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  1. Federal? Ok this is actually going to get some traction and shit is going to hit the fan right?
  2. Well it was 745am where you were. Sooooooo it was time to get up?
  3. Look, those campaigns don't pay for themselves...
  4. huge


    The new Heights Total Wine store has a crap bourbon selection currently as they told me that they basically had the overstock from the other stores. They are supposed to start getting their own shipments this week. We will see if that means anything interesting. Did grab the last 1910 on the shelf.
  5. A BREAK IN THE CASE??? https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/11/19/prison-guards-arrested-alleged-failure-check-jeffrey-epstein/4082679002/?csp=chromepush
  6. Yep I made "chili like dish" recently for a cookoff. It was like chili but had red curry paste, garam masala and garbanzos in it. So it was chili-like, but not chili. Had ground venison, venison pan sausage and lamb stew meat in it. Followed my usual chili process. But I wouldn't call it chili, ESPECIALLY to you pedantic assholes. And the only thread I would have felt good about posting it in would have been Shit I Cooked Lately
  7. I would crush both of those. I did a bone in ribeye last night and it was excellent. No pics, just use your imagination.
  8. huge


    The 12 rye is really smooth but a little thin. Great for mixing. Certainly worth buying at least 1. And isn't that really the bar these days? Just try to avoid buying something you totally regret in between the things you know you want and like?
  9. They are crap if we beat them, that is the party line. They lost by 15 to Penn State.
  10. huge

    2019 MLB thread

    I would not agree with this part. Of course you understand the arguments against that. But I feel dirty. Like a dirty winner. Better than feeling nothing but crushing defeat. But certainly not the smug satisfaction of before.
  11. LIke this? https://imgur.com/gallery/suvAMuY
  12. So I have never watched either of the animated series. Which should I start with?
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