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  1. We had both types passing through Colorado Springs, them sandwiches are damn good. We were third in line at the drive thru and only took 5 minutes to get our bird sandwich.
  2. RMac5

    Texas BBQ

    Helberg has great food. They no longer have the trailer location though, they are now out on Hwy 6.
  3. RMac5

    Texas BBQ

    Ate at Guess today in Waco, it’s usually one of my favorites but today it was very bleh! Not sure if they are having growing pains or what but today’s food was not very good.
  4. Regular. Scoops are for bean dip.
  5. RMac5


    W12 or Blantons would of been my selection, in that order too.
  6. Is Cafe J still good? Been a long time since we have been in there.
  7. @Dutch those beans look fantastic, user name checks out as well.
  8. Ranch Water is my go to nowadays.
  9. RMac5

    Texas BBQ

    What’s the line like at Leroy and Lewis? Would be a Wednesday lunch option if that matters.
  10. 2oz Fresh Lime Juice 2oz Anejo Tequila 1oz Simple Syrup 1oz Citronge .75oz Orange Juice
  11. Don’t stir em to often, makes them more creamy, I like the bean juice to be more clear.
  12. RMac5


    That looks great!
  13. Felix’s Oyster Bar? nvm, see it on the chargrilled oyster paper. That’s my favorite raw oyster house.
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