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  1. I swear I remember hearing the "what does NASA stand for" joke from other kids at school the next day.
  2. Like TwiceHorn, I was decent enough at math, physics, etc. to muddle through an engineering degree at UT. There are many problems and concepts in engineering and science which you can visualize or relate to real-world situations that you can understand intuitively, even if the math is difficult. But when it comes to this level of abstract math, or quantum physics, or relativity--it's all complete greek to me. It might as well be magic or witchcraft.
  3. Paper_jam


    Dammit, that's a nice stretch of country road to haul ass down and do an Italian tune-up.
  4. At 6:32, the shot of trees with a white structure behind gives me the general impression of the CA state capitol grounds in Sacramento, I've been there. But it's such a brief shot, and I can't really see details on the building to be sure.
  5. At 1:41, there's a building with a golden dome which I think is probably the University of Notre Dame. Immediately before that is a shot of either a racetrack or some kind of stadium, which I thought might be Indianapolis Speedway (esp. since it's in Indiana, like Notre Dame). But the shape and buildings around the track don't look quite right for Indy. At 4:28, I can't tell exactly, but those oil derricks are probably at Long Beach or Venice Beach, CA.
  6. Why can't America fix our fucking phone system? And by that I mean, EVERY CALL should have un-spoofable caller ID that tells you the number and real name of the person or company calling you. If a call doesn't meet those specifications, the phone system should not allow it to go through. Any hacking or circumvention of the system should be a felony punishable by draconian measures.
  7. It's hideous, but it's not that much more hideous than some crossovers being sold today. If the wheel wells were bigger, with meaner looking wheels and tires, and some of that lower black cladding that every crossover is sporting these days, it'd probably sell. (Also assuming it had a competitive powertrain and interior, which I know it doesn't.)
  8. Bummed, they were either too low and/or too far west of me. But I've seen them at airshows twice many years ago, so I guess I'll be ok.
  9. Sounds nice, guess I shoulda made the effort.
  10. I've been thinking about it... but 20 mph? I'm not sure that's worth it to me. How are they going to enforce or manage that? Will they be using a pace car of some sort?
  11. For some time, I've had an issue when I try to browse the Surly forums: it just crushes my PC, locking up my browser (current version of Chrome) and any other applications that are running. Everything stops responding and just becomes slow as molasses, and I get heavy disk access for no apparent reason. It seems to be maxing out my system memory. If I wait long enough (a minute or three) things slowly come back and become usable again, but still sluggish. This forum is the only website that I regularly have this problem with, including several other forums or bulletin boards that run very smoothly. What on earth is Surly doing to my PC? Virus and malware scans don't turn up anything. The only Chrome extension I have is ABP. System info: quad core i7 860 (2.8+ ghz), 4 gig RAM, Windows 7, plenty of free hard drive space). (Yeah, it's old, but not so old that web surfing should be a strain.) Thanks for any ideas.
  12. Is that resurfacing going on right now? They are having a food drive at COTA on Sunday and supposedly you can drive on the track** with a donation. ** at 20 mph.
  13. Paper_jam

    Getting old sucks

    I'm only 49 but this year it seems like my body is just falling apart. I've started to randomly get pain in my ankles, achilles tendonitis, and pain/swelling/stiffness in my knees for no apparent reason. Plus my chronic back pain is acting up too. I'm starting to wonder if something systemic is happening, but so far tests have come back normal. (It's never lupus.)
  14. Why the fuck doesn't anyone seem to make a really lightweight, low-impact, no-BS free antivirus program. Over the years I've been through AVG, Bitdefender, and now Kaspersky Free and they inevitably decide that their shit needs a bunch of extra modules and "features" I don't want, and past a certain point you're forced to accept it because they won't release virus database updates unless you update the core application to the bloated version.
  15. My neighbor killed one in his back yard a few days ago (NE Austin). It was definitely a coral; "red touch yellow." I've never seen one outside of a zoo.
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