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  1. The fact that you can get 18 Bar S hotdogs for $5 should have tipped you off that your opinion is wrong.
  2. As a Long Islander, I’m frustrated. I’m paying 2 balls and a kidney in taxes without any real benefit from the city. I have to go in the office sparingly. But I could just as easily jump on a plane from Dallas and use points for a hotel as the need arises. (Besides that whole quarantine thing) Wife needs to go to the office about 2X a week. We went to the boardwalk only once during the summer because it’s just sad right now. I have zero motivation to take the LIRR on the weekend to no point or purpose. It’s just serves as a stark reminder of how we’ve fallen. Our house value has increased $178,000 in the last 5 years. That would be great If we were looking to sell.
  3. I had a low bar. It didn’t even touch it.
  4. We bought our oldest a 2020 Corolla last summer. With the care package, which covers bumper to bumper and oil changes for 3 years, I think it was $22K. I’d look at upping your budget a little for peace of mind. A $10K mid-high mileage vehicle will probably have $10K in repairs and maintenance over 72 months if you are financing. The cost almost evens out. I used Carvana to find my Mustang, which I got used. Was pleased with the experience.
  5. We can’t go to Canada because the border is closed due to COVID. I can’t travel to TX from NYC because I would have to self-quarantine upon my return, which affects my ability to perform at my job. TX keeps churning out record highs for cases. But, college football is somehow going forward this fall. Not only that, fans will be attending games. Seems legit.
  6. All of it is conjecture. First, there is no evidence of this happening. You provided a hearsay example and applied it to the Republican Party as a whole as a planned tactic/strategy. Second, if they feel intimated, they can vote by mail. Dems pushed for this, so why not use it? Third, you are full of shit. There will be plenty of white people voting for Biden that will show up to the polls. You could say that the majority of Dem voters will be white, and as far as I know, the weight of their vote is the same as a minority vote. Last, aren’t there claims that Dems provide free transport and bussing to minority voters to vote for Obama and Hillary? The Washington Post did a story on this, so it must be true. Hillary won the popular vote pretty handily in 2016. She just didn’t win the right states because she couldn’t assess her own likability. Put down the conspiracy pipe. Voter apathy is the largest hurdle to overcome, regardless of skin color.
  7. There is. As long as zip code is a usable factor in cost, then race is absolutely part of insurance cost. LOL. Keep digging. Insurance companies use zip codes to determine their liability should things go south. Your race has nothing to do with this.
  8. It was? Don’t become a single mom if you can’t afford to be is controversial? Out of the adults earning a minimum/living wage over the age of 21, what % would you guess are parents? As stated above, I was a waiter with kids. So I myself fall into that demographic.
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