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  1. I don't really have any suggestions for the governor of New Jersey. Not having other options doesn't make confiscation better. I acknowledge they are in dilemma. I'm not sure what you are trying to say in your last paragraph. You seem to be arguing that historical wrong doing makes modern wrong doing more palatable. But, I'm confused why you would include internment. I don't think you meant to argue that we should be doing that. That sentence seems to weaken your argument that precedent makes this confiscation order less onerous. Did you see that the governor of New York is ordering that ventilators and other equipment be transferred from upstate New York hospitals be transferred to the city? How do you feel about that?
  2. This, confiscation of private property, seems too much to me: Link
  3. Is your viewpoint that any measure is acceptable? Anything you wouldn't agree to? What if these drastic measures aren't enough and the healthcare system is overwhelmed anyways?
  4. As more and more states increase efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the restrictions on citizens and business get more strict, a question comes to mind. These restrictions are already causing massive damage to the economy. People are losing jobs. Small businesses face difficult times. Retirement accounts are getting hammered. Personal liberty has been severely restricted. Is there a limit to how for we are willing to go? Is there any point where the damage to society as a whole is greater than the damage of allowing the disease to spread? If so, what do you those limits look like? I'm not trying to say we shouldn't do anything. This is obvious unprecedented territory. But, I do think we need to consider all the ramifications of the preventative actions.
  5. That checkpoint is 12 miles from the border.
  6. I don't disagree, but how effing dumb do you have to be to not drive a different route when you have that much drugs? These morons couldn't be bothered to add a couple hours to the trip and drive through Amarillo?
  7. Yes for flagrant unsportsmanlike. Unsportsmanlike Conduct is a non-contact foul. It is things like taunting and over celebration. I've never seen a flagrant unsportsmanlike called with ejection. It would probably have to be something racist. Two regular unsportsmanlike conduct fouls is also an automatic ejection. An official can also eject for a flagrant personal foul. That push on Sam was a personal foul because it resulted from contact. Two or more personal foul is not an automatic ejection.
  8. Agreed, but, you gotta admit, some of these particular checks are pretty freaking good checks.
  9. I don't disagree with the first sentence, but do disagree with the second. Missed tackles would against Big Ten teams would be killer. Missing a tackle and turning a two yard run into 4 or 5 extends drives. Big Ten teams would score less points on him than Big 12 teams, but they would use more clock and our offense would score even less.
  10. Lincoln Riley thinks Cincinnati "chili" is the best in the world.
  11. I'll be there. I know they have Coors Light and Miller Lite. And some other stuff like Blue Moon.
  12. Damn, I like this kid. Incredible attitude. He's going to do well at anything he does in life.
  13. The phrase real word and aggy aren't usually used in the same sentence...
  14. If he did get kicked out of school, seems more probable that he was a problem than "people working against him." Defending your kid is human nature, but, blaming others when your kid screws up is terrible parenting.
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