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  1. Bingham and Jamestown Revival tonight at WOMH
  2. my field of harvested fucks is barren
  3. JV gonna plow kate tonight. She's lucky
  4. So, I haven't posted on here since game 7 of the WS, which as far as I'm concerned, didn't happen. I took that loss pretty tough and removed myself from the team and the end of this season as much as possible. there was just too much shit going on around the team - on the field and off the field - that i wasn't going to let it consume me and my enjoyment of watching my favorite sports team in my hometown. but, there's just too much shit being thrown around all over the place and just seems as if people - drellich - really have an axe to grind about our team to not say something. fuck them, fuck everyone who's not in the same boat as the houston astros. i couldn't give less of a shit than what you think or how you want to portray this team. this is my team, my hometown, and really, a big part of my livelihood - maybe to a fault but I can't stand to see all this shit going around national media making the astros out to be some hybrid form of degenerate, misogynists, scumbags and don't deserve to be called world series champs. maybe the collective group of us posters can be called that - and i'm not so blind where I can't see how some of those labels come into play from media who are just looking to throw shit around because it fits their narrative - but there's just a lot of shit and if it smells like shit, it's probably shit. so, no, i won't apologize for being a fan of the houston astros and if anything, should embrace the hate, want to be the team that every teams wants to beat. there's a reason so many teams are poaching our front office or admin staff or coaches. we win. in summmary, fuck the haters. flags fly forever. #HTownPride
  5. Another thing, I'll never worry again about home field advantage in baseball. Fuck it.
  6. Need to get rid of the bullshit 2 hitting coaches.
  7. I just spent the last 10 minutes consoling Chuy because he started crying when Brantley struck out. I think I was talking to myself outloud intending to speak with him about how you dont always win Fuck baseball. Life goes on but fuck it
  8. we're going to fucking win tonight.
  9. Fuck, me and Chuy have some work to do. I mean he's only 6 but still...
  10. see the ball, hit the ball. have a good game plan at the plate and put all the fucking pressure on them from the get go. if we think gap to gap at the plate, that's when we're at our best. one thing we did at their park was effectively take the crowd out of the entire series by scoring first and often. our crowd should be hopped up on OG 4Loko and ready to tear that fucking roof off. give them a reason to - this is our fucking field. protect it.
  11. Biggest game of the season, can't hold anything back. Gotta let it rip
  12. the flashers, Julia Rose and Lauren Summer.
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