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  1. Hey we got a Hooters on I-20 now
  2. It's been too long and I don't remember where exactly it was, but I remember it was close to, if not in, Benbrook. I just remember the stage was almost floor level and there was sex going on in the booths around the wall. There can't be that many totally nude sleazy strip clubs in Benbrook.
  3. In '75 I went on a school sponsored trip to Galveston. We were bored senseless stuck at the hotel so we convinced our football coach chaperones to drive us down the seawall and drop us off at a bar called the Bamboo Hut, under the pretense of listening to a band called Inferno. We were all 14 -16 years old, they didn't care and neither did the bar. It was a concrete slab poured on the beach with cyclone fencing stuffed with bamboo for walls. They never once asked us for ID'S. About half way through the bands set, some drunk ran across the dance floor towards the stage waving a BIG knife over his head and tried to stab the lead singer. As he tried to climb on the stage the band all picked up their microphone stands and beat the hell out of the guy. Then the Galveston cops came and beat him some more. They pulled him feet first up the steps with his head hitting every step as they pulled him out. When we stumbled out several hours later he was still in the cop car in the parking lot bleeding profusely from all the beatings. I don't remember how sketchy it really was, but at 16 it made quite an impression. And it also taught me not to talk back to the Galveston cops. They didn't mess around.
  4. Yeah, even in our life of frat boy drunken stupor, we figured out we were luck to get out of there alive and quit going.
  5. In college we specialized in dive bars. Some of the best: Norma's Lounge Hwy 277 near Benbrook TX. Totally nude club in the 70's. They had a Radio Shack 8 track player and speakers on the floor and for the dancers. The dancers we saw were stoned to the bejesus (Luuudes). This was still during the time that regular strippers still had to wear pasties. We saw a guy getting BJ at the table next to us, next to the dance area. L R Hardies Party. It was in the unincorporated Trinity River bottoms between Fort Worth and Arlington. There was a biker clubhouse a couple of miles away. We were told it belonged to the Bandido's. Hardies was a cinder block building that had flood water marks close to the ceiling. The sign at the door said " You WILL be checked for weapons when entering. If you don't have any proceed to the bar to pick one up. You will need it later". A friend who played in a country band said he later saw a cocaine deal go down in the middle of the dance floor while they were playing. Sue's Gator Bar, right down the street from L R Hardies. Ran by an old lady who catered to the bikers. We heard her threaten to shoot a couple of guys who was giving her waitresses Mexican boyfriend grief. She had "Men's Night" every Wednesday. Free beer for men. We drove by and there were at least 50 hard core biker bikes out front. We decided to go to Gilligan's in Arlington and pay for our beer. I got more but I'll have to try to bring back memories I tried to suppress years ago.
  6. I couldn't tell you a Pfish song, I don't know them. I'm sure he's playing how he can/how he wants. I honestly couldn't care less. I'm sure their fans love their music no matter how he plays it. Which goes back to my original point.
  7. I'm not trying to brag. I have a long way to go. I've been playing for 3 years and most believe it takes 7 to be decent. And yes you have to hit the right notes. Especially on something as loud as bagpipes. 'There are a lot of people who play various instruments who don't learn the fundamentals. They can play notes, but not play the instrument correctly. Amazing Grace is a very simple song to play, but it sounds 100 times better if you can play it with the embellishments. But hitting the right note is a given.
  8. Perfectly possible. That's why they make electronic tuners. My point is there is the correct way to play gracenotes, doublings, half doublings, birls and taorluath's, etc. Unless you play the bagpipes you will never even know if they're missing from the song or if they're played correctly.
  9. The nice thing about bagpipes is most people don't know if you're good or not. You can play just about anything, no matter how poorly and people who like bagpipes love it.
  10. She's nice enough but not anyone you necessarily want to see. I actually met her once at church and she didn't remember me. I wanted to bend over, drop my pants and say "maybe you recognize me now?" And thanks. It's hell when all your parts start wearing out.
  11. I've had 10 exams the passed 4 years. Since last year, my PSA jumped two full points to 8.2. Additional blood work said 50% chance of cancer. Urologist said she I was passed her level of expertise (and I think her interest) but she started talking to me about cancer treatments. She referred me to UTSW Dallas and a world class urologist. He scheduled an MRI fusion biopsy. The MRI scared me more than cancer. Luckily Valium is a hell of a drug and I didn't give a rip even though I was fully inside the machine with a probe stuck up my butt, hitting my tonsils. Luckily everything was clear and no lesions, so no biopsy. Now I'm on the twice a year plan but no cancer. Since then I have talked to several people who have high numbers but refuse to get checked. They seem to be more scared of knowing they have cancer than dying from it. If you have high numbers, get checked. It's one of the easiest cured if caught early. And as my urologist told me, you can still get it up even after surgery. Or in her exact words " worst case scenario we can put a pump in, you can keep it up as long as you want and do anything you like with it".
  12. Unpossible. I don't think that ever happens.
  13. And they left off the SEC logo.
  14. Better hurry. These won't last long. https://needthisquilt.com/product/thq062105-tama-quilt-blanket/
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