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  1. Alex Flores of Capitol Chevrolet: “And remember, I’m a veteran and veterans are ALWAYS welcome!” Are there dealerships or other places of business here in the Central Texas region actively discriminating against veterans which I was unaware of?
  2. Didn’t know much about Adam Driver before but that was a fantastic episode. So many great skits and he never once broke.
  3. Ha. You would need about a dozen hands to count the number of "next Domain"s and "next downtown"s which have been proposed over the past 7-8 years. And yet, it's still just those two.
  4. Ya’ll can try and flatter yourselves as much as you want, but none of you anything like L.D.
  5. What makes you say this? You’re one of the better posters on this subject but surely you’ve seen the videos and read the studies which illustrate how fully autonomous vehicles increases traffic efficiency exponentially.
  6. NW Hills checking in. I tell people it’s West Austin because I like to pretend I’m wealthy.
  7. I saw that yesterday too. Unfortunately 24 hrs later and now all the forecasts are calling for highs in the mid-50s. This “winter” blows.
  8. I’m sure others exist, but what other major US cities would be affected as catastrophically as Austin in the event of a total dam failure? Seems like we would be near the very top.
  9. Significant Risks. Jim Spencer. Tornados in January?? PHD makes his long awaited return in 3, 2, 1....
  10. The past two mornings have consisted of standing above the sink for 20-30 minutes coughing up dime-sized phlegm hard as rocks. Real fun stuff. The sunrise looked incredible through the pollen haze this AM though. Silver lining I suppose. @UnivTex34- what part of town was your picture taken? I can't make sense of it at all.
  11. Baylor Assistant HC is Joey McGuire. He would be a pretty damn likeable hire honestly if he could keep the DC.
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