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  1. Almost like they don’t want to make it easy to cancel or something.
  2. I called on the first notice, confirmed my info, declined the book, and haven’t heard a peep since. Sound like those fuckers are relentless. Weird one for sure.
  3. The vidgo LHN channel just keeps stopping randomly for me. Not impressed.
  4. texhorn

    Truck Nuts

    What’s the shaggy consensus on Leif Johnson Ford service?
  5. Can’t wait for the bill to jump again.
  6. Fuck a duck those are pricey
  7. texhorn

    Truck Nuts

    I tried to take my ‘15 F150 into Mac Haik in Georgetown back when I still had it (under full warranty) a few years ago because water was leaking in through the back glass panel and down behind the backseat every time it rained. Not a few drops, but a huge leak that was easily reproducible with a hose. They had *zero* interest in helping me and told me to go somewhere else. Fuck them and Mac Haik in general.
  8. I’d give my left nut for 60 degree weather right now.
  9. texhorn

    2020 Rain Thread

    0.11” in my neck of the woods today.
  10. Didn’t Abbott just cut DPS’ budget back? Oh, the irony.
  11. texhorn

    2020 Rain Thread

    Should we discuss pace of play during a golf round instead?
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