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  1. I’m in Amarillo, the closest TJ is in Albuquerque NM with a state required two week quarantine. Plus it’s more funner to make your own. I know you know this, I’ve seen some of your concoctions. Speaking of New Mexico, we went through Santa Fe last week and the square is like a freakin ghost town, it was eerie.
  2. Ranch Water is so damn good, way easy to over serve.
  3. We do the boiled jap sauce pretty often. We boil for 10-15 minutes and place them in the blender with a 1/3C of oil and 1/3C of the Jalapeño water. We add some garlic toes, s&p and blend until smooth. We don’t seed or stem the peppers, just blend up the whole damn thing.
  4. Grocery stores in Amarillo have their roasters going today, wife got a big bag of the hot ones. I love this time of year, Fall is close.
  5. Mid week reuben sandwich was damn good, they didn’t have a rye so went with a pumpernickel, it worked out great.
  6. That brisket looks huge, could be just the cooker size though.
  7. Lake Fork of the Gunnison it is, we were just outside of Lake City. Headed to Pagosa Springs tomorrow, hope we can catch more fish.
  8. Colorado a couple of weeks ago, headed back his weekend. So much to enjoy in Colorado. Hook ‘em!
  9. RMac5

    Classic Car thread

    Saw this one in Georgetown a couple of years ago. He was asking $39K, no idea what these are worth but it’s a great looking car.
  10. Monkey business is still business, you should be good.
  11. Might check the quarantine status of NM, seems like they might have just put one in place. We came through Raton on our way back from Colorado and they had quarantine signs on the side of the road. I didn’t pay to much attention since I wasn’t stopping in NM.
  12. Yeah I agree, it’s supposed to be eaten on the way home. If you need to eat with the family then get two.
  13. RMac5


    I agree on the W12, Antique has to much bite for me.
  14. Finally! Well played amigo.
  15. RMac5


    I found a bottle of Weller CYPB in Colorado last week. Looks like it has marginal reviews, I am a huge W12 fan so I rolled the dice anyway.
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