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  1. UPDATE: 90 mins before my booking, top golf texted me to see if I wanted to sign in all my players now. Fuck off.
  2. I mean, you can't judge the meat until the cow is dead. And noboy's gonna judge that meat but us, dammit.
  3. Why do I have to "confirm" every fucking thing I'm doing these days? I make a Drs appointment, they text me to confirm like 2-3 days before I'm supposed to be there. What if I have something come up the night before? I made a reservation at top golf last night, going there on saturday. I just got an email to confirm. well, no shit I plan on being there. I paid a fucking deposit. Why are these places so fucking desperate to "confirm"?
  4. I'm working from home this week, so I'm in the study on the phone. Wife comes in, I think to say bye before she leaves for work. As I'm talking on the phone, she whispers/mouths something and tries to stick her phone near my face. I can only see her out of the corner of my eye, so as I'm talking and typing, I look over and give her a WTF look. She mumbles something and stomps away. My call ended soon after and I go to catch her before she left. I did, and she says "I was just saying that a package is supposed to be delivered today". WHO GIVES A SHIT???, I said in my head. Here's a text update:
  5. Sandman

    Getting old sucks

    Stayed up way too late the last few days. Combined that with eating like shit and boom...I was up all night with a case of the runs. Finally tapered off around 3:30 AM. Praying I can get to sleep before 11 tonight.
  6. If you had told me after the South Alabama game that we'd wind up 9-3, beat ou, but lost big in the B12CG, I'd take it in a heartbeat. Fuck ou.
  7. Why the fuck did I just eat powdered sugar donuts while wearing a black shirt?
  8. Went to my MIL's for dinner. My sister-in-law's fiance had been trying to get ahold of his mom all day. She lives alone, a few states away from any of her children. He and his brother decided to call the cops to do a welfare check. He got the call as we were sitting at the table, they found her dead on the couch. He and his son are driving up tomorrow. Fucking hell.
  9. Two things that hit close to home: 1. The first brand new car my dad ever bought was a 1978 Pinto 3-door wagon. It ran like a top with zero issues and he got rid of it in 1986. This anti-Pinto aggression will not stand, man. 2. I saw KISS in 1996, original line-up, the Alive II stage set, only played songs from 1972-1979. It was bad ass and I too would drive 100 MPH through a checkpoint to relive those memories.
  10. Blowing up shit at our border won't change my mind, their "bacon" isn't real bacon. It's fucking ham, just admit it.
  11. Are you a psychic? Because this is him to a tee. He's in his early 30s, lives with my dad (his grandpa) and hasn't worked in a few years. Also, morbidly obese. I don't know if he's ever touched a boob.
  12. We did our meal with my side of the family last night. My sister didn't want to cook, so my dad chose Saltgrass. Neither of my sister's kids came, which was fine with me. Her son is ok, just a huge loser. Her daughter is a bipolar shithead that I haven't seen for years and I'm in no hurry to change that. The only drama now is my son-in-law and my future son-in-law don't really get on that well. I don't really care, they both need to just grow up IMO. My NY strip was good, my 7 month old grandson sat with me for a bit. No complaints.
  13. I understand that being a former president is different than being a regular dude, but my uncle was in hospice for a few weeks and they pretty much told him he wasn't dying fast enough and he was gonna get moved out. He died a couple of days later.
  14. Around 30 years ago, FedEx was just air service for letter sized stuff, no big packages. Then they bought out RPS and changed that to FedEx Ground. Those RPS guys were contractors and owned their trucks and got paid per package delivered. Any time we refused a package, those fuckers would moan and bitch, "C'mon man, that's 28 cents I'm losing!". Even better when their trucks would break down and they'd be off work for a while.
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