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  1. He killed 3 kids, either on purpose or with extreme recklessness. He's doing a lot more than "looking at prison time." His life is over.
  2. Or, hear me out on this, maybe, just maybe, you don't hop in your car and start a chase in the first place, especially when the perpetrators are kids who just committed the unforgivable crime of ringing a doorbell and running away. Get help, dude.
  3. The redevelopment of the Shepherd corridor continues unabated. Pretty much that entire stretch of junky old mechanic shops and car lots between Burger Joint (20th) and HEB (23rd) is currently undergoing demolition. The people that built Heights Mercantile have gutted that big warehouse complex at 6th and Shepherd and are building a huge dining/drinking/retail complex called MKT right off the hike and bike trail. Something is finally happening with the GO Baptist Parking Lot. Trackhoes were there last week digging up all the old concrete. Think the developers are building a big strip center.
  4. Brutal start to the year, fellow barons.
  5. 194.2 on the scale this morning, which puts me at -10.5 since 1/2. Halfway to goal of 185 by birthday on 3/8. One more week of Dry January to go. Would like to be at or below 192 by next Friday. I'd be happy with losing ~13 lbs on the month.
  6. Guarantee there are Plaintiffs' attorneys in the recording studio right now cutting radio ads.
  7. Where do you usually fish? For me its Sabine/Keith Lake. Have plans to fish either Sabine or Keith next Saturday. Current forecast this far out is perfect, which means it should go to shit by late next week and it'll be so nasty that morning we don't even bother launching the boat.
  8. Boss came in yesterday morning with a big box from Voodoo. Holy crap, each one of these things looks like it would offset multiple days of diet and exercise. No thanks.
  9. HEB store-brand Chicken Broth is by far the most flavorful of any brand. Tastes damn near homemade.
  10. I should stipulate that when I made the drive through Raton it was in early May and extremely pleasant weather.
  11. TSLA up $19 (3.5%) today. Around lunchtime it was up damn near $50.
  12. Today's big rumor is that it was primarily delayed b/c it plays like shit on current gen consoles.
  13. Years ago had to move my wife up there for a multi-month work project, we did 45/287 to Amarillo, ate dinner and stayed there for the night. Leave Amarillo on 87 and go through Panhandle/NE New Mexico until you hit I-25 just south of NM/CO border. 25 runs all the way into Denver. I seem to recall it felt like a surprisingly easy trip.
  14. Sorry Plaschke and whiny bitch Dodger fans.
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