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  1. Buddy of mine served strips last night. Prime. Salt and butter on a hot grill. No pepper. Different from my usual reverse sear but still tasty AF.
  2. We’ve had a house on Bolivar since ‘81. It’s great. Tiki Beach Bar and Grille has the best shrimp po-boy.
  3. So what’s the deal with the yellow sludge that collects in Houston Haze and Heavy Hands? Both beers are top notch but that residue is a little off putting.
  4. huge


    Buddy is driving to Colorado this week. Stopped in Goldwaithe. Thankfully the proprietor allows him to buy 2 of the 18s. So I have one coming my way.
  5. What do we make of this? https://www.cbs7.com/2020/07/08/west-texas-doctor-goes-viral-with-claim-of-covid-cure/ Did I miss this discussion?
  6. Is Espolon cheap enough for you? That’s what I buy for crowds.
  7. huge


    Also picked up 1792 Full Proof store pick at TW so it was a good visit. So what’s the deal on Cream of Kentucky besides “not worth $140”. Is it any good?
  8. huge


    The lovely asshole that posted about RY10 being available for store pickup , thank you.
  9. Yes. A building that used to house several bars I had been to over the years. I am surprised to see you make that comment. Pretty sure you dont stay round these parts...
  10. Mask report from last week. Texas City Buc-ees 80% The Big Store on Bolivar 50% 29.2 Surf Shop on Bolivar 0% (I was the only person in there with a mask on). Restaurants were predictably lax, but that's everywhere as far as I can tell. With the Galveston County closing beaches we left on Friday. Before we left we drove down (Crystal Beach area) and noticed that they were not really enforcing the beach ban but crowds were a FRACTION of what they would have been.
  11. Not saying this applies to our esteemed colleague bolverk, but I would guess a majority of newer cars on the road are upside down on value.
  12. Good track, just watch out for mosquitos the size of sparrows
  13. I just realized what building this is in. Will be going this week.
  14. huge


    What, you don’t like dogshitt? I’m about to pour mine out. It’s that bad. Tastes like listerine
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