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  1. I’m convinced that Trump thinks just the act itself of writing a letter is a fireable offense.
  2. (Trump on stage reading a script in a monotone voice) "we must come together as one country and put our differences aside and pull together to defeat the invisible enemy" (walks off stage, gets on Twitter, and starts blasting the shit out of everyone)
  3. Makes sense to me. Wait, hold on a sec. Just how do we know, exactly, that Trump was chosen by an invisible man living in the sky? What if he was a huge Hillary supporter? How is Curt privy to that information in the first place?
  4. "So I see lots of people working from home, and having virtual meetings. Gee, I wonder why???".
  5. “Mr. President, apparently you’re the only person who hadn’t given any thought to something like this happening.”
  6. He would ask them first and if they said no then he wouldn’t do it. Sarah Silverman told a story about it on some talk show. “Eww no gross Louie. And then we’d go out and get pizza.” The bigger issue I think was that at least one woman was an employee of his. Which is, IMO, frowned upon these days. Also I couldn’t get the damn thing to download. Apparently there was a high demand for this on a Saturday night when the entire world was locked in their house and wanting something to watch.
  7. He said like three different times "who has ever even heard of 180 million masks?". What a weird thing to say during a pandemic. "Well, I think most of us have heard of 170 million masks. Maybe half have heard of 175 million masks. And maybe a few have heard of 178 million masks. But no Mr. Dotard, no one has ever heard of 180 million masks."
  8. I would argue that Louie has more than paid the price for what he did.
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