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  1. First morning in over a week that it didn't feel like I was walking through a steam room the second I stepped outside. It was almost pleasant in the shade. Looks like we should return to normal June weather next week with highs "only" in the low 90's and some decent cloud cover/rain.
  2. Highest vax day in a month yesterday. 2.05M doses with 815K being first-timers. Over the last 2 weeks, daily average has crept back up from 950K/day to 1.35M/day. 65% of Americans 18+ have now had at least 1 shot. 62% of Americans 12+. 53% of the total population has had 1 shot, with 44.5% fully vaxed.
  3. Oh now you've done it. I've started either walking from my house to GH/Walking Stick or parking around the corner on Alba. I've gotten stuck at Bier Garten twice in my past 3 trips to where I had to wait for one of the people parked near my truck to move before I could leave.
  4. Petrol Station new tenant finally back on track to open in a few months. https://www.theleadernews.com/food_drink/grease-monkey-to-open-in-fall/article_9d549eb6-ce2f-11eb-bd48-3b6e01e70c5b.html I had heard the original ownership group had a falling out and that's why very little progressed over the last several months.
  5. it's rarely ever this hot, this early in June. https://spacecityweather.com/it-isnt-normal-to-hit-100-degrees-this-early-in-summer-in-houston/
  6. EIA reports a 7.35 million barrel drawdown in crude and we're speeding towards $73.
  7. I saw 90 for Aspen yesterday. If I'm reading correctly, previous record high for 6/15 was 81. That had to suck in a place where most people's A/C consists of opening a window. At least CO folks catch a break in the morning and evening. Worst part of summer in the swampy south isn't necessarily when it's 98 at 4:00, but when it's 89 at 9:00.
  8. After hitting $70 last week, didn't take long to breach $71 and now $72.
  9. US plans to buy 500M doses of Pfizer to distribute globally.
  10. Man I love when my boss takes clients to Truth, orders 4x what a normal table could ever eat and brings back enough "leftovers" for rest of office to have lunch.
  11. We did it! Officially closed at $70.05. First market close on a number starting with a 7 in 31 months/950 days.
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