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  1. All those violent protests like Rosa Parks, the Million Man March, MLK and everything else that led to real change. Looting 5 TVs from Target shows you’re a thief, not a race victim seeking social justice.
  2. I’m by no means positive, but the word I hear is that Asia and Europe will be closed to US travelers for the rest of the year. They will be letting regional flights in to slowly test the waters. Since all data points to a potential fall spike worldwide, the approach will be cautious. The US is too much of a hotspot and we are 1/2 way through the year. I was looking to go to Thailand as well. Since there are very few direct flights, and people have to change planes 1-2 times and deal with more airports, I’ve preemptively canceled my plans. Going to a 3rd world country and expecting everything to be disinfected properly on a regular basis probably isn’t realistic.
  3. Agreed. What happens when a player tests positive and his family sues the school because being a student athlete is necessary to pay for his education? What about the other teammates that test positive as a result of neglect or being in the vicinity of a sneeze on campus? Or an infected person not showing symptoms on the team plane to play an away game? You think the Utah States of the world want to take those risks? NFL players have a huge financial incentive to play games. So do schools that take in millions. College kids do not.
  4. My employer won’t let us even enter a client’s building if anyone inside has been on a plane within the last 2 weeks. I don’t expect to be back at the office until late July at the earliest. Still hope for a July 4th trip.
  5. I’m just spitballing here, but probably because shooting someone for doing that is a fucking insane thing to do regardless of the color of your skin. I know that the statistics show that black people are 100% more likely to be shot for walking through a construction site, with a total of 1 reported case in 2020, but I don’t think it’s quite the epidemic you are making it out to be.
  6. Unless you live in the Northeast
  7. The player’s union is my client. So...
  8. I can guarantee that this hasn’t even been discussed as a possibility
  9. Same chapter where having a special needs child entitles you to act like a cunt.
  10. This. It’s amazing to me that anyone thinks they have a chance of traveling internationally this year. I can’t even fly to Dallas without having to immediately quarantine for 2 weeks. I don’t think the French will be more receptive. It’s just not happening.
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