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  1. I've always thought that Big Tony is far likelier to be brought low by diabetes/CHF/heart attack than street violence.
  2. October 2018 oil price but May 2016 rig count.
  3. The fuck is going on today? Competing algorithms duking it out? In the 3 hours since opening bell it's been up big, down, even, down again even more, up big again.
  4. Good album to to zone out too start to finish. Black Metal/Shoegazing/Hardcore.
  5. Yep, maintaining all current cuts through end of April, with the exception of Russia and Kazakhstan, which will only add 150K barrels/day. Markets were prepping for 500K/day and for KSA to start easing off the additional cut of 1M/day that they tacked on the past few months.
  6. And oil is up almost 2.5%. Interesting times. It's basically a meaningless report following freeze week, aside from the headline grabbing crude number, which is by far the largest I can ever recall seeing. Taken altogether it actually reflects a total commercial petroleum inventory drawdown of 2.8M (+21.6M crude vs. -25.4M gasoline/distillates/propylene).
  7. Oil traders obviously not liking the expectation that OPEC+ will be bringing some production back online starting next month. Ugly little losing streak the past 3 trading days.
  8. Correct. 10 years ago I'd never recommend anyone live downtown or downtown-adjacent, but there's so much more going on down there now. Lots of options in EaDo these days, and there are several nice new complexes in downtown proper now. Buddy of mine lives at the Catalyst right next to MMP and loves it.
  9. Apologies for CR, but I appreciate that we probably won't see POTUS tweeting "OPEC needs to open up the taps. Gas prices too high for our great American patriots!"
  10. "Expert" consensus is that they'll start tapering off production cuts, likely bringing back 500K barrels per month over the next few months. Big issue is that KSA wants to be meticulous while others, including Russia, likely want to bring back production faster than the Saudis are comfortable with.
  11. Fridays seem to be risk-off days lately. Oh well. Let's keep pushing things in the right direction in March.
  12. This thread would be a lot cooler if it was in IPIHB.
  13. Yikes. Dodged a bullet hopefully. Dragon Age 4 was at one point “Anthem with dragons,” according to a new report, but the combination of Anthem’s failure and the success of Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order as a single-player game has convinced EA to just let BioWare make single-player RPG games again. And there was much rejoicing. Dragon Age 4 has been retooled into a single-player-only game over the past few months, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Fallen Order’s massive success and Anthem’s resounding failure were both major contributing factors to the decision, though some
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