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  1. RMac5

    Truck Nuts

    That death wobble will make you take a bite out of the seat.
  2. Michael Dixon was a fraternity brother, he was a plastic surgeon in Amarillo. He was convicted of having his friend kill another doctor in Lubbock over an ex girlfriend. I knew Dixon and Shepard, the guy that did the killing. This story has been on several of the murder/mystery stations. Kind of crazy to know both of the guys involved in a murder for hire plot. Both are in the pen for life.
  3. That waffle was for you wasn’t it? Love cooking breakfast on the flat top.
  4. RMac5

    Costa Rica

    No telling what CR will be like in the months to come. We have twin boys that will seniors in high school this coming year and have been discussing a family trip. CR sounds like a great option. We also talked about going to Europe but not sure if the twins would enjoy that. Guess we could drop them off at Amsterdam and pick them back up on the flip flop. Hopefully CR will rebound quickly, looks like a fantastic place.
  5. It’s like the special olympics of bbq.
  6. I have started a go fund me so we can get you a stripper, if we can’t raise enough cash we will just have to send South Austin’s mom.
  7. RMac5

    Beef ribs

    Left overs, if any, will make some damn good tacos and breakfast tacos.
  8. 99 Ford still had the 7.3 diesel, that motor was a beast.
  9. She doesn’t sell a buttermilk, chess or pecan pie? Where’s she from?
  10. That fish in a tin looks disgusting! Looks like they literally shit their bed.
  11. Oven bacon here too. No skillet grease mess on the stove either. We line the cookie sheet with foil and go to town.
  12. I painted one of the walls in the garage with 24’ of greatness.
  13. RMac5

    Truck Nuts

    I’ve had 2-3 F250’s do the death wobble, scares the shit out of you for sure.
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