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  1. Three game winning streaks are the new standard of excellence around here
  2. It only took Leonard Hamilton 20 years to make something at FSU. If we stay patient maybe Shaka will follow his path.
  3. Some coaches with ages from the list I posted earlier: Jim Boeheim - 75 Coach K - 73 Leonard Hamilton - 72 Roy Williams - 70 Lon Kruger - 68 John Beilein - 67 Bob Huggins - 67 Rick Barnes - 66 Tom Izzo - 65 Kelvin Sampson - 65 Bruce Weber - 63 At this point I would be glad to have a proven winner over another Shaka
  4. Derka / Goo Punch has me sold on this idea. I posted a link to older coaches in the Beilein thread, and there are a lot of notable names above and just below him on the list. I have also formed the idea in my head that Beilein attracts great assistants and he may give us a HCIW on the staff. Basically, I don't give a shit if he is 97 if he can coach circles around Shaka. Morgan Freeman narrator: He can
  5. I had the same impression, so I asked Google about the oldest coaches and was pretty surprised by the results. Basketball coaches seem to age like fine wine. I mean Leonard Hamilton sucked for 3 or 4 decades and now has FSU in the top ten. I couldn't imbed the list, but it is in the following link (from 2017) https://herosports.com/college-basketball/oldest-coaches-division-1-mens-basketball-byby
  6. I guess I am a bit baffled by the CDC thoughts on the last few pages. I get the $10 million dollar question, and I know it isn't my money, but the long term damage this is doing to our athletic program should be CDC's main concern. I went to my first Texas basketball games starting in 1994 and I have never seen the level of apathy higher than it is now. I have seen that place packed on several occasions, and it can be a pretty awesome environment when it is. I know that Texas is no basketball school, but we are the school of Kevin Durant. I tuned in last night just to see the turn out. We had maybe 5,000 people in the FEC last night to watch the #1 Baylor Bears play Texas. That is absolutely pathetic. Basketball won't survive a full decade of a shit product like the football team can. The time to cut this fraud of a coach was last year. The fact that we may let this clown come back next year speaks volumes about how far we have fallen as an athletic program. Basketball is the second highest grossing product and the second best opportunity to represent the university on the national stage. Winning the NIT is not, and never should be our standard. I sure as hell hope that our AD holds our basketball program in higher regard than it appears. I have completely lost any interest in watching this pathetic product, and I used to watch every minute of every game. If CDC lets Shaka coach another year he will lose a lot of my confidence as well.
  7. It really seems like this should be in the 2020 recruiting thread so we can keep building to 1000.
  8. One of my all time favorite memories of Vince was brought back to life by this post. It was at Baylor and must have been 2003. I was looking to leave the stadium, but they gated off a section under the bleachers so I was kind of stuck. A few seconds later I see the Longhorns running past the gates and realize this is the Longhorn path to the locker room, so I stand and watch. A handful of players do the typical shuffle to the locker room, and then came Vince. I can't remember the nickname for the super fat dude with the ring of keys and the john deer that seemed to be the equipment manager at the time, but he was standing with his arms crossed facing the gate making sure none of us hooligans attempted to rush it or something. Vince came skipping (but it looked more like flying) with huge skipping steps hooping and hollering, and mid 180 spin / skip, he layed a big fat hand slap on fat dudes ass and kept on skipping into the locker room. Fatty gave him a quick look over the shoulder then turned back to staring at us. He seemed to truly love everything about the game, at least while he was a Horn.
  9. Too bad we can't manage to match all of that talent up with some actual coaching though. Then we might be on to something. Does the Aggy coaster have room for us? After a full decade of shit football, I have stopped falling for the hype.
  10. Man I hope you are right, but that sounds just like the Big 12 in 2019 and we shat the bed spectacularly on that
  11. Wait, are my reading skills off or is there another meaning for CFP other than college football playoff? Because I damn sure don't think we will sniff the CFP next year and you are one of the last posters I would expect to think that.
  12. Anybody hear that Kirk Douglas died?
  13. I was happy the charade was over more than anything. But as a long time Gator supporter, I was also pretty optimistic. I have zero optimism for Texas Football anymore... 10 years of Fat Mack / Charlie / Mensa has killed it all
  14. The vibe was awesome. Laid back and easy to get to almost everything. It also doesn't hurt that the highs are mid to high 70s and the lows are mid to high 60s in Key West in January.
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