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  1. That's the spirit. Keep reminding everyone that he should be in prison. And that's not even going into "Individual 1" stuff. And holy hell why isn't that a part of this.
  2. If someone had talked shit about Barron then I'd agree with you.
  3. Yesterday the president referred to the FBI as scum.
  4. My looney family sings happy birthday to Jesus on December 25th, I will have you know sir.
  5. The Good Times cast will be all white actors in black face. It's a weird choice, but lets see how it goes for them.
  6. Remember that time he made illegal payments to porn stars. Seems like they could make room for that in impeachment hearings, but what do I know.
  7. That kid is gonna absolutely own Brendan with mom jokes.
  8. I said to a friend yesterday, Ghostbusters + Stranger Things + Paul Rudd = a trillion dollars.
  9. Red Five

    SNL 45

    The monologue was bizarre. She didn't tell any jokes. Just talked about how awesome she is.
  10. Trivia: Paul Rudd was only 34 years old when the original Ghostbusters came out.
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