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  1. Tech would lose their minds if we could somehow get Tadlock hired.
  2. Great pics gents! The drone pics are very cool, my drone is jacked up. I keep getting an error message that the gimbal is disconnected, seems to be a common problem with then DJI Mavic.
  3. I find it hard to believe that the folks in B/CS favor the aggoids.
  4. Yes they are aggyd up as well.
  5. Brett’s has damn good bbq but they fly lots of aggy shit.
  6. @Spaulding Smails I ordered a set of those orange wall brackets off of Amazon. It’s missing the screw and anchor packet. Are there small screws that go in the vertical pieces just to keep the brackets from sliding down? Also, the spacer washer looking things, those just for wall clearance for the backside of the shelf piece? Think I will just mount each vertical piece to a 1x6 and then mount that to the wall.
  7. That Mississippi pot roast is so damn good. We throw in red pepper flakes, mushrooms and chunks of onions and let all that cook down as well. It’s great over mashed potatoes or rice.
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