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  1. This is me. How am I just learning of this voodoo?
  2. Thanks. Served close to 600 in 45 mins. Yard bird titties were moist as hell. Did not have a bad brisket in the bunch. Mostly cubed/sliced mixed with chopped. So they got some lean and moist. I’m proceeding to tie one on. Wade Bowen is singing west Texas rain in the background. Life is good.
  3. Close. Mixed it with some sliced sausage in a homemade tortilla. Topped it with Hatch Big Jim. And it slammed and went hard. Sorry no pics...
  4. last post for a while. Busier than a 1-legged man in an ass kicking contest. we might just pull this thing off... the second pic is the remnants of a carving station after we finished.
  5. Soon to be the breakfast of champions aka hangover killer.
  6. 29 Briskets are all buttoned up in 200 degree ovens. Most of them temp’d at around 130 degrees after just over 4 hours on the smoke. The ones in the big chamber farthest from the firebox were lower at about 110 degrees. I’ll check them at 8:00 or so in the morning to see where we are. There is discussion about “shredding” or chopping the brisket because the Chamber sold more tickets/plates than they ordered... 🙄 It goes against my grain to not slice those bad boys after all this work, but I guess it’s better than running out of food.
  7. Caterer Knight made it back into town today so he’s taking over. Briskets are trimmed, seasoned, and on the pit. Yard bird titties are brining.
  8. What is this brisket cube that you speak of?
  9. Good call on counter height. Gotta stay mostly sober so I don’t F this thing up. I will do my best to post pics of the process. And get the fuck out of here with that Terry county bullshit. I’m a Martin county transplant. Wellman was our whipping boy when I was in high school. And Brownfield, isn’t that the quilt making capital of the world? I do have to give props for it being the place where Skip Bo was invented, though.
  10. Has this been ongoing? Or within the last couple years? Had a coaching change a couple years ago. Former coach allegedly was a repeat offender of texting while driving golf team to tournaments in school vehicles. Administration disciplined him a time or two. Guess he thought he was a legend and untouchable so he kept doing it. He thought wrong... Wouldn’t surprise me if the etiquette shenanigans were his doing. He strikes me as a guy who would promote that sort of thing.
  11. discounted rate through a connection
  12. Yes sir, Andrews. I forget how many state championships we’ve won in a row. 8 or 9 or some shit like that. I’m also not surprised if they showed poor etiquette. I blame it on the oil patch.
  13. The illustration is good but he completely fucked up the crust on that good looking brisket. WTF?!
  14. That was certainly my preference as well. But I didn’t get to buy the groceries so white meat it is... They were just going to do grilled chicken on an event grill. I nixed that and because we have white meat will be brining.
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