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  1. This would have got you killed after Tennessee and LSU. Bama was favored in both.
  2. Someone needs to tell Saban that whiney begging is not a good look.
  3. Username, et all............. Harbaugh always looks like he's been constipated for 30 days but thinks if he pushes hard enough this time everything will clear up.
  4. My FIL was a cop in Fort Worth a 40 years ago. He said he hated domestic abuse calls because no matter how many times a guy beat his wife g/f, the wife g/f would attack the cops when they were hauling them to jail.
  5. But I do feel sorry for the Iranian soccer players. The Revolutionary Guard had already threatened them that if they didn't toe the line their wives and children were going to be arrested and tortured. It's probably going to happen after the loss.
  6. I don't care about and never watch soccer. But I'm watching USA verses Iran hoping the USA beats them 50-0. I was in college in the 70's when the Shah was overthrown. There were a ton of them in the engineering school and the pro-shah and anti-shah groups would meet all over campus yelling and screaming threats at each other, on and on. You couldn't do anything because of the racket. During the game, I guess there was an opportunity for a penalty kick and the US and Iranian players lined up in front of the goal. The US player had a perfect opportunity to peg one of them in the nuts or squarely in the face but ended up missing the goal. I was disappointed.
  7. Texags had a thread on the game yesterday. On the first page someone made a reference to RG3 saying this in pregame. Instead of commenting on it being funny or in poor taste, the 1st page turned in a big argument on race.
  8. Doesn't count. He didn't mention ol' Rock, the good ag
  9. People always forget about the joints when trying to control a fight. And honestly if he really did punch a 75 year old woman,I would have punched him in the kidney when he turned his back. Besides being kicked in the nuts, nothing is as painful and incapacitating as a kidney punch.
  10. I didn't know where to put this but aggy thread seemed like the right place with cows in negligees and such. b
  11. Praying for the missus Brat. Make her go to the doctor or have your kids do it. No need to take unnecessary risk.
  12. Crapinon

    Getting old sucks

    Break his computer and make him write it out in log book and type his reports with copy paper.
  13. I swear no CR but the stupidity has to be appreciated. The real reason for all the injuries and bad season: Edwards69 11:46a AG Here's a theory most would call a conspiracy......covid vaccine!! Yes, all the teams got them, but they probably didn't get the same throughout the SEC as multiple formulas were used. ALL were untested. Many negative overall medical degradations have been validated. What if our ADepartment was purposely supplied with an especially nasty "witches brew". Go ahead and laugh and keep listening to the DS trash. Head in the dirt solves so many issues! https://texags.com/forums/5/topics/3343382/2
  14. Depression and severe anxiety run deep in my wife's side of the family. It took years of gentle coaxing to get help. I was surprised to find out that an OBGYN could prescribe antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication. Getting suggestions from a female, plumbing doctor made it easier.
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