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  1. What's just as disgusting is the fact that it took 4 hours for someone to call him out on it.
  2. Just when I think they can't say anything any stupider. I kept looking for something to indicate it was said with sarcasm but I can't find it. https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3121428 "I'm all in favor of returning to a losing tradition with all white athletes or with Blacks who "know their place." But it's probably better not to say that or allude to it out loud...sounds racist."
  3. The worst mistake old men can make is to think they are still young. The old man in the maroon shirt figured it out pretty quick. But I'm trying to figure out if water bottle guy is scared or thinking that he wishes he could just open a can of whoop-ass and teach this group of 21 year old (in shape) athletes a lesson. Then I saw this quote on Texags. I don't know if it was in response to this altercation or not but it proves my first mistake theory: "And if we are keeping it real. If you want to try and intimidating to a bunch of old dudes who might whip your ass you better be tougher than 4 loss Texas Bowl MVP. "
  4. Normally MILF and bikini would warrant some interest. But add 55 and you spoiler it
  5. It looks like the Aggy's have discovered Yahoo sports. The comment section reads like Texags. https://sports.yahoo.com/texas-am-qb-kellen-mond-calls-for-removal-of-controversial-oncampus-statue-171404471.html
  6. Crapinon

    Getting old sucks

    There's a pill for that........
  7. Your avatar made me laugh. When we went to Creede, we would leave FW about 4 AM and my dad would drive through Lake Worth to Jacksboro and stop for breakfast at the Green Frog cafe. We drove through Lake Worth during the Goatman craze and I remember continually looking out the windows for it. Later in life, when I was at Nolan my biology teacher, who wasn't much older than his students, swore that him and a friend of his were the Goatman. He told us how they made the costume and tricked people about its super human powers by throwing a tire some incredible distance. He said they had to quit when people started showing up with guns wanting to kill and mount its' head. He could have been lying but he was pretty convincing.
  8. I'm pretty sure we all passed each other at some point in time. Vacation for my mom and dad was fishing for 10 days in Creede. At an old hunting lodge called Broadacres a few miles west of Creede. The lake was about 20' from the cabin door, Rio Grande a few hundred yards away and stream fishing at the back of the stream fed lake. No television, no radio. Drove me crazy when I was a kid, but I would do it now in a heartbeat. Except when we did it in the 60's it was $8 a night. I checked into it a few years ago and someone from California bought it. They tore all the log cabins down, built a lodge with a to cater to the upscale anglers and charge about $500 a day to stay there and fish.
  9. I still have this game in my closet, as well as an older one called "Vince Lombardi's game".
  10. As full of shit as he is, I'm pretty sure his breath could kill the virus.
  11. To be fair, the CDC never said you could get Corona virus from drinking beer from a butt crack.
  12. I don't think they could make this commercial again. Though I'm sure there's a market. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm7XSJVYRW8
  13. Hey we got a Hooters on I-20 now
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