UL's best player...after getting pantsed by 22?
  8. Watched All Quiet on the Western Front yesterday. Great movie, the cinematography is off the charts. Felix Kammerer(Baümer) does an amazing job considering it was his 2nd professional acting gig.
  9. These kids don't know how to handle his brand of "old man" ball. Some exclusive footage of DD in a pickup game
  10. I like Bishop off the bench, but yeah Mitchell is a waste out there. The occasional athletic put back is all he does other than just run around. I really don't understand why he's even getting minutes, much less starting all season. I've noticed his minutes declining, but still.
  11. This the women's bracket thread?
  12. The cast was on the Today show yesterday and my wife asked if I thought Rebecca was hot. It took everything I had not to do this: Seeing her next to Al Roker was funny. Good first episode. The writing is on the wall for Nate and his "alter ego"
  13. This is maybe where I went wrong. Was High af the first time. Fell asleep 2x and had no idea wtf was going on. Think I need to watch it while not high
  14. Every time this thread is bumped...and I invariably click on it, the posts from that site are amazingly more "woe-is-me" than the last. It's amazing to me how out of touch with reality they are on that site. The NCAA/Everyone is out to get Aggy? A team that hasn't won anything of consequence since the Nazi's moved in on Poland. JLaw"ok"gif They want nothing more than to be relevant.
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