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  1. Kyle can you save it for the other thread? I'll concede that you are a super big brain guy if you stick to the DT: Covid thread Thx kyle
  2. I had to unhide you on this thread because I knew you'd have something good. Don't worry my dude, you're just on ice for a little bit like my balls and my short game.
  3. Big ice is important the first few days. Then you guilt your wife into 3 weeks of blowjobs. I walked 18 Wednesday and I'm still leaning into it. How sore am I actually? That's between me and Jesus.
  4. Y'all would have to get Penelope in the Popemobile to visit Pennsylvania
  5. One of my old salespeople lives in Garland, super Trumpy, thinks the election was stolen and all that, and only wanted J&J because it's "traditional". Whatever, put that shit in your shoulder.
  6. The fuck is up with me? I don't care about traffic. I'll never neg rep you either, you fat bastard. I'm on record in the CR as being anti-neg. Some reasonable posters have been run off. I like GRhorn and DonkeyCigars and even immortal sometimes. Basically, you can suck my balls guy
  7. Honestly man, sunset is obviously a retread and probably someone I've gone at it with before, but if you've had covid or a vaccine it's time to get back to normal. It's pretty bad ass.
  8. The Covid 20 is going to outlive the Covid 19.
  9. Nobody who is actually in good health says this. Take your fat ass to get a shot.
  10. C'mon, man. Sorry to hear but that has nothing to do with the vaccine.
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