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  1. Sounds like a plot line for an 8 part Prime series
  2. huge


    From last night. Suicide sucks. RIP old pal
  3. Some leftover instapot brisket and spicy garlic dills.
  4. I made some greens last night. HEB will sell you a trio medley. Mustard Collard Turnip Good times
  5. The rare and elusive breakfast hard taco with brisket. Also in picture is a run of the mill breakfast cocktail.
  6. Did I mention I live in the crime-free Montrose?
  7. She had her butler make the call. Apparently the neighborhood has gone to shit.
  8. My aunt was tested early on and was negative. This was in Galveston.
  9. He is saying Italy had that issue
  10. huge


    2014 getting a little shorter
  11. Lunch today was pot roast sando with chopped pickles. Added a little habanero salsa at the end
  12. I drove by last Saturday and there were 40 cars in line. Dammit
  13. I drove by last Saturday and there were 40 cars in line. Dammit
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