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  1. Hunter is all over the place. The guy puts up 20 points or does absolutely nothing. Is it wrong if I pray for him to declare and follow through with it?
  2. Unfortunately that was the one good shot at snagging a win from Houston, they're a lot tougher on their home court. Close game.
  3. After tonight victories over #4, #11 and #15. Get your popcorn ready.
  4. Texas pulls off the upset this evening.
  5. If Flowers didn't try to extend over the goal line and focused on ball security then Baltimore would be playing for the win. You have a loaded backfield I'm sure they could punch it in with 4 attempts from what would've been less than a yard.
  6. Lamar is the James Harden of the NFL. He'll string together numerous regular season performances and when the playoffs roll around he'll always shit the bed.
  7. I don't understand why Baltimore completely abandoned what made their offense work? They are flat out refusing to run the ball.
  8. Baltimore's defense has played well, especially with how long they've been on the field. Baltimore's inept offense has blown this winnable game.
  9. Gooooooooooooooo Ravenssssssssssssssssss!
  10. That's not very PC of you, bro. This is a wholesome, family friendly environment so maybe you should cut it the fuck out and take your ass to church in the morning and repent for your sins.
  11. The rumor is Brock is being held out of the royal rumble because he was involved in setting up "play" dates. If true the easy money he makes from WWE is over and done with, can't go back to UFC they're essentially the same company now.
  12. Nobody hates Vince more than this guy.
  13. Perhaps someone we're familiar with. Ron Holland.
  14. BYU dropped 4 of their last 6 games, they're reeling and Texas is heating up a bit. A road victory to jump over .500 in the conference would be huge.
  15. I mean we're on the verge of 5 consecutive seasons with no post season berth and prior to that another 2 years with a first round exit, so it's been nearly a decade since Pop coached the Spurs to a post season playoff series victory. The Kawhi incident this season where he came storming out with the mic and told the fans to stop booing was more embarrassing then Terry calling out UCF players. Kawhi fucked this franchise to oblivion. If fans paid for a ticket to boo let them fucking boo, it's not like they were throwing things onto the court and acting out of line or endangering the well being of any players. Pop hasn't done shit in a decade, if we're stuck on him waiting for one more big post season run before retirement that could be a very long time or something that doesn't transpire at all.
  16. What is Pop doing? I just don't understand it. He seems to be completely out of touch. The team is slightly better with Tre Jones starting at PG, but he doesn't seem to have fuck all of an idea to get on the right track. He should retire and quietly ride off into the sunset we'd all still appreciate what he did for several decades. The longer he sticks around the further he tarnishes his great legacy.
  17. The last two games have provided a glimmer of hope. Next up is a BYU team that dropped 3 of their last 5, another road win would be huge.
  18. 1-3 in conference play with losses to UCF and WVU, definitely not a good look.
  19. Beard was a shit stain, he had to go.
  20. Sounds like I had terrible luck with my shit sandwich. The 2.4L engine was damn near bullet proof, mine is a 2.0L hybrid and not the 1.5L turbo engine that has had numerous problems with the oil dilution issue. I guess I'll find out if it's the engine or the ECVT once they get a chance to check it out.
  21. I mean srsly.......🤦‍♂️ crvknock.mp4
  22. What the fuck happened to Honda automobiles? I purchased a 2024 CRV Hybrid Sport. The thing has 1,100 miles on it and I'm awaiting the arrival of the tow truck to take it to the dealer. The thing started knocking yesterday. There is a lawsuit about the previous generation of CRVs with the 1.5L for oil dilution. They released a software flash, but some of them are shitting out with as little as 50-70k miles. Honda just released a massive 250k vehicle recall on Ridgelines, Pilots, etc for faulty engine bearings. Mine began knocking with 1,100 measly miles. I should've went with the Rav4, fuck me right? https://www.carcomplaints.com/news/2022/honda-oil-dilution-problems-class-action-lawsuit.shtml#:~:text=November 24%2C 2022 — Honda oil dilution problems,Accord vehicles allegedly stall and suffer engine failures. https://mycarvoice.com/news/honda-oil-dilution-lawsuit/
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