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  1. Is Jamie back? Can he please keep this going?
  2. Benn and Segs need to figure out how to get going.
  3. These were garbage template jerseys. They're better regulated to practice jerseys. Wouldn't let me quote. I was referring to the post lockout Reebok jerseys that are plain as hell.
  4. Good game. I didn't notice Benn tonight or Seguin really. I noticed Rads from the penalties. The depth came to play and I like that. Colorado had more power plays than Dallas it turns out. We absolutely sucked out loud in that department and need to figure that shit out. Our shitty entrances on the power play returned for some reason. 3 people standing on the blue line and someone tries to force their way into traffic. Need to clean that shit up.
  5. Roope out tonight with lower body injury.
  6. That's usually November for this team. Although I think we bucked that trend last year.
  7. Wish we saw this team to start the season.
  8. Hey I've seen a team give up 3 goals in the third before (us) so we can totally come back.
  9. Yeah but we were good for 2 periods so it counts right?
  10. vtaenz

    Sam Ehlinger

    I'll just quote myself, forcing him to stay in the pocket had made him shitty.
  11. vtaenz

    Sam Ehlinger

    He is great. But abandoning the running game too early and forcing him to stay in the pocket does not help him.
  12. vtaenz

    Fallout 76

    Yeah this is not a good move. The timing is pretty bad too, right as Outer Worlds is released.
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