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  1. I'm hosting a virtual game night for our friend group this weekend using the Jackbox games and GoToMeeting. Not sure how it'll turn out but it should work in concept. Will report back. ETA guess I wasn't the first with the idea. Here's an article explaining it https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/03/jackbox-how-to-play-friends-hangouts-zoom-coronavirus-quarantine
  2. Clearly the University of Texas is just fear mongering and using old static data; they have no idea what they're talking about. Just the flu, peeps.
  3. Dude just stop. You came at me and were a complete asshole with your first post and now you're acting all butt hurt that I came back at you. Don't start shit you don't want finished. I'm sorry I was mean to you, snowflake. I hope you can move on with your day after all that you've been through this morning. tl:dr don't start shit won't be shit
  4. I agree - so why were you an asshole in your first response to me? Only way I know how to deal with assholes is to be one myself. Deal with it.
  5. Hey, it's all good. But you came at me with a shitty patronizing post, and now you're all like "whoa calm down guy" when someone comes back at your patronizing bait. Don't be passive aggressive - just own that you made a post in reply to something that you either didn't fully read or understand and move on. Peace.
  6. My post said they have supply chain issues, not that they "were out" Where did I say they were turning down trauma cases? Are those elective surgeries? Because I said "elective surgeries". Are you always this dense or are you being that way intentionally? Go back and read my post. I said they are shutting down elective (not every fucking case in the building) surgeries because of supply chain issues - IE they aren't out of drapes, they are saving them for ER/trauma/COVID patients. My info is just fine and the hospital in question is also just fine. My "friend" runs the operating room at a very large hospital in Central Texas, part of one of the ten largest healthcare systems in the country.
  7. Let's be crystal clear here - you're a fucking idiot. I literally spelled out in my post that the shortages were not of PPE, but of other supplies. Are you retarded? My info is fine, I can assure you of that. Your reading comprehension, on the other hand. I guess the part where I said "Not PPE/masks/etc.," didn't spell it out enough for your stupid ass.
  8. What do we think the shelter in place is going to do to the whole process of selling a house? We had planned to list on April 1 since last winter, and are still plowing ahead as if that's happening, but I'm getting skeptical. Is there any chance we'll actually end up seeing the whole process through? In a shelter in place which is rumored coming to Austin today, would people even be able to come look at the house?
  9. If we're going to keep bailing out these fucking mega businesses, there should be a caveat attached to the money that they must save enough cash on hand to survive six months without revenue before they're ever allowed to do a buyback or pay their C-suite more than (some reasonable amount). There is absolutely no incentive for large companies to behave fiscally responsibly anymore, as they know they'll just get bailed out the minute there's a problem.
  10. What does she do there? A couple of hospitals in Austin are cutting hours in certain departments, or looking into it because elective surgeries are all being shut down; primarily because of supply chain issues. Lack of cases could be as simple as they don't have supplies to run surgeries. Not PPE/masks/etc., basic other stuff that's sourced in China or overseas. The example I was given was drapes that go over surgery tables. I'm no hospital scientist, maybe ChiTown can shine some light on this. But it doesn't really mean anything re:COVID, one way or another. I hear if she goes to New York she can make $10,000/week though. I also just heard that the Houston Rodeo is canceled. RIP.
  11. Man, you couldn't even come up with a better pair of Portland strippers if you were writing an episode of SNL. Perfect.
  12. Got a bomber to go from Independence, and they had sort of table set up inside where it looked like they just had bottles and cans. A guy ran out, asked my last name for my order, then ran the bottle out to me. They weren't set up behind the bar by the taps where they normally are. Also called in dinner and margaritas at a restaurant I'll keep anonymous. I asked for them to add a to-go draft beer, and they obliged (plastic cup with a lid). I'm not sure if they were supposed to do that, and neither were they. The guy behind the bar hemmed and hawed a bit and the manager basically just said eff it, give it to him. Do with that what you will.
  13. But what you're missing is that ctj's day spa might not make it if we don't open everything back up. And that's the important thing about all of this.
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