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  1. My favorite is when homesickhorn would take pulls of wild Turkey in between innings and then double his next AB
  2. Houston heartbreak in full effect, we've already given up on future seasons. Impressive
  3. @HomesickhornI bet we could take them.
  4. His dad spoke 5 languages with sydmill Harris
  5. I just dont see a rule saying we have to find our permament manager before ST starts 2 less than a month away
  6. This year's manager is a stop gap. me, shep, scarps, and erhine could lead us to 97 wins. idogg would lead us to warrens and utphil would die halfway through the season The gm hire is more important, they'll want a manager to stake their hat on, unless it's 3putt cause he got a bigass hat
  7. Astros 2020: Swangin and Bangin Fuck. Everyone.
  8. I forgot Aaron hernandez had a little frank Underwood in him
  9. In the words of lil keke, "Fuck em, I'ma ball and chop it up on the slab"
  10. Lol, wearing buzzers? GTFO here
  11. Flags fly forever
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