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  1. ^From page 1^. You contradicted yourself and began back pedaling because you got lit the fuck up for bringing a bunch of bullshit into this thread that didn't belong.
  2. I feel dumber for reading everything that Junior has posted in this thread. Stick to the cloak room, kid......we don't need that shit on the football board. You're just tossing around baseless accusations because of some silly political shit that Rudolph follows on twitter.
  3. There were numerous players and officials within earshot of the incident, if the allegations were true someone would've come forward by now. Garrett pulled the race card to save face and justify his actions, he should've dropped the whole thing after his suspension was lifted. Tomlin backed Rudolph 100% yesterday : http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001102218/article/mike-tomlin-took-offense-to-garretts-recent-claim
  4. DMC is signing with the Rockets. What a fucking face palm. Why did the Spurs even sign him? He is the type of hard nosed player Pop typically loves. I don't understand why he rode the bench the entire season when the Spurs lacked a true 3. DeRozan is not the greatest of wings, Marco is God awful at the 3 and Lonnie is a prototypical 2.
  5. Oh wow. Even BWG turned on Shaka. He was always a staunch Shaka supporter.
  6. Yepper, he runs BON. Wescott and Bitterwhiteguy always slob on Shaka's knob despite being thrashed by terrible Providence and ISU teams.
  7. The little snowflake blocked me after I called him out on his bullshit. He's making all kinds of excuses and lashing out at anyone that disagrees with him.
  8. Chad

    I told you so

    I can hardly wait to watch the Sweet 16, how about y'all?
  9. Shaka should be fired today. There is no excuse for being thumped that badly by one of the worst teams in the conference. Shaka is the last remaining stench of the Patterson area and he needs to go ASAP.
  10. The NFL should intervene with this circus of flying monkeys and force the guy to undergo treatment. It's only going to continue making the NFL look bad despite AB not currently being on a roster. I said it before and I'll say it again, AB was never like this until the hit from Burfict that nearly decapitated him. Have you ever encountered anyone who suffered a serious head trauma in a car wreck and they changed? I know several who emerged from similar situations as completely different persons, I didn't even know them any longer. AB's pattern of self destructive behavior is only becoming worse, intervention on behalf of the NFL is desperately needed.
  11. Robert Horry discussing the Spurs, this is a fantastic read. https://www.mysanantonio.com/sports/spurs/article/Robert-Horry-to-Spurs-fans-Be-happy-for-all-15054844.php
  12. Sounds as if Adler was forced out of the band due to creative differences. I loved the track "The Duke" and was hoping Lamb of God would include something similar on every album in the future.
  13. It's largely a mystery. Adler was involved in a motorcycle accident several years ago which he was undergoing a recovery process and allegedly was able to begin playing drums early back in 2019 then he was replaced and Randy refused to comment. Neither the band or Adler himself have shed any light on the situation.
  14. Speaking of Lamb of God a new single dropped recently.
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