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  1. This is going to be an enormous fail. Like wtf are they thinking? I don't eat a ton of fast food, but the last time I did I was surprised at how "much" it was for a regular value meal. Kirk Tanner is a fucking idiot.
  2. I think the roofing industry has a reputation problem. My short stint with a company didn't do much to change my opinion. the hard-sell/door-to-door/storm chaser aspect isn't for me, but I understood it and it works when pursuing insurance jobs. What I didn't anticipate was how much the clients were looking to profit off the insurance claims.
  3. I just heard about this.. Good. I'm all for teenage shenanigans, but knowingly doing that after the kid tells you it "could absolutely kill him" is beyond comprehension. That's fucked up
  4. Rodeo is going on... prices probably inflated for that
  5. Heartbreakers. Solely for Jennifer Love Hewitt Howard the Duck
  6. My old job brought in Rudy's twice over the last few months. It was barely edible. Everything sucked...like horribad.
  7. Hard as ice, it's like tumbling dice Before you fall for her boy, you better think twice
  8. Ringo's All Starr Band with Ringo Starr, Dr. John, Billy Preston, Joe Walsh, Clarence Clemons, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Jim Keltner and Nils Lofgren
  9. Coast Starlight. Runs down the west coast/mountains from Seattle to LA
  10. Hi there. Are you a large person? Pleasantly plump? A little on the hefty side, perhaps? Well, let's face it: Are you FAT? When you go jogging, do you leave pot-holes? When you make love, do you have to give directions? At the zoo, do the elephants throw YOU peanuts? Do you look at a menu and say 'OK'? Well, now, you can eat all you want, because at Thornton Melon's "Tall & Fat" stores, we've got you covered. That's right. Fine woolen, and woolen-blend suits and sport coats, in all the larger sizes - husky, stout, extra-stout, and the new Hindenburg line. And for you ladies we have caftans, muumuus, and our own exclusive A-frame in all colors and patterns. Yes, we have miles and miles of fabric. So take it from me, Thornton Melon, if you want to look thin, you hang out with fat people
  11. That guy definitely skis in his duck hunting jacket and scotch-guarded jeans. 100%
  12. Charlize Theron played Aileen Wournos. They can do it....
  13. Watched Finestkind...Paramount movie. Had high hopes with a pretty solid cast. Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Foster, Jenna Ortega. It was ok...a little slow. Slogged on for the first hour. Foster and Jones did good jobs, but the story was predictable. Meh
  14. Wife brought some home from a co-worker of hers. She used Pepperidge Farm Chessman butter cookies instead of vanilla wafers. It was fucking awesome. Go baseball team!
  15. Kobe Black at 15/22? It's just a hunch, but I'm pretty high on Aaron Butler.
  16. Watched Fury over the weekend. Pretty solid. I'm a sucker for war movies/series War is hell.
  17. That would be a waste of time.
  18. I haven't watched 1 second of Ole Miss basketball, but looking at their schedule, they're about 15 points away from being a .500 team. 1 point win vs Detroit Mercy 3 point win vs Sam Houston 1 point win vs Temple 3 point win vs Memphis 2 point win vs UCF 3 point win vs aggy 4 point win vs MSU
  19. My alma mater made the playoffs at 3-8, Yay! It's dumb There needs to be a win minimum, like bowl eligibility.
  20. Weird they played Corpus and skipped Houston. For the 4th largest city in the country Houston gets skipped ....a lot.
  21. Started watching this on a whim...had no idea it was a prequel. Had no idea there even was a movie called Sexy Beast.
  22. These are growing on me. The texture/crunch was off at first, but I'm digging them. Basically a ranch-ish flavored Frito.
  23. My mother-in-law is somehow related to Parker or one of his wives, somewhere down the line. The book is great and I don't mind Sheridan, so I'll tune in.
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