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  1. At my NE ATX hovel, last night was all show and no go. Didn't even fully wet the sidewalk. I am disappoint.
  2. If so many companies are constantly watching me and listening to me, why are they still doing such a shitty job of actually producing and stocking products that I want, or supporting features that I want? I swear HEB has some floor manager dedicated to fucking with me personally, discontinuing all my favorite grocery items. (Why did you quit stocking Marie Callender fish filet dinners, and the Chicken Fried Steak dinners?!) And most products/appliances/cars etc. on the market have a bunch of useless annoying techy shit that is just going to break, while not supporting/providing the important s
  3. That 9.2 sec 1/4 mile is insane for a street-legal production car. Is that on original, street-legal tires?
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if some hack from the Lege or the Governor's office tries to tank her admission to UT.
  5. I can't imagine that anyone with integrity or character would even accept an endorsement from Trump. An infamous liar and demagogue, twice impeached, who urged on a mob to subvert the U.S. Constitution and the democratic process. A man with no humility, compassion, or even loyalty to anyone besides himself. If you separated Trump from his wealth and power, and he had to be judged solely on his character, would anyone even want to be his friend?
  6. Fucking toothbrushes. I'm trying to find a basic, but quality, toothbrush just like you used to be able to get from Oral B (or possibly Reach) in the 1970s-1990s. I don't want it to look like an athletic shoe. I don't want a big chonky rubber-coated handle that won't fit in a traditional toothbrush holder. I don't want exotic color-changing bristles made out of carbon fiber or organic spider silk. I do want to be able to pick the size of the head as they all seem to be giant or tiny without enough specific sizes. Why do manufacturers take devices that have already been perfected and fuck them
  7. I backed my car out of the garage for 10 minutes just for this purpose.
  8. Time for a general strike. And stop paying any fees or taxes to a corrupt state. "No taxation without representation"-- if we don't have real elections, we don't have real representation.
  9. If this had been a crowd of BLM supporters, or Greenpeace, or even the League of Women Voters, the Republicans would be jumping up and down screaming for congressional hearings.
  10. Guess I should have taken macro instead of micro. If we get a sustained run of inflation I'm double-fucked, as my income is unlikely to ever rise for reasons I can only discuss in CR.
  11. Maybe you should get tested, you might have the real thing.
  12. Ugh, I quoted/replied to the wrong post. ... sorry
  13. Rant about light pollution: Even on clear nights, I can only see the brightest meteors basically directly overhead. Doesn't help that my neighbors always have outdoor lights blasting (front and back yards) all night. And who made the decision that neighborhoods need streetlights glaring every 100 feet, or that gas stations need to be brighter than a supernova? People think it's "safer" to have everything lit up like it's goddamn daytime; shit, that just lets the crooks see better.
  14. It's really enraging (at least to me) that we've lost control of our phone system. I don't understand why we can't implement security protocols and features to prevent spoofing and make Caller ID actually work as it was intended. I have Nomorobo, but I still get tons of calls from "Paul at US Home Solar" or "We have a special offer for AT&T Customers" or whatever that spoof local numbers and get through the system.
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