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  1. Didn't see any existing threads. Anyways, just got renewed for an 8th season by NBC. 7th season premieres in February. A truly funny show. Captain Holt is one of the all-time great characters in the history of TV comedy.
  2. Didn't realize there's a Total Wine opening up tomorrow between Studemont Kroger and Target. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/11/11/first-retail-tenants-to-open-in-houstonheights.html Not quite Heights/GOOF but far closer than any other Houston location. Been saying for years that a full-size Specs or Total Wine would be warmly welcomed in our neck of the woods and would kill it.
  3. Gotta have real milk for coffee. Wife and I have been buying HEB's 2% Mootopia for years now. Same thing as Fairlife basically. Excess water and sugar all filtered out, lactose-free. Tastes great. Sell by date is typically 4-6 weeks away. Never gotten close to having it expire before finishing.
  4. Range Resources closed their Houston office and let a bunch of people go today. The one they inherited when they merged with Memorial back in 2016.
  5. I think the idea is more to go from four narrow lanes to 3 wide lanes flanked by wider sidewalks and with a dedicated bike lane. Another article on this story mentioned that Shepherd and Durham have excessive rates of both auto/auto collisions and auto/pedestrian incidents. Texas Monthly did an article a few years ago about the negative effects of big, wide one-way streets that's worth a read. https://www.texasmonthly.com/the-daily-post/are-the-one-way-streets-in-our-city-centers-killing-neighborhoods-causing-crime-and-depressing-property-values/?fbclid=IwAR2JLnnQRr2WHO5lZCVikzJ3ynGQFQPrP1LRI6_rDsTR9ro1xQe1w4NIarI
  6. Some gatekepper is gonna say that while that looks tasty, it can't be called gumbo if the roux isn't the color of used motor oil.
  7. Shepherd and Durham gonna see some major construction in next few years. https://theleadernews.com/crenshaw-federal-grant-awarded-for-road-reconstruction-in-heights/ A road reconstruction project that aims to transform travel in the Heights has been approved to receive federal funding. U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw announced late last week that the Memorial Heights Redevelopment Authority’s Shepherd and Durham Major Investment Project, which plans to overhaul two major arteries in the Heights, has been awarded a $25 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Construction for the first phase of the project, which will reconstruct Shepherd and Durham between 15th Street and North Loop 610, is targeted to begin in 2022 and be completed in 2024. The plan calls for reconfiguring Shepherd and Durham — which are parallel, one-way streets running north and south — from four lanes each to three lanes apiece. Sidewalks on both sides of each street will be expanded from 4 feet to 6 feet, and 5-foot bike lanes will be added between the streets and one of their sidewalks. Landscape buffers, which will include trees planted 30 feet apart, will be created on both sides of the bike lanes and sidewalks. The project also entails replacing the public utilities beneath each street with upgraded water and sewage lines and stormwater detention infrastructure. The stretch from 610 to 15th is just Phase 1. Phase 2 will do the same from 15th to I-10 and then Phase 3 will continue from 10 to Memorial.
  8. Thanks for the input guys, has been really helpful. I think I'm ultimately gonna go with a setup fairly similar to Buzzrock's with a hard-wired 4 burner gas grill and an adjacent kamado. Looks like the equivalent Bull to the one in that picture, just without the extra setup runs about $1500, which is significantly more affordable than some of the other options. Question for those of you with a Bull: How well do the burners hold up over years of use?
  9. Black Friday deals are trickling out, some notable ones I've seen so far: Mario Odyssey and BOTW finally get price drops. $29.99 @ Target. Borderlands 3 will be $27.99 @ Best Buy. 1TB PS4 Slim w/ Last of Us Remastered, God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn for $199.99 @ various outlets. 1TB XBox One X w/ Jedi: Fallen Order for $349.99 @ Best Buy or same price for one with Gears 5 and a $40 gift card @ Target.
  10. This more or less translates to "I grew up around shitty cooks."
  11. For a third straight year, Astros being in the post-season kicked my ass. Had at least 3 drinks probably 20/25 nights between Game 1 of ALDS and Game 7 of WS. And it's not like you tend to eat right or get a lot of exercise when you're living like that. After a particularly indulgent 3-day weekend, stepped on the scale at 198.5 (6'0) yesterday morning. Actually surprised it was below 205 considering how tight my clothes felt. Obviously, holiday season isn't the best time to start trying lose weight, but better to get at least half-ass going now and not wait until January. Cut out the weeknight booze, bring healthy lunches to work instead of going out every day, get back to the gym 4-5 days a week...etc.
  12. Then I'd counsel against cooking a roast.
  13. Need to start looking at grill options for the outdoor kitchen on the house I'm building. Don't need a ton of bells and whistles (like electric rotisserie spit) but do want to get something rather heavy-duty that won't need replacing for at least 5 years.
  14. Exactly like you would a beef pot roast. Season with salt, pepper, garlic and brown the outsides in a frying pan. Then throw it in a crock pot or oven roast pan with onions, carrots and potatoes for a few hours until it falls apart off the bone. Preferably served on a cold, rainy night. Literally just pick your favorite pot roast recipe and make one substitution.
  15. I started a job in Midtown about 3 months ago. Traffic on 45 into downtown area seems to have gotten exponentially worse than I remember. Used to be if I waited until 9 or so, I could get from my house in GO to midtown in ~15 minutes in moderate, but flowing traffic. Now it stays completely bottle-necked, stop and go until 10 or later. Did they shutdown several lanes somewhere since August? Luckily we're moving to new digs off Washington over Thanksgiving and I will be able to just take surface streets the whole way.. Can go back to avoiding ever getting on freeways during commuting hours.
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