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  1. $100,000 bond....that's a hell of a call to make to your parents.
  2. There’s a fair amount of stupid involved here. If Robinson is the financing behind the grow house in Cali, which is possibly the case, why the fuck wouldn’t he hire someone else to drive it? And maybe take a different route that doesn’t go through a drug-dog checkpoint. I expect he gets off with a minimum sentence though.
  3. I'd love to play some board games with Hunter. That'd be a real hoot.
  4. Board games with friends when you aren't glued to ESPN or watching beloved Championship-caliber teams, I get. Hell, who among us hasn’t called the boys up for a quick round of Chutes and Ladders on a Wednesday night? But “visiting new stadiums” as one of your three main pastimes? That one is a head scratcher. I mean, “going to sporting events” kind of infers you’d be visiting stadiums, but does he literally drive around the country and just walk into empty stadiums? Or is peering through the locked gate reward enough?
  5. BlowU at #3? After losing their best offensive talent and returning shitbags on defense? #JLaw OK gif
  6. Looch is really a combination of Alex Jones and Joseph Goebbels. While not nearly as successful as either, he has built a small fiefdom where he can stand on a rickety, aggy built soapbox and bleat about the evil BOMC and how aggy is always being held down by powers that fear the Sleeping Giant of aggy football, which will awaken any day now to take the College Football world by Blitzkrieg.
  7. I thought it was a pretty clever look at the game industry, made by Always Sunny in Philly alums. F Murray Abraham is very funny, and episode 5 is actually pretty surprising in a good way. Best thing AppleTV+ has done so far I think and it has potential to last a few seasons.
  8. What about the actor Tom Hopper? He's mid 30s and he's a big dude, like 6'5". He played Dickon Tarley in GOT and got roasted by the dragon.
  9. Sejjr

    Narcos: Mexico

    Felix's new wife is smoke.
  10. She did porn before Fitness Modeling. Which is nice.
  11. Looch must spend most of his TexAgs wealth on tin foil.
  12. It’s a retro offense. Very hip and trendy.
  13. Coaches do this every year. And fan boards always ask this question. Apparently, being given a high 6-figure salary in Austin, Texas to coach for one of the Blue Blood programs still means something in that profession.
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