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  1. I'll be able to enjoy Spurs Basketball once again next season. This franchise has the most insane luck getting to pick #1 when there is a cant miss generational prospect at the top of the draft. First it was the admiral, then it was Timmy now it's Victor. The Spurs have plenty of complementary pieces, now they'll have a legit superstar and I can't wait to see what the future has in store.
  2. They have one more album of unreleased material to release. I thought this was a good, not great cover with their own twist it was only fitting an industrial metal band covered one of the biggest industrial hits of all time. It's a shame internal conflicts and constant lineup shuffling destroyed the potential of this band because their first two albums were phenomenal.
  3. He legitimately looks nothing like he did when he coached at Texas, what in the fuck?
  4. Purdue shot 46 Free throws. Texas shot 12.
  5. Hiring Terry was the right thing to do. It was the program's first Elite 8 in 15 years. 2nd place finish in one of the Big 12's toughest years, conference tourney crown and a Top 5 finish in the polls. Holland the #6 player in the country is firmly committed following the news of the hiring and AJ Johnson is sticking around as well. Durant and LMA were very vocal about their support of Terry, it was a heart breaking end to the tourney run but this was the most enjoyable season by far in 15 years.
  6. I'm assuming you didn't watch the second round match up against Purdue last season?
  7. This has been a fast paced fun game up to this point. Miami can continue packing that paint, it's been raining threes.
  8. Chad

    Rodney Terry

    <Surly> Well, he should've won it all I can't get on board with a guy that never won at UTEP or Fresno </Surly>
  9. Bama was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Good riddance. If Miller was some scrub bench player he wouldn't even be on the team at the moment.
  10. Brandon Miller makes it extremely easy to root against Bama. Let's go Aztecs! It's entirely plausible both of the remaining #1 seeds could go bye bye in the Sweet 16. Houston is struggling with Miami although there is plenty of time remaining.
  11. Marquette fans are largely rallying to Shaka's defense on twitter, bunch of dullards. They honestly believe Shaka was doomed to fail at Texas because he was "forced" to recruit one and done talent. The fraud lost 8 of his last 9 tourney games, he's nothing more than a clown living off a Cinderella run over a decade ago. He just won his first tourney game in a decade, he's not good. Marquette over-achieved this season with a schedule that wasn't charmin' soft, but it wasn't exactly rugged, either. I'll be shocked if he ever reaches the Sweet 16 with Marquette, his history dictates that he won't.
  12. News flash : Shaka is still a clown.
  13. Terry has already done what it takes, stop acting like there is some bigger fish more deserving of the job. Terry led this team to the Sweet 16 for the first time in nearly two decades, a 2nd place finish in the conference narrowly missing out on first and a conference tourney crown. What the hell else does he have to do to prove he deserves this job? This has been the most enjoyable basketball season since 2008. Feel free to come back and throw it in my face if I'm wrong, but at a minimum Texas is going to the Elite 8. If they draw Houston I feel confident that the final 4 wouldn't be out of reach.
  14. Chad

    Rodney Terry

    It feels like an eternity since I watched Texas play in a Sweet 16 game. Rodney Terry deserves some big time props for keeping the team focused and getting them this far after the Beard fiasco. Bring on Pitt or Xavier, Texas is going to the Elite 8, book it!
  15. I legitimately want the aggy to win. Solely because I want to witness them having their hearts torn out in the 2nd round.
  16. Which makes it even funnier that more than half of the votes said Elite Eight or beyond for consideration for the HC position. My only concern with Terry is can he recruit? He's obviously proven he can coach, you couldn't insert any random schmuck into Terry's position and expect Texas to finish 5th despite what some of the surly "experts" claim.
  17. Chad

    Rodney Terry

    I'm no cacti expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly recognize a prick when I see one.
  18. What an appropriate landing spot for Beard, he landed with the Klan Aggy a university that would've actively worked to cover the incident up. Fuck that colossal moron Beard and fuck the Klan Aggy too.
  19. They shall be crushed convincingly.
  20. Chad

    Rodney Terry

    A case of Jekyll and Hyde I'd rather not have coaching Texas. Two very good seasons and two seasons eerily reminiscent of Shaka at Texas. I'll take a pass on a guy that can't even consistently finish over .500 in a mediocre basketball conference.
  21. Chad

    Rodney Terry

    Does anyone still want that shitty coach from Arkansas? Asking for a friend.
  22. I loved the lineup they had when they returned with the Mechanize album. I think Tony Campos from Static-X plays bass for them now?
  23. After Fury beats Paul a second time he should be retired back to youtube where he belongs. Logan and Jake are some mark ass bitches, he was making excuses in the post fight interview. I can't believe one judge favored Paul in the score card.
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