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  1. Haha, yeah it's ironic that he doesn't want Urban.........but he's okay with Urban's successor that worked underneath Urban for several years.
  2. Adrian Peterson is a coach now? Mario Cristobal isn't leaving Oregon where he has the best facilities in the country and Phil Knight's money to throw at players. Ryan Day isn't leaving Ohio St for Texas, are you fucking nuts?
  3. https://thespun.com/big-12/texas-longhorns/urban-meyer-reacts-texas-loss-iowa-state?fbclid=IwAR1rWMKUuv-SLpmIOswjKh0dLxIgOK6G9j5GOEHftWYy8Pn1nnrDyLYt7z4
  4. Chad

    11/17 NFL thread

    Stay classy, Philadelphia.
  5. Chad

    We will win out

    The OP every time he creates a new post on this board :
  6. Had a shot at four, actually. 2001 and 2008. 2001 Mack shit the bed against a Colorado team that Texas demolished in the regular season. Texas lost in the Big 12 Championship game and a shitty Nebraska team that didn't even play for the Big 12 Championship went on to get ass raped by Miami. There is no doubt in my mind that Miami team would've fucked Texas in a similar manner. 2008 Texas could've potentially beaten Florida.
  7. Because Ryan Day made some nice tweaks in addition to retaining worthwhile staff members rather than starting from scratch. He brought in Yurcich from Okie St to pair with Tony Alford who has coached up some bad ass running backs to run the offense, the result is the nation's #6 scoring offense. OU should be a three loss team right now and they're fortunate to have one loss, but Riley has reached the playoffs two consecutive seasons with two different quarterbacks and he could end up weaseling his way into the playoffs a third consecutive season with a third quarterback. He already accomplished more in his first two seasons than any of the clowns coaching Texas have in a decade. Miami attempted to clean up their Thug U image when they hired Randy Shannon. They graduated more players and kept a clean image, but they didn't win shit on the football field. UF had several misses, but they're looking good under Mullen. FSU was winning under Jimbo, but the ascension of Clemson squashed that.
  8. No moar G5 coaches, please. History has no need to repeat itself a third time. No moar fucking G5 one hit wonders.
  9. Chad

    Fire Tom Herman

    Texas beat KU by 2 points, Tech being bad is irrelevant.
  10. Chad

    Fire Tom Herman

    6-6 or 7-5, what's it gonna be?
  11. DeRozan is awful. Toronto has to be laughing their asses off, they ditched a playoff choker holding their team back for 2 one year rentals and won a championship out of the deal and they're STILL in the mix to make a return to the finals. My outlook on this season is changing drastically. I felt before the season began the Spurs could contend for a 4-5 seed and possibly get past the semis with a favorable match up. I'm not sure if they're even 8 seed material, this is becoming uglier and uglier. I'd rather slam my dick in the door than watch DeRozan herp and derp another minute at the 3.
  12. This is reminiscent of when Chokelahoma choked against UGA several years ago in the playoffs. Baylor was up by 21 and blew it.
  13. Alabama is squeaky clean. So is Clemson. UGA is headed up by a Saban pupil y'all reckon they're a bunch of angels too? The Ogre has always been sketchy on the recruiting trail. Franklin wasn't involved in anything sketchy at Vandy. For those of you believing Herman is some kind of angel he's not, pull your heads out of your collective asses. He was best friends with Zach fucking Smith, the same goof y'all constantly laugh at. The only difference between Herman and those other coaches is that they actually you know.....fucking win football games? If Herman's dirt became public y'all wouldn't want anything to do with him because he's scum and he sucks as a football coach.
  14. Tom Herman has never defeated Oklahoma St and TCU in the same season. How can you expect to win the conference? Urban would turn this cesspool right the fuck around.
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