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  1. NOMAAA and Derka talking about obscure players and their corresponding trade value is one of my favorite perks of this league.
  2. He hits the ball real real hard
  3. Or moping back to the dugout after a windmill?
  4. The one shot scene of McConnaghey dragging whoever it was (I forget) out of that shitty trailer park was one of the most impressive technical things ever filmed
  5. Friends of mine can be seen in the row above to the left in Astros gear. They were getting some HR action last night.
  6. And as soon as I trade some SP thinking Degrom is throwing some, should be back in a month the Mets announce “long game” strategy including 5 minor league starts.
  7. Another shutout for the Astros. Yawn
  8. man you know I have them WMDs you are looking for
  9. I dont know who Derka has traded away and I am trying to get some deals done here SEEEEEEE>>>>????
  10. oh. Hasnt gone through I guess?
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