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  1. I know this is going to sound very "Cats in the Cradle", but here we go: My kids are 21 and have both moved out. One of them (stupidly IMO) ran off and got married and is having a kid. I don't approve for many reasons but there's nothing I can do. I haven't cut her off or anything like that. SHe's always welcome at the house, I still ask if she needs anything when we run to Costco or Sam's. My other kid is doing fine, and I treat her the same way. But I feel a huge disconnect between us. They haven't done anything "wrong", like something that has ruined our relationship. But I find myself pulling away, more and more each day. They don't communicate well, that doesn't help. Takes days from them to respond to a call or text. I don't want to be up in their business all the time, just don't text me 2 days later if I ask you to come by and get your new insurance card. I feel guilty when I do things for myself, like buy myself something cool, or go somewhere fun, when I know they don't have a lot of disposable income. But I didn't force them to move out! They wanted to do it, I said you might want to think harder about this, you know you can live here for free, but they left anyway. They don't come to me for money at all but I still feel like they think I'm throwing shit in their face. "Dad's a jerk, buys himself stuff while I suffer!", that's what I worry that they might think. And I can't be a part of that, I pull away. Maybe I subconsciously feel like them moving out means that they don't want anything to do with me anymore? Like I have to distance myself as a petty revenge?
  2. Did he have a falling out with Jim Nance that I'm forgetting? I've read a couple of stories about this today and they mention his broadcast partners from the 70s but i didn't see a mention of Nance.
  3. I got stranded at the Memphis airport when coming back from my honeymoon. Every person I dealt with, from the gate agent, to the cab driver, to the hotel clerk, was of a different race and was a huge piece of shit. It was a rainbow colalition of suck. So I'm rooting for the rioters.
  4. When we had the big freeze early last year, we borrowed a small space heater from my MIL to thaw out our pipes. I never thought I'd need it again, as we live in OK and it doesn't get that cold here. Well, the water heater needed thawed last month and we borrowed it again. I like this heater because it's small (under a foot high) and fits in the area below the water heater, right where it needs to be to thaw the pipes. My wife has been bugging me to get one for ourselves, and said she found one on amazon that she liked, so I said go for it. This fucking thing is more than twice as tall as her mom's heater and won't fit in ANY of the places where we've used the small one. I asked why she picked this one and she said "It's cool, you can use it as a heater OR a fan!". It's going to freeze again on monday and guess who's probably gonna be borrowing a space heater?
  5. Yeah, you're right. But I wasn't on board with the Knowles hire, so I obviously know my shit. /s
  6. I don't even know what to think anymore.
  7. I'm this way with Indiana basketball. Born into it, had it ingrained in my head since I was 5-6 years old. We were overseas, so I never got to see the '76 & '81 teams win it all but got to see it in '87. Now? Haven't won it in 35 years, haven't seen a final four in 20. I'd love to see another title with my dad before he's gone but he's 75 and not that healthy. It sucks.
  8. I thought all of the Surly 1%ers had their help do the grocery shopping? WTF is wrong with you, Surly???
  9. I really wanted a Kia K5 but in order to get the advanced safety/tech stuff, you HAD to get the sunroof as well. Fuck that.
  10. I drove F150s for a few years because I'm very tall and wanted as much room as I could get. I don't fit in most sedans or smaller trucks/SUVs, mostly because of the sunroof taking up all the headroom. I have never towed anything and only used the bed 3-4 times. My 2016 F150 Lariat was the nicest, roomiest vehicle I've ever had. Perfect for roadtrips. But for my daily commute, I would struggle to get 17 MPG, even though I had the ecoboost. Parking sucked, too. I also wanted more of the safety features my wife had on her Mustang. I've loved hot hatches since seeing the civic hatches in the early-mid 90s but I couldn't find one that fit me. But last year I got a new VW GTI. Base model, but I have every safety feature I wanted. Plenty of legroom and, because there's no sunroof, plenty of headroom. The hatch is just fine for Costco runs or anything else we do. Getting in and out is a pain but I get almost 40 MPG, so who fucking cares? Parking is a breeze. As long as I can fit in these, I'll keep buying them.
  11. He was a 7th rounder. Last pick in the draft.
  12. I don't use the express line, so I don't really have a dog in this fight. But I'm curious: If he had only 10 items but took fucking forever to check out, is that worse than checking out with 17 items at a normal pace? What if he had 17 but was fast as fuck? Does increased checkout speed get you some leeway as to how many items are considered acceptable?
  13. SEC guys can intercept passes just as well as Big 12 guys. He'll make it work.
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