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  1. Some generics are formulated that they release at different rates than the branded equivalent. For a lot of drugs this isn't a big deal, but for some, it could be.
  2. That is really the only way he knows to coach. Look at his teams at Cincinnati, which often resembled a prison rec-league, and then when he came back home to replace Beilein. But this was perfect for him because it was how Big East basketball was played for 20+ years. There was as much or more contact in a Big East basketball game as in a football game, but the refs let it go and let them play for the most part. We don't have the talented guard play like we did in recent years (since Javon Carter left when he turned 35) so Huggy can't play the press, but we do have probably the most talented big man in Oscar Tshiebwe who ever set foot on campus. He's just a true freshman and if you get a chance to watch him it is really sweet. He is good and getting better each game.
  3. The Soviet watches are quite a rabbit hole. I've got a Raketa moon phase NOS. The real ones are what I call "shitastick" , and there are now also tons of Chinese counterfeits of them out there. Hope you are doing well my friend.
  4. Shit, I'll get both if you want and also make Jerry Jones disappear back in some WV holler where noone will find him.
  5. Good lord @RamjetFDO , put a real spur on the CA on that ass, and I will personally bring Shaka back to Virginia and you will never see him again.
  6. It is the logo for a small private elementary school. I'm afraid dickbutt, though glorious, probably won't fly. The head master will be seeing it privately though.
  7. Y'all are killing it today and it is so greatly appreciated......Can these keep going, and can I also get one with just the CA & a spur that I can kind of use.....asking for a friend, I will post tits in the appropriate forum as thanks.....
  8. I understand. Less peanut butter needed.
  9. Not positive, but @Digdogger seems like he has probably bred a Golden Retriever or two in his lifetime.
  10. I'm thinking no way he plays for Kansas again.
  11. Lol, the CA is the logo of the place I need it for. They are doing a western theme event coming up and trying to get a picture and the headmaster of the school thought it would look good to have a spur drawn or photoshoped coming off of it. Beiber is great and it will be shown, but he is a tool not a spur....lol
  12. Yea, I will. Could you imagine if we could have 4 years of Oscar Tshiebwe vs Udoka Azubuike? It would be similar to Sampson vs Ewing 35 years ago during their college years.
  13. Yeah, I took some time off. I promised myself when we moved over here that I wouldn't enter CR, went in to look around, and like an idiot, engaged. My fault, lesson learned. Decided to take some time off, didn't even realise it had been a year. I spent the time concentrating on masturbation and incest porn which is much healthier than CR. It's interesting looking around (not CR) who is still here and not and the still ongoing threads.
  14. They have put a big name in charge, James Naismith, and will now sit back and wait for the report.
  15. So was it pretty or awful? I'm kind of curious.
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