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  1. dusty following the little league adgage of having your fastest guy hit leadoff. bold strategy, lets see if it works
  2. Probably still passed out at the club westerner
  3. text me when the steaks and wings are ready
  4. Mez2


    i always see this place driving to 290 from pinemont but never tried it - will have to correct that next time i'm thinking of somewhere to go.
  5. what more could he want - he's got a WS ring AND he gets to plow Daniella every night....maybe two Daniellas? ok, just give him more money, he's back in my good graces after embracing his leadership last year. anytime you can tell cody bellinger to shut the fuck up on the record, you are good in my book.
  6. Mez2


    Agreed, it's probably a tad overpriced but as great as service and how much those guys take care of us everytime we go there, that's a small hike to pay
  7. I came across this hashtag on my timeline #tedcruzisamotherfuckingbitchassbitch I made that up, but seems pertinent.
  8. Zack Greinke has thrown 2,939 regular season innings in his career, second among active pitchers behind only his teammate, Justin Verlander (2,988). He’s eclipsed 200 innings in nine seasons, including the last full-length MLB season that was played. While his velocity has diminished over the years, durability hasn’t been a significant concern. Greinke’s ability to make his starts every five or six days and rack up innings over the six-month season will be crucial to the Astros in 2021. While the rest of their starters have the talent to be above average or better, none of them has carrie
  9. No. I mean I'm just not sure. Well, can't you take a guess? Well, not for another two hours. You can't take a guess for another two hours? That exchange always cracked me up
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