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  1. This post is peak you. Shitting on teachers. Authoritarianism. Applying free market principles to a non free market. A lack of understanding of the nuance of and how the education system works. Simplifying complex things (just plug college kids in!). And generally applauding the people in charge being assholes. A distaste for the underclass. Well done.
  2. Assume she did the rapid test, since she got it back in 8 hours. Not a bad idea. But the standard testing in Austin is an absolute donkey show, from what I hear.
  3. The discussion was about countries who have essentially choked the virus out to being almost negligible by putting in strict lockdowns and having a population that actually follows it. We are one of the few first world countries on this planet that has not done that yet: https://www.gzeromedia.com/the-graphic-truth-two-different-pandemics-eu-vs-us-coronavirus-cases-spike-28-june This is Germany's curve. Almost every other first world country looks like this. This.. is America: You can talk about death rates based on the very early stages of Covid when nobody knew what it was, and when it hit Europe earlier and harder than the US. But the bottom line is, and there is absolutely no denying this, we as a country have been one of the worst on Earth in terms of mitigating the ongoing presence of Covid. Almost every other modern country in the world has it down to a manageable number and is slowly getting back to normal. Meanwhile, we've never even gotten past our first wave and we, among such modern stalwarts as Russia and Brazil, are not allowed in to the countries who actually handled the pandemic well. And now, as the country who refused to shut everything down because we're freedom-lovers, we're now having to shut everything back down while the rest of the free modern world is getting back to normal. You can blame whoever you want. You can blame Bill de Blasio or Andrew Cuomo or Greg Abbott or Donald Trump or the protests or the anti-maskers. Regardless of who you blame, there is no argument as to whether or not we have handled the pandemic poorly as a country. We have. We are an embarrassing example of what not to do for the rest of the world.
  4. Outside of several Asian countries, New Zealand, and almost the entire continent of Europe, I suppose you have a point.
  5. +rep for this, although I bet we're probably in the very small minority here. I don't get Gwen Stefani at all. Her music; No Doubt was meh and everything since is pop dreck. And she's not hot at all. Weird face and body of a 10 year old boy. The best thing she's ever done was the song she sang with Sublime where she was a replaceable background singer, basically.
  6. It might just be the filters we've got set up - we need a 4 bedroom with 1+ acre, and those houses don't grow on trees these days. We've seen a couple that pop up, but where they're placed in Dripping is too far from my wife's work. It seems the universe really wants us in River Chase in New Braunfels, because that's where all of the houses that fit our criteria keep popping up.
  7. What an unnecessarily confrontational and terrible email (the RRISD one). If any employer in any industry sent an email like that I'd be looking for a change immediately or at my next available opportunity. Might as well have just written "WE ARE A TERRIBLE PLACE TO WORK" in 72pt red Comic Sans and saved everyone the trouble.
  8. The other guy has brain rot and can't stay focused, says local zealot of the current president, who needs the following notes to get through a speech:
  9. I think the odds of making it through a season are basically the inverse of the odds of no trainers, no coaches, and no family members of players catching Covid and passing away from it. And I think the odds of not a single one of those people dying from Covid are as close to zero as you can get without actually being zero. It would probably happen even without a season. But as soon as it happens during camp or the season, it's curtains. At this point I'm convinced all of the Universities have all of their donation and ticket revenue sitting in their Robinhood accounts and are just trying to get as much of that sweet sweet stonks gains off of it as possible before having to refund it all. They know it's not going to happen.
  10. I think she's a valid VP choice. Are you a racist, Biff?
  11. Nope. Love the area but we have to stay within striking distance of my wife's work, which lakeway is an hour plus from. The combination of that, decent schools, and wanting multiple acres pretty much limits us to buda, new Braunfels, and wimberley. The first two are where we're looking but was open to hearing a counter argument to the perception that Wimberley is for the olds. In a perfect world where schools and work don't matter we'd go even farther out than lakeway to spicewood. Maybe when we're olds.
  12. He's going to have a hell of a time ever seeing the active roster this year with four WRs and three TEs as absolute locks. They might carry 5 WRs but that 5th is not going to be LJH. Thomas, Sanders and Cook all get a ton of run in the slot so it's not likely they'd need LJH's services barring injury.
  13. I think Biden getting mad at the Democratic debates was planned. He knew he was going to be getting bombarded from all sides, and a few times he'd get riled up and it almost gave off the vibe of "damn, he's tired of all of these people ganging up on him" and made him sympathetic. I think it was intentional or at least planned by his handlers. I think he's going to be just fine against Trump, and the "laugh it off" strategy is clearly going to be his tack. His entire campaign schtick is to be the adult in the room. He's seasoned and intelligent enough to stay in the lane.
  14. So should I call off this startup I'm building to throw Covid parties for children whose parents want them exposed to the ChiTownDoc weaker summer strain before it spins back up in the winter? I'm going to need you to refund me for the flyers I printed, if so. And send me a bottle of Blanton's for emotional compensation - this was my passion.
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