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  1. I know we joke, and I know this is all serious and much more important that football. I know that. But.... the thought of a fall without college football legitimately depresses the fuck out of me.
  2. Back in a former life, the now ex-wife and I would find the bottom floor of our house covered in salt. I think this happened twice. It was a mystery for a long time, until her sister finally confessed to getting in pouring salt all over our floors. She thought it was funny. She's weird. Wonder if you've got a similar deal. The mouse explanation doesn't work, imo.
  3. I'm not a doctor, but I have seen a bunch of ER and Scrubs, so I know what I'm talking about. That doctor's plan sounds good. Lets go with that and then have a full football season.
  4. That's stupid. How could we do that but also include the obvious schools like West Virginia and Iowa State?
  5. I've been dreading the day this godforsaken virus hits a loved one.
  6. And besides the dead, the other 99% were totally fine and felt no ill effects and certainly didn’t require hospitalization or anything. Imagine trying to defend that statement.
  7. This is starting to feel like Costanza dragging the Yankees' World Series trophies behind his car.
  8. This is the one time I'd be ok with moving the game elsewhere.
  9. From Voldemort's link. "There is no real path forward to reelection for Trump without winning Florida." I hadn't really thought of the map that way, so I played around with the numbers some, giving Florida to Biden. If you then give Trump Ohio, Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.... Biden still wins.
  10. So did he wake up this morning and decide to hit Wallace and NASCAR and the confederate flag? Just putting aside for a second the craziness of it all, it seems like a horrific re-election strategy. Is this all Stephen Miller?
  11. Or Mushroomdick Dotard. Ok we’re straying too far.
  12. If he could give us a link to the real polls, that would be great.
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