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  1. Last I checked, Lubbock didn't border New Mexico.
  2. I'm wondering if anyone can give strategies on the cheapest / most effective way to hedge a largely S&P 500 portfolio. I've played around with options over the years, so not a complete novice. I'm wondering if buying out of the money 3x ETF put options would be the cheapest way to hedge. Any thoughts?
  3. Why not form a new conference with 10 members instead of a big merger? Something like: USC, UCLA, CAL, Stanford, CU + Texas, OU, TT, OSU, Kansas Have everybody play everybody just like the current system. Would have great matchups every game. No dead weight, easy road trips with a lot of direct flights. Great football, great hoops, great academics.
  4. Yeah, 30 yr fixed. Hopefully it will hold up.
  5. We have a jumbo locked in at 3.625 with Chase. Supposed to close on 4/23, but our broker is recommending that we move it up to ASAP.
  6. This is half-way true. You can't get re-infected with the same strain of the virus. But... there are already two major strains, the original one from China which 30% of people have and the newer more aggressive strain that 70% of people have. It is believed that you can catch the one strain even if you have already had the other and recovered. No links, but it is what I have read. Would like to be wrong.
  7. Or as toilet paper. Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  8. Wondering if something like Netflix might be a good shorter term play. People are going to be stuck at home with nothing to do but watch TV.
  9. One way worth of driving seemed like enough. Perhaps Covid19 saved me from killing my kids on that trip.
  10. For spring break, I had planned to take the family on an east coast road trip. We were going to rent a car and hit up Nashville, Mammoth Caves NP, Smokey Mountain NP, Shenandoah Valley NP and finally end with 3 days in Washington DC before flying home. Decided to cancel last night. Just too much uncertainty with our flight out being 13 days from now. My guess is all the DC museums will be shut down by then. Thoughts on the decision? Sucks because we got lucky with the cherry blossoms peak being right around when we would have been there.
  11. Driving the family on a road trip to DC over spring break. Not worried at all. Hopefully everything will be uncrowded.
  12. Answering the question of why it matters whether or not I like the coach, I don't have a good answer for you. Shaka seems like he cares about the players. He seems like a decent human being and representative of the university. All other factors aside, I would rather see people like this succeed. Contrast that with Tom Herman. He seems like an egomaniac douche. Just an all-around dick. If you are going to act like that, you better be Saban. I haven't seen anyone address the youth element, which again is why I hold out a small amount of hope. Tom Izzo made his first Tourney appearance at 42.
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