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  1. Ford Fry's group (Superica, La Lucha and State of Grace) all announced they are discontinuing takeout and closing for at least 2 weeks.
  2. I was wearing a long sleeve T and fleece vest this past Saturday morning. Now I'm about to jump in my pool for the 2nd day in a row. In 7 years of having a pool, I think I can count on two hands the amount of times I've hopped in before April.
  3. Got probably 4-5 months of construction left on my new house (assuming no further restrictions or contractors getting sick). Also gonna need to sell the existing one at some point mid to late Summer. Interesting times ahead.
  4. Splurged tonight to help out a buddy who's trying to liquidate inventory and keep his chef busy for as long as possible. $60 for 2 big plates of seafood linguine (lobster, shrimp and lump crab) and a bottle of wine, delivered. Probably the fanciest meal I will have in a long while.
  5. Alex Bent has been the biggest upgrade to Trivium. Dude's a beast. Watched a "making the album" video for their last release and they really seemed to write the songs around him. I'm a guitar player but find myself watching his drum tracks.
  6. Parents went down to Keith Lake yesterday and put together a respectable little Texas Slam.
  7. The next Astros game I attend, whenever the fuck that is, will be one of the best baseball games of my life, regardless of the outcome.
  8. Heard that Sanchez' DIP financing fell through and sounds like they're gonna end up with a straight up Ch. 7 liquidation.
  9. Yeah, I don't know if its coordinated between the two, but same result. Russia was definitely aiming to deal a crippling blow to the US when they walked out of the meetings 2 weeks ago. Igor Sechin, who I mentioned earlier, has been grumbling for 3+ years that the combined OPEC + Russia cuts were just propping up US shale operators at the expense of their market share. I don't however, think that Russia's gambit necessarily counted on Saudi's counterreaction leading to such a dramatic price tumble in such a short time-frame. I think they were more looking to start a slow bleed of the US while relying on their vast cash reserves as opposed to a sudden, massive hemorrhage affecting all sides.
  10. For selfish reasons, I'm really hoping the kennel where we've been leaving our dogs for the last 5+ years can survive until things improve. Hadn't thought about it affecting a place like that, but they had a FB post yesterday talking about how 90% of their spring break boarding reservations had cancelled and daycare numbers were way down with everyone working from home.
  11. I'm starting to buy into the idea that either Saudi, Russia or both will tap out long before they were originally posturing. The idea that they're perfectly comfortable producing at $20-30 for "years" is far-fetched, at best. Kremlin spokesman was already out yesterday admitting that prices had gone too low and they'd be "evaluating near and mid-term forecasts" before deciding whether to rejoin negotiations with OPEC. Rosneft stock has fallen over 50% in the past week and is at 5 year lows since Igor Sechin finally got the OPEC deal to collapse. Whoops! At some point, cutting of your nose to spite your face loses its appeal.
  12. The full projection is actually fairly rosy, IMO.
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