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  1. Pushed to November. https://deadline.com/2021/04/top-gun-maverick-mission-impossible-7-tom-cruise-release-date-change-july-4th-weekend-memorial-day-weekend-1234730581/
  2. "Sean, it's your agent. Good news! They want you to be in the new Indiana Jones movie!". "What, like as his contemporary co-worker? Maybe a twin brother?" "Um...."
  3. This is kind of a mindfuck, but Harrison Ford now is 19 years older than Sean Connery was in The Last Crusade.
  4. Now hold on a second. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/phoebe-waller-bridge-indiana-jones-5-harrison-ford-1234948017/ Directed by James Mangold, who did Logan, which was excellent. And no George Lucas.
  5. I guess the theme from the movie Crimson Tide would be too obvious (and awesome).
  6. That wasn't working for me, so I deleted the app and re-added it. The announcements went away but now I'm having notification issues and I'm seeing ads in tapa. This is probably user error.
  7. I know opinions vary, but I personally would rather see Brendan banging Tavorus Jones' mom.
  8. I guess the "plan", as it were, was to successfully install Trump as dictator, and then he would pardon them all for their crimes? Seems an awful lot of people legitimately surprised to be doing jail time for pretty serious crimes. You know, like beating police officers.
  9. (mumbling to self) Maybe one day they can get around to making our field look decent.
  10. Gary Oldman was great in that too, of course. "Deviant sex!".
  11. Ok which one of you is Turd McFerguson.
  12. I feel like it might be a Simpsons character. The amount of thought I've put into this is embarrassing.
  13. Alright I give up. Who does Sark look like? I've been trying to figure it out for three months now. A friend told me Johnny Manziel but I don't think that's it.
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