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  1. friend of mine uses the Johnny Trigg glaze for the two hour wrap portion - parkay, brown sugar, agave syrup or honey, and Tiger sauce. His ribs are awesome.

    The Wire

    For more of them watch Rescue Me

    The Wire

    made my college age son sit down and watch season 1, episode 1 last night. I've told him forever how great The Wire is. I noticed during the show he didn't look at his phone once (which is par for the course with them). Immediately after the episode ended he said he was now going to binge the entire series. Felt lke a great Dad last night

    Uniform Pron

    not fan of the numbers - it's like they ran out of ink. The helmet is ok, but the change was not needed. I assume the change was made solely for the purposes of selling new gear. also for me the "classic" rams look is blue and white, not blue and gold.
  5. Went over a list of classic movies with my college age son to find some he has not seen. This afternoon we are watching The Sting
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/film/2020/apr/06/honor-blackman-james-bond-pussy-galore-avengers-dies-aged-94


    Interesting on all of you with your opinions on Alison Pill. I’ve never heard of her before this show so I’ve had no issue with her casting. now Lilly is freaking horrible.
  8. Judge: Mr. Orgeron what is your reason for filing for divorce? Coach O: Well your honor she is quite rude.........Go Tigers!
  9. does anyone know anything about the author? I did a cursory review on the world wide web and didn't see any overly negative information about him. Read the article and nothing grossly out of place jumped out either. It's freaking depressing.
  10. Callon doesn't have a debt maturity until 2024. I'm expecting a shit town of E&P firms to hire restructuring advisors in the near future, but I guess I didn't think they would be #3 behind CHK and Chap. What is the issue besides way overpaying for Carrizo in $20bbl environment? Can they not even service the debt at $20bbl?
  11. The last two weeks in Houston have been record high levels of pollen. The rains have hopefully knocked this down for a few days. I’m living on over the counter allergy meds.
  12. Just watched the first three episodes- very good. Julian Fellowes is a master
  13. our GM at the press conference Our owner at the same press conference
  14. it should happen, but it becomes a numbers thing in D1. The problem is that D3 guys (and Ivy) pay their own way. I'm not paying another $110k so he can play another year of baseball....especially when he has a job offer in his back pocket.
  15. colleges dropping like flies. My son's team is a playing a non-conference game right now but four of their conference teams have now cancelled the season. I fear today is probably the last game of his career unless his coach can find some other teams to play. He's coming off a broken hand and hasn't pitched yet this year (cast off 10 days ago and I'm not even certain he's really cleared to pitch) but he told that coach the he is throwing at least one pitch in this game as its probably they last he will ever play. Hell I teared up just typing that
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