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  1. Also, if you already have all the dlc you get the leader pass for free.
  2. IF it was intentional, would be a chicken shit way for Russia to try to draw in NATO so they could then lose to a coalition of countries and not just to Ukraine.
  3. The problem is Russians wipe back to front. They also moan when they wipe. Through zero analysis of my own, this is probably the cause of their issues.
  4. Russian army going to start playing this game on repeat in their torture rooms.
  5. The last game osu had with zero penalties was in 2007 (allegedly).
  6. I agree, I'm not blaming PK (as much) this game.
  7. I mean we've been holding onto the ball for a minute of the time it's hard to stay current.
  8. Ewers shaving points. Watch he's going to march down the field but then make sure we get a FG.
  9. Usually heavy betting on one side, so Vegas will start widening that spread to try to get even betting.
  10. I think more importantly he knows his blocking assignment and can execute.
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