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  1. The early 2000s OL recruiting was spot on, then things began to go to shit as Colt's career progressed then never got back on track. Guys with mean streaks like Kasey Studdard and Lyle Sendlein who were scrappers in the trenches ended up being replaced by choir boy patsies such as Chris Hall and Michael Huey and things never really got back on track. Imagine the end of Colt's college career with some adequate offensive linemen compared to the likes of Ulatoski, Hall, Tanner, Huey, Greg fucking Smith, the bust Mason Walters etc. None of those guys sniffed an NFL roster. Wickline was pretty much a joke, the verdict is still out on Herb Hand. He's sported the best OL in recent history, but that ain't saying a whole lot considering the lack of on field performance and player development the last 12 years.
  2. Zach Evans punched his Black HS FB coach for taking his phone away. You think he's going to sit and chill if a White coach called a Black player a racial slur?
  3. https://johnvogel.football/2020/08/03/tcu-football-player-takes-internal-story-public-rebuked-by-teammates It appears a lot of TCU players are becoming vocal about this and they're not angry at Patterson, they're angry at Dylan Jordan. Honestly, reading his post he went public with it sounds like a butt hurt malcontent that was pissed he didn't have a starting gig handed to him and he had an ulterior motive. He accused Gary Patterson of attacking him racially and that wasn't the case which was confirmed by numerous players.
  4. Spurs are fucking themselves out of decent draft position. At least Patty was back to replace Marco shooting off-balance threes to make things interesting.
  5. The aggy become realistic when they're denied the luxury of their cream puff OOC slate. Colorado, Abilene Christian, Fresno and UNT will be replaced with the likes of UF and UGA, that's 4 easy wins replaced with 2 likely losses. The aggy are going to turn on Jumbo quickly after this season.
  6. Let the meltdown commence :
  7. That was the largest issue. Pop refused to deal with the Lakers so the Spurs shipped Kawhi to Toronto where he ultimately had the last laugh because he won an NBA title and signed with an LA team which was his preferred destination. The Lakers ended up with Anthony Davis to pair with LeBron and were primed for a #1 seed before the shutdown began setting up a Kawhi vs LeBron showdown in the WCF.
  8. I literally cringed when I became aware of the Spurs trading Kawhi for Demar. He got bullied in the East Conference by LeBron's Cav's for years and disappeared in the playoffs. I would've rather the Spurs traded Kawhi to the Lakers for the package the Pelicans received with a substitute for Lonzo Ball, perhaps Kuzma? Brandon Ingram developed into a star this season, Josh Hart would be an upgrade over Forbes and three 1st rounders to build for the future or use to move for a key piece. The roster as it's constructed simply can't compete and that was clear as day this season. The Spurs unloaded a generational player and one of the best defensive wings of the decade for a soft playoff choker, a one dimensional defensive player and a draft pick.
  9. 247 made it rather clear the Brockermeyers were headed to Bama quite some time ago, nothing new. If it wasn't for a decade of futility Herman would've had a chance to land those kids, Bama is a juggernaut that has been pumping out OL talent to the NFL for years. Texas is a program struggling to produce 4th and 5th rounders and win 8 games a year.
  10. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. When you threaten to burn down a federal courthouse federal authorities can and will act making it a federal matter, not a local matter. It's not a complicated concept by any stretch.
  11. They were gathered near a federal courthouse making it a federal affair. https://www.oregonlive.com/portland/2020/07/protests-mark-day-50-in-portland-thursday-amid-growing-attention-from-trump-administration.html
  12. Federal authorities protect federal property and disregard local lawlessness. The crowd was threatening to burn down a federal building so the DHS acted appropriately. We all witnessed how well local authorities and government handled what transpired in Seattle, that went over well didn't it?
  13. The front court in Orlando is going to be the equivalent of a G League team. LMA and Lyles out. That leaves Poeltl, Metu, Eubanks and Rudy. 2020 continues to deliver. https://sports.yahoo.com/spurs-f-trey-lyles-out-for-season-with-appendicitis-010219924.html
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