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  1. Ya I would stay in downtown Fort Worth instead of Arlington. A lot better restaurants in Fort Worth and probably a better chance you won't get killed.
  2. episode 2 in Matamoras - who knew? - mountains, clear mountain streams, clean streets. Its been so many years since e went across during spring break...time to go back I guess I really liked the Don Guerra character,and the fact he had the Brownsville Police at his party.
  3. Yes the players were given immunity and admitted to cheating in 2017, but decided to lie about cheating in 2018 and 2019. He could ask his new teammate but I’m betting Gleyber doesn’t have the stones to approach Cole.
  4. I will never say another thing bad about Carlos Correa. Go ahead and sign him to a long term deal right fucking now https://twitter.com/fielderschoicep/status/1228758067250159628?s=21
  5. honestly one of the best books I've ever read.
  6. so for perspective the Moon is 239k miles away. This thing will get within 3.6 million miles....slow news Day at NASA I guess.
  7. Bellinger hit .143 with 17 K's in the 2017 world series then backed up that shit stain performance with a .063, 6 k's in 16 AB performance in the 2018 WS. The guy is in pure deflection mode - he has proved he cannot handle the big stage and may have single handily cost his team two titles due to his choke jobs.
  8. sounds like a team full of kids who have already hit puberty - my guess is a good portion of those kids will not be all that special once high school rolls around, and the odds are firmly against any of them playing D1 college ball.
  9. I bet it helped Marwin. He used it alot and had career numbers wouldn't doubt it. The data is there to analyze. I did look through some games and what I noticed that makes me think it didn't help much (but I did not look at just Marwin specifically). 1. majority of bangs are off speed pitches, but NOT all off speed pitches resulted in a bang during an at bat. Assume that means they couldn't get the sign - which leaves the batter really screwed - he thinks no bang = fastball, when its actually off speed.2. Some bangs for fast balls - assume they screwed up the sign steal or the other team changed the signs. Again this screws the batter.
  10. if he wins us another ring I don't give a shit what else he does!
  11. his data files are available to download on that site. I think what you need to do is say any at bat with a bang is a cheating at bat since no bang could be a fastball. Then see how those at bats turned out. I'm going to go out on a limb and say it didn't help.
  12. Video of our owner at the press conference
  13. Dusty is a respected guy who will play great with the local and national media. He also managed Barry Bonds so he knows his way around star players. Concerned that he doesn't appear to be all that into analytics though. I hope he's our Barry Switzer - takes a team someone else builds and doesn't fuck it up and wins a ring.
  14. you could do Commanders for lunch and take advantage of their $0.25 Martinis. Limit three per person. It could make for the beginning to a rather memorable day...or a day you can't remember
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