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  1. We'll see if it materializes (and if the resorts are still open to take advantage), but almost 2 feet of snow are supposedly coming to the WP area this weekend.
  2. Yeah, my car showed 65* as I drove past the resort on my way back to Denver yesterday. Kinda hard to keep snow in that kind of weather. Had a beautiful weekend, though.
  3. Today was the end for Pano and Sunnyside. They will run Super Gauge until bad snow stops them.
  4. My dad's 1980 diesel would agree to disagree. He owned it for a couple of months. My memories of that car is watching it be towed away, repeatedly. Biggest POS ever.
  5. Colorado says you're welcome for Dinwiddie. Love that guy.
  6. Meh. Draymond doing his dirty bullshit takes the shine off the rest of it. Hate the way that guy plays. I hate his game almost as much as I hate CP3's game.
  7. Being wealthy and being a winner are 2 different things. JH is one, but not the other.
  8. Probably less CTE, though, courtesy of you guys.
  9. I'm guessing your Cabo 48 friend is the same one with the ridiculous house in Utah?
  10. If you own property, you should care about the community, but that often doesn't seem to be the case.
  11. Technically they can do whatever they want. Not sure what will happen, though. I respect that the STR owners are still property owners, but many (most?) don't seem to care about the community. They just care about themselves.
  12. Workers in Aspen haven't been able to afford Aspen proper for decades. But now places like Carbondale are out of reach for ordinary folks, too. Aspen is a lot like Boulder. They won't admit it, but I think they like that none of the workers can afford to live close.
  13. Yeah, I don't think most people realize how bad it has gotten in the mountains, or they just don't care. They'll start to care when it impacts their vacations (or when their STR is no longer profitable), though. Grand County only has 15,000 full time residents. There are hundreds of houses and condos in the county on STR sites, and many of them would otherwise be LTRs. It's really fucking up the housing supply. I think there are a lot more restrictions on the way for STRs.
  14. You're not getting what I'm saying. If someone can't stay in an airbnb or VRBO, they stay in a hotel. The occupancy taxes get paid either way. But the shop owners don't see a penny of those taxes. I'm not advocating getting rid of STRs, but they need much more oversight in places where they are fucking up the housing stock. Go to any mountain resort right now and tell me if you see a single business without a HELP WANTED sign in the window. Lots of places have closed or reduced hours over the past year because they can't get employees. They can't get employees because employees can't find housing, or are being forced out of their rental because the owner is making it a STR. Gonna have lots of pissed off Texans in the mountains if there's nobody to serve them food and sell them stuff.
  15. Tourists don't matter much if you have no employees to work in your store or restaurant or resort because they can't find a place to live. Many places (mountain communities are what I'm more familiar with) are having a housing crisis because so many houses that used to be available for LTR have now been switched to STR, effectively taking them out of the housing stock. That is what is causing communities to react like Oahu did. I would expect you'll see more and more restrictions going forward. I think you're way overstating STR's impact to a county's bottom line. I bet it's almost irrelevant because if you're not paying the STR tax, then a hotel is. And the shops/resorts/restaurants don't see a penny of that money.
  16. I have learned through dealing with my own Boomer parents that when they ask for advice, they're not really looking for advice. They're looking for someone to validate their opinion. They have stopped asking me for advice because I would actually give it to them. And I'm far more successful than either of them ever were, so you'd think they might listen? Nah...
  17. Yeah, the geriatrics running the country need to die off, too.
  18. Boomers are the fucking worst. Most selfish generation ever. Everything has always been about them, and will be until enough of them die off that they can't get what they want in elections anymore.
  19. Jokic vs Embiid stat I just saw: Jokic had no teammates this season who averaged more than 15 ppg this year. Embiid had 4.
  20. Draymond. Or is that just the nuts?
  21. Reps are somewhere around 10-15 per set. And then you get to do something shitty like burpees between sets. I've also stalled on weight loss, also due to too much booze.
  22. We've cycled off of the heavy lifts and have been doing higher reps (like 50-100) instead for this 6 week block. I hope we cycle back on to the heavy stuff soon. Bulk, then tone. Rinse, repeat.
  23. This is a fake account, BTW, just thought it was funny.
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