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  1. Sark runs a lot of max protect, so that should help our OL provide time for some long developing routes. Though I’m a bit skeptical how it’ll work with our lack of WR talent and the Big 12 preference to drop 7/8.
  2. I'd look at Owens as Overshown's replacement. He'll need a year to learn the position. Would be cool to seem them together though. They'd be an even more athletic combo than Malik + Gary Johnson, which coincidentally was the last time both starters at the position were good.
  3. This logic is right but the flip side is that you can't count on a player to do things that they haven't done before. I took the bait for the 2019 defense and got burned (but not as much as our DBs did ayoo) Agree with points 1 and 2. The quality of our staff is really the basis of any and all optimism for next year imo But the cap on my excitement is OU and ISU. OU has gone all in on next year and is primed for a title run. Iowa State returns a ton and is a legit top ten team, talent be damned. Sure we could contend for the conference and both games are winnable but I thi
  4. I agree that this isn't a rebuild but we have some holes on the roster and we need a lot of things to break right for 10 wins The OL has talent but 3/5 of our starters next year will be juniors or younger. We've talked ad nauseam about the benefits of letting OL sit and cook for several years so let's not ignore that now. The good news is that Flood and Bijan will make them look average at worst Our WRs not named Whittington, Omeire, Moore, or Smith don't deserve any hype. Seriously, no one else has been a net positive on the field. And those four guys all have major questions about
  5. Ketch/OB practice notes for the weekend
  6. The only reason I posted it was for the comment about it being a one QB class. I’d rather give the context than misquote like what often happens. Trust me, I spare the board from a lot of OB stuff but if there’s a useful anecdote I’ll share
  7. OB also did percentages for 2022 targets and Ketch did a rundown of his top 15 2023 prospects Lotta garbage in there but one thing interesting is that Maalik apparently told them it will only be a 1 QB class unless there's a transfer before the season.
  8. In the PK thread. It's 2100. Always take that over.
  9. FWIW Michigan fans like Linguist so far. They landed a 5* CB recently and seemed to think he was a big reason why. Maybe the problem at A&M wasn't Linguist and Joseph, but some other common factor...
  10. Wait so was there anything about Ernest Cooper? Not gonna lie, I forgot it was Ernest IV and had mixed the two up since other people mentioned his name
  11. OB article on Malik Agbo It seems like every 9.95er really likes Agbo's personality. IIRC he's the one that went to pylon 7v7 and ran some routes at TE for fun. Couple other OB notes: Feel good about Bryce Anderson. Think the Cali WR is a strong USC lean. Maalik just gives us a prayer. We have a better shot with Hudson than people realize.
  12. I won't stand for Collin Johnson slander Collin Johnson but healthier would be a good goal, but Omeire's not off to a great start there
  13. Matthew Boling ran a 10.15 in high school I reaaaaally want this kid
  14. We'll know this was all Brandon Harris when he commits to the rams
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