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  1. Not us, Methodist is their healthcare provider
  2. Mez2

    June 27th

  3. Yes, your post on UT message board with a sub forum on baseball with a dedicated thread on the Houston Astros has got me mad.
  4. yeah, i got no impression he is a greedy douchebag from him - if anything, he wants to try and bring a hint of normalcy in these shitty times. the above links show he's willing to continue support. of course, i'm biased but that's my view on it. fuck if the skeeters are going to do it, why wouldnt the astros be able to do something similar?
  5. don' t see the big deal - all this is very legal & very cool
  6. Fuck the yankeea
  7. wife lost both of her grandmothers this year, pretty big hit for her and the families - don't realize how much it sucks until you have to stand outside a hospital window to say your final goodbyes to your grandmother. terrible feeling.
  8. summer league for us starts 7/6 - shortened season, only 6 games with a single elimination playoff but happy to know we'll be able to play a little ball with our friends before the fall.
  9. a couple years ago for christmas, ERhine bought me 6 of these :my brother and i, and a few others, have started playing wiffle ball in my backyard and it's as fun as i remember when i was a little kid. no field set, just a pitchers rubber and a net to pitch into with makeshift markers as boundaries - the chimney is the fair pole, over neighbors tree is a homerun - hit an empty beer can along the fence? that counts as a 2 run HR. i didn't think about reinforcing the yellow bat though. hit the ball over the entire house? grand slam. it's fun to be a kid.
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