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  1. i've said it before and i'll say it again: fuck this fucking cocksucker
  2. Oaks Dad's Club fall ball season starts next friday; coach pitch 7 and 8 year olds. I "contract" 4 kids of my choosing onto my new team - those I'm carrying over were my 6 year olds from teeball who are moving up to coach pitch, my son included. Gonna get killed a few games, my contract boys are good but young and smaller than the older kids already, it'll be good for them though. I'm not too high on my 8 year olds, we got a lotta work to do. But, at the end of the day, they get to play ball and i'm happy for them. hopefully we continue into play without any pauses - we were lucky in summer with no cancellations
  3. Speaking of Robert Ford, he's the 2nd African American broadcaster to call a game clinching WS victory.
  4. We're talking about 3putt here
  5. athletes shouldnt discuss politics, they should stick to sports - "shut up and dribble/play! - the same way painters shouldn't talk about politics, they should only talk about paint, doctors should only talk about medicine, not politics, mathematicians should only talk about math, not politics, plumbers should only talk about laying pipe, not politics...etc, etc, etc. GTFO. robert ford nailed it and good for the Astros and A's, proud of them - if you are turned off by a peaceful protest, maybe....just, maybe, you are part of the problem.
  6. Never in a million year would I have guessed him
  7. Holy shit, this is terrible. This sucks big time, absolute gut punch
  8. Maybe. I am free tomorrow
  9. Good for them. #HTownPride
  10. we stayed at the gruene river guest house at the beginning of july; the restrictions had just gone into effect. fortunately the place we stayed at had enough private tubes we could just use them. we dropped in at their sister site and just got out when we came down to our spot. not too crowded but seems like you need your own stuff to use. one of the outfitters (I forget the name, just across the little bridge in guene) was allowing cars to park and launch there which is what a handful of groups were doing.
  11. Ramon, you look fantastic, I thought toy were still in Tijuana
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