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  1. ".... oh and this is Dave at the dry cleaners. Your shirts are ready. Ok bye."
  2. So Card is the better fit, is bigger, more athletic, has a stronger arm, is more accurate, and makes better decisions.
  3. That asshole should never be allowed back in the stadium again.
  4. The way I see it, if we're gonna play aggy then might as well play them Thanksgiving weekend.
  5. They could close it off with a badass gate like this, unless they just want to leave it open.
  6. This looks great. I'm glad they went this direction with it instead of oh I don't know, Leslie Jones making queef jokes.
  7. MSNBC has been replaying the testimony from officer Dunn where he says he was called "fucking nigger", without bleeping anything. Amazing to hear.
  8. It would be like the Colonel Jessup scene, but in SNL skit form. "Mr. Trump. You are very handsome and smart and powerful. Now tell me what I want to hear. Did you intend for the capitol to be overrun?" (beaming) "You're god damn right I did!"
  9. Maybe they'll offer us Northwestern's practice facility.
  10. I guess I always assumed that if terrorists attacked the capitol, the shooting would start long before they were roaming the halls looking for people to hang.
  11. Our last president referred to these people as patriots.
  12. Shhhhhh. Any conference would be lucky to have these fine 8 schools. They should be scooped up ASAP.
  13. If we're playing in Lubbock and Bijan Robinson scores a TD and stands in the end zone flipping off the fans, he's gonna get a flag thrown.
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