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  1. Trade him for LJ Johnson.
  2. Well... yeah. Man, if he's turning down $12 million a year then he REALLY doesn't want to coach again.
  3. Red Five

    A Teacher

    These were my thoughts on the "other streaming services" thread.
  4. In a blender with some ice and some Tennessee whiskey.
  5. I think we'll actually offer Urban the job this time.
  6. One of those guys had a laugh that by itself kept me from listening to that podcast.
  7. Fun Kirk Bohls stuff. He said we're not going to be able to get Kyle Shanahan or Dan Mullen, and probably wouldn't be able to pry Campbell away from Iowa St. "Don't sleep on James Franklin". Top notch stuff there Kurt.
  8. "Ok Coach Meyer it looks like we've got everything here almost wrapped up. Thanks for meeting with us for the third time. Now we just need to dot some i's and cross some t's and we'll be all done here. Oh wait, one more thing... do you have any desire to return to coaching?"
  9. This is insulting at this point. We've been negotiating with him for a month and now at the end we're waiting to hear if he is interested in coaching again. Ok.
  10. It sure seems like we're pretty far down this path to address the whole "do you want to coach again?" question. Have we been hearing "I don't know" to that question for the past two months?
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