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  1. That's all fine and good and nobody here is trying to defend Joe Rogan. You're creating a straw man that nobody gives a shit about. Please, rage against Rogan all you want. The issue at hand is whether or not it's an issue for Bernie that Rogan endorsed him. I haven't seen you in here at all in the past when other candidates were endorsed by people with mixed pasts. Did you know the New York Times has published multiple homophobic cartoons in the past couple of years? Are you outraged at their endorsement of Liz Warren? Since you've established that candidates must rebuke everyone who has ever said anything offensive to the community, then why hasn't she rebuked said endorsement? Your gender identification doesn't give you a pass to be a hypocrite. But please, you guys and girls continue to eat your own tail until we get four more years of Trump. Real productive.
  2. In the interest of not commenting on things out of my depth here - can you provide some examples of what you mean? I don't listen to him. My knowledge of Joe Rogan is strictly via a couple of friends I have who insert his bullshit awkwardly into conversation as often as possible. He always struck me as a guy who would post here about how both sides are bad but the socialists just made him vote for Trump but by god he's still a super smart intellectual!
  3. I always appreciate when you fight the fight against hypocrisy and obviously you were right about it when you called it out upthread. But we should hate outrage culture regardless of who it's against when it's a non-issue being weaponized as a purely cynical political play. Joe Rogan is a meathead radio host that is the gold standard for what dumb people think an intellectual sounds like. He's not a nazi or a KKK member. This outrage is manufactured BS. I hate Twitter.
  4. It's amazing that police brass always sees legalization as "OMG we're going to have to reduce our workforce" instead of "cool, now our officers can use all of that time to be proactive and in the community instead of wasting time and resources on victimless crimes"
  5. So you're not only in favor of forgiving all student loan debt, but retroactively paying people for all money spent paying off their historical student loans?
  6. Wait.. but then that means your original argument was infantile and stupid
  7. My brother worked at WF for awhile and told me my account is tagged similarly due to the money flowing in and out of my business checking. And it's nowhere near the number you threw out. It's not a number that I would even think to make a bank teller do a double take. If only Vegas had such low standards for high roller status.
  8. Wait Hugo now your thing is that Bernie is too far left? This is after you had violent seizures for the past three months any time anyone intimated that Liz Warren wasn't the most progressive progressive to ever progressive? My man, you need to learn some intellectual consistency.
  9. He will. That's what the "Testing" and "Acceptance" phases are. And he's a good dude.
  10. He's at "Anger", with a foot in the door of bargaining where he's starting to say Warren is going to be the VP and be the one really running things.
  11. No Hillary - your mistake is thinking that anyone wants to hear from you at all. "I will do whatever I can to support our nominee." Please don't.
  12. I'm not pontificating on anything except the fact that you're completely full of shit. I have no idea what the demographics were. I have my guesses, and I know what they weren't (whatever you said). That's about all.
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