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  1. There are a ton of places in the W. 7th area near the new arena about a mile to a mile and a half from the arena. Fred's, Rodeo Goat, La Familia, Chimy's, The Cork & Pig, Eddie V's and a bunch of other bars and restaurants. Freds is solid for burgers and CFS.
  2. The perfect number of teams for a conference is 9. 4 home and away games every year. 10 and 8 are a problem because of the uneven home/away schedules from year to year. Plus, 9 gives you 4 OOC games so you can play your one tune up/body bag game and 3 hopefully competitive games against teams from other parts of the country. 14 team conferences are an abomination.
  3. Quality, not quantity. One 3* last year out of 27 recruits. Two 4*s for '18 out of 22 commits but one already transferred to a Texas school. Three 3*s out of 23 total for '17. None for '16. And you guys supposed hired Riley at least in part because he had Texas recruiting connections.
  4. Yeah, he ain't power walking, heel to toe. He's running on the ball of his foot and his toes. But, it is what it is. Just a tough way to lose after the euphoria in the stands after such an incredible effort. A real kick in the nuts if there ever was one. Anyway, Duggan is a baller and he's only going to get better. It's just tough breaking into a league like the Big 12 as a freshman. We only started one senior on defense too. There is hope for the future.
  5. Arkansas and Nebraska both need to come over to the Big 12 to become relevant again. Losing their Texas presence has made both programs models of mediocrity.
  6. Taken by the TCU radio team sideline reporter immediately after the play. I watched it 10 times on my DVR when I got home and I don't see how they overrule the guy running down the line right behind the play. We still should've scored but geez between that, the Hunt hand catch and the false start saving them from an interception that would've iced the game, I'm not sure how I survived this one. Great game but mentally and physically exhausting just being in the stands.
  7. I wonder if Tech knew about this prior to the hire?
  8. Losing to KU isn't the end of the world, TCU and UT have both done it recently. In fact, KU in Lawrence has always kind of given TCU problems. Anyway, KU is much improved this season. The only real ass kicking they've taken was by TCU and that was a revenge game after they beat us last season. Gary usually wins revenge games.
  9. Running with the Bleacher Creatures was one of the highlights of my son's life as a kid. It was a sad day when he first got too old to want me to run with him and then old enough to think it wasn't cool anymore.
  10. Mac is right and it's not often that I say that. What the heck is UT doing with Dan's stuff and with an award named in his honor? I mean, it's nice that they did this but it just seems a little out of place given his devotion to TCU.
  11. New burrito joint next to Dutch's opened this week. https://www.star-telegram.com/article236507933.html https://www.tcu360.com/2019/10/dutchs-burrito-bar-opens-doors-this-week/
  12. I was just reminded that the not-KFC TCU message board has a very nice game day information forum. The people on thefroghorn.com are the friendlier more sane TCU fans so be nice. There is a ton of information on here for visitors coming to the game or even people just visiting Fort Worth in general. Some of it may be a few years old but still fairly accurate. http://www.thefroghorn.com/forum/12-gameday-information-forum/
  13. The shuttle keeps running during the game. You don't have to wait until after the game to catch it. If you leave at the beginning of the 4th quarter, there is is a good chance one will be waiting for you. I think they run about 4 buses to and from Doxology. I know I've seen at least 3 lined up in the parking lot.
  14. The fee shuttle from Doxology on Hulen is great. If you come from McKinney you would just take I-35 to I-20 and take I-20 west to Hulen. The church is about 3/4 a mile north. Parking is free, shuttle is free and takes you right to the stadium. University Baptist and University Christian Churches both have parking for $40 or $50 within a couple blocks of the stadium. Paschal High School at Forest Park and Berry has cheaper parking ($20?) with a free shuttle about 1 mile from the stadium. As someone else said, if you get there early, there are plenty of people who will let you park in their yard pretty close in for between $30-50. Whatever you do, if you are coming from Dallas or the northern burbs, don't take I-30 to University and go south to TCU. Traffic will suck ass. Same goes for after the game. Avoid that route. Take I-35 to Berry and go west toward TCU. If you don't mind a little bit of a walk, my suggestion is park at Paschal, walk down to Dutch's and grab a burger, then walk across campus to the stadium and then take the kid to Frog Alley for some pregame bounce house and other kid oriented entertainment. The walk through the campus from Dutch's is nice and the kid will love Frog Alley.
  15. I was living in Houston when Glanville got fired and smoked his tires and fishtailed in front of the media when he drove away from the Oilers' HQ after he got fired. I liked Glanville, he was a funny guy.
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