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  1. CBHorn

    Its happening

    I don't disagree with the sentiment, but I think it may just be perspective from the camera be shifted to the side. If not, someone needs kicked in the nuts.
  2. CBHorn

    Its happening

    First look at how much of screen will be taken up for stats and ads during the game?
  3. Holy shit. Dude doesn't play around.
  4. Only if they play this year. They will still have 5 years to play 4 next year. Not playing this year doesn't give them 5 to play 5.
  5. Sounds like a smart kid. Damn. Got beat to the punch.
  6. Katfid, you're not going to get rid of your reputation if you forget to log out of your SoC.
  7. Not to be flippant in regards to the current state of affairs, because I agree with your statement, but FIFY.
  8. Agreed. Samples is just doing his job, recruiting kids to his current employer. That's what he should be doing.
  9. Kristy may be the most burnt orange blooded of the bunch.
  10. Brocks to bama was a ruse to lure Milroe to bama and make room for Wright and Yurcich gets his guy. Keeps us from looking bad from pushing Milroe out. Now that the deed is done, Brocks flip to the good guys. 3D Chess.
  11. Next purchase should be some shield arms 15 round flush fit mags... link
  12. CBHorn

    Its happening

    Depends on what you consider "much." For a 20 degree Fahrenheit rise, concrete will expand about 1.6 cm over a 100 meter length. Not a lot for a stadium, considering the preformed bleacher sections don't seem to be much longer than 15-20 meters. If it's sunny, the concrete temperature could be higher than air temperature and expand more, but not an order of magnitude more.
  13. CBHorn

    Its happening

    Agre.ed on the orange seats. The orange seats make it hard to see the logo, which is supposed to be one of the design focal points.
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