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  1. TXST completes the sweep of GA State to end the regular season an impressive 44-11. Bobcats did not drop a single conference road game. Perfect 15-0.
  2. In regards to those two counties, not a lot of good news for you. There have been a whopping 3 drilling permits filed in Parker and Palo Pinto thus far in 2022, all recompletions. There are more or less 3 companies currently active in the Barnett doing new drills, as best I can tell from permitting records. TEP Barnett (Total) is drilling some wells in Arlington, Sage Natural Resources has a few new wells near Alvarado, and GHA Barnett has some new wells in Grand Prairie. You're a little too far west of where the action currently is. Who knows though? Nat gas stays up above $8 for a while and companies might start looking out that way again.
  3. Rig activity picking up steam the past few weeks. Rig count stalled out right below 700 for about 4 straight weeks in April, but has increased by 30 over the past 3 weeks. Currently sitting at 728 active rigs. Leaderboard: Permian: 343 Haynesville: 70 Eagle Ford: 65 Bakken: 38 DJ/Niobrara: 15 728 just so happens to mark the exact same number on the last Friday of March 2020, when the COVID crash was kicking into high gear (dropped 50+ rigs that week from the week before). A lot more fun to see on the way up than the way down.
  4. May I introduce you to its partner in evil, the common sandbur, a/k/a "sand spur", more commonly known as a "sticker' to every child that ever walked barefoot through a lawn in a Texas beach town.
  5. Is it just me or is there a big dump every single Friday?
  6. At what exact age do people completely lose all sense of their surroundings? Specifically in reference to older shoppers at the grocery store. And I'm not even talking feeble old geriatrics, but boomers and up. Things I noticed just on my latest trip: 1. Old ladies grab their shopping carts in the busy-ass cart area and then don't continue on into the store but rather start checking their list/digging through their purses/reading through the weekly ad, while people have to try and maneuver around them. 2. Folks coming to a complete stop in the middle of the aisle with absolutely no idea that multiple people are behind them. They act half-startled when you finally try to politely squeeze by. 3. Old man in an electric scooter cart stopping past the checkout to window shop the lottery ticket machine, completely blocking the exit path. 4. Older couples walking down the middle of the lanes in the parking lot at about 1/10 mph, never once looking up or behind to check for cars or anything.
  7. Colgate and Centennial are merging and will operate under a new name out of Midland. No word on what they're planning to do with Centennial's offices or people in Denver. Will have a combined 125K acres in TX and 50K in NM.
  8. SIAP, but I recently grabbed a bottle of Terry Black's Spicy Traditional BBQ sauce from HEB. Closest store-bought equivalent to my beloved City Market sauce. Goes great with ribs.
  9. Trump-esque heel turn well underway. He'll be tweeting about fake news, stolen elections and calling for arrests by Memorial Day.
  10. More or less completely bungled it after Dry January ended and ended back at square one by mid-March. Think 208 was my high. Have slowly been getting my shit back together over the past 6 or 7 weeks. Been making it to the gym and lifting more consistently than at any point in the past 2 years and have a pretty good gym routine ingrained at this point. Haven't lost a ton of weight, but definitely have regained some muscle tone and probably dropped body fat % a couple ticks. So while the weight is only down a few lbs, at least some of it has moved from my gut to my arms and shoulders, which is progress. Gonna sound stupid, but I caught myself in the grocery store security camera feed on Sunday and actually liked what I saw for the first time in a long while. Definitely feel like I flipped a switch here in my late 30's where it just takes longer to shed weight than it did earlier in life. The key, of course, will be sticking with it. Even if I can only drop a pound or two every month, that would put me down 10-15 lbs or so and an inch or two off the waistline from where I started. I'd like to get under 200 sometime in June and stay there for the rest of the year. I'll be elated if I'm 190 or less come the Holidays.
  11. Rome just tweet that Meyers was DH in a game at extended spring training today. First game action since the injury.
  12. TXST completes the hard-fought sweep of Louisiana, now at 41-11 (tied for school record) and 24-4 in SunBelt. Really hoping to be able to catch the Cats in a regional game. Fingers crossed for #2 seed in College Station.
  13. Quality shade from the social media team:
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