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  1. Did you see where Rolex is dropping the OP39 and has introduced a new OP41 but with four (kind of not for me) flashy modern dial colors? As my Rhodium OP39 is now out of production and an instant rare classic, I will now start the bidding at $100 chajillion bazillion dolllars....
  2. As a dad with preteen kids watching when she was on a TV show, I have to say that Zendaya turned out much hotter.
  3. I'm the same way on many. It's why I can't do a cyclops on a Rolex and have an OP39, and love Nomos. That Tudor above (i think it is a Black Bay) is fricking beautiful in it's simplicity and the quality of the case and movement is wonderful. But then I irrationally and stupidly think, "oh Tudor....just get a damn Rolex if they are the same company."
  4. We did pizza and beer at The Hill and Holler.
  5. Was just there 2 week ago. Went to Snowshoe for a bit of hiking/ATV/etc and snuck down there for a day of shopping and eating. Still pretty quiet and closed from virus stuff.
  6. Worrying about time up here in the mountains is down on the list. Indoor plumbing, revenuers, and genetic diversity are greater priority issues....... PS: Is Gen. Lee coming down on Monument Ave in Richmond?
  7. Here is something different I picked up recently. A solid gold IWC, and like me, the movement was made in 1964. Very different from most of my others but just a sweet simple piece. Original hands and unretouched dial still in great condition. It uses the 854 calibre but isn't considered part of the Ingenieur line. It's an automatic and I love the clean face with no complications. I've never gone down the "vintage" route, and don't plan on much because of the prevalence of frankens and frauds, but couldn't pass this one up for a "birthyear" watch. .
  8. Yeah, but do his commercials have explosions and goriilas and hawks and shit? That's how I judge and choose a lawyer.
  9. @clapclapclap Checking in from my farm in Virginia. Just got in after a week in Snowshoe, WV. No skiing, but 60's and 70's beats the heck out of 100 deg. No trips to Austin planned.
  10. I think the easiest solution would be to burn the whole house down and build a new one designed around this door size.
  11. Some days more than others, but life is still pretty damn good even with a son at VaTech, a basketball team with no guards, and a football team with no quarterback.
  12. Here is my Laco bronze 45mm Nav B Uhr sitting on a print I found & framed of the original spec's (originals were 55mm). I've got 8" wrists so it sits well on me.
  13. I added my first full Swiss (a lot of my Germans have Swiss movements, both ETA & Sellita) to my brigade of German watches. It's the Oyster Perpetual 39 in Rhodium. Really understated watch that doesn't scream "look at me" like so many Rolex do.
  14. Great watch. It's my daily wear to the office.
  15. Some generics are formulated that they release at different rates than the branded equivalent. For a lot of drugs this isn't a big deal, but for some, it could be.
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