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  1. I'll manage but I am going to miss watching us not score even strength goals. Some kind soul put a playlist of a bunch of Stars games together on YouTube.
  2. I don't know their financials and they've been doing well as far as I know. I just never ask if they are in a rough spot or not. But I cannot imagine that a month or so like this will be good. I do worry about the number of people they employ though, that won't be good for them.
  3. Check out Plasmo on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC53hZgZPlQmKWFRFSpxbSxw
  4. My friend owns the Brewtorium. This is... not good for them. Granted they can do food to go and crowlers to go so reasonably they could continue operation but, I cannot imagine a scenario where they aren't going to have some trouble.
  5. On the plus side it's easier to not watch us score goals from your couch.
  6. Riode up this morning and got tickets to a suite. Glad I could see the Rangers score so quickly...
  7. I'm not worried about my job security, yet. But buying if we go into a recession seems like a poor idea.
  8. Question from the back. Although I'd love to take advantage of these low rates, am I setting myself up for trouble with the recent market downturn? Right now the markets are absorbing the hit. That's going to find its way to businesses when revenue follows that trend. Although I'm pretty well established at my job in a needed position, should I be worried about jumping into a huge investment with what seems like trouble looming?
  9. vtaenz


    Ha the damn zone. No I don't think I did but it was so long ago I can't remember.
  10. I felt physical pain after reading this.
  11. Queue Jim Lites to put some fire in this damn team. 7? 8? periods since this team has scored a 5v5 goal?
  12. FSSW just dropped the feed... probably for the best.
  13. Our PK has looked like a sieve for a while now
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