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  1. Ratings will be historically high, not low. We haven't had real sports in 5 months. C'mon use your brain. If you are tuning out, you probably wouldn't have watched anyway.
  2. We just moved houses and it looks like the only loss is a bag with all our backpacking jackets. Looks like it got accidentally given to Goodwill. Probably close to $2K in gear. Oof. The biggest loss is my Arc'teryx Beta SV and Mountain HW Ghost Whisperer jackets. The kids had some Marmot and North Face gear as well. Hopefully one of you are enjoying it. Took me years to collect it all.
  3. International top-3: 1. Tim Duncan 2. Hakeem 3. Dirk
  4. Back a few years ago I created a spreadsheet that give points for various NBA accomplishments in an effort to determine the GOAT. It is also useful for situations like this. It gives points for role in NBA titles, career place in various stats, All-Star appearances, etc. Take a look and see what you think about categories and weightings (row 1) NBA Goat Sheet According to my sheet (which is for career accomplishments), it goes: 1. Jason Kidd (28) 2. John Stockton (30) 3. Gary Payton (33) 5. Chris Paul (38) 4. Nash (39) If you are talking single year, I go with Gary Payton. That dude was a junkyard dog and could lock down 1-3, all while getting his own buckets. Best year (by MVP voting): Payton ----- 19.2 pts, 8.3 ast, 4.6 reb, 2.3 stl, 2.8 TO, 0.453 FG, 0.744 FT - #3 MVP voting, 1st team All-NBA, 1st team All defense (97-98) Kidd --------- 14.7 pts, 9.9 ast, 7.3 reb, 2.1 stl, 3.5 TO, 0.391 FG, 0.814 FT - #2 MVP voting, 1st team All-NBA, 1st team All defense (01-02) Stockton -- 17.1 pts, 13.6 ast, 3.0 reb, 3.2 stl, 3.8 TO, 0.538 FG, 0.863 FT - #8 MVP voting, 2nd team All-NBA, 2nd team All defense (88-89) Paul --------- 21.1 pts, 11.6 ast, 4.0 reb, 2.7 stl, 2.5 TO, 0.488 FG, 0.851 FT - #2 MVP voting, 1st team All-NBA, 1st team All defense (07-08) Nash --------18.8 pts, 10.5 ast, 4.2 reb, 0.8 stl, 3.5 TO, 0.512 FG, 0.921 FT - NBA MVP, 1st team All-NBA (05-06)
  5. Nothing wrong with a cuba libre made with Splenda diet coke if you a low carbing. Just coke, rum, lime.
  6. That thing is nice, but I can't imagine being trapped with my 3 kids in it for a full week, much less 6 months. Why not just buy one that is 5 years old? Something like this for $75K: RV Trader Link
  7. Hmmm. I guess it just depends on what "locked down" means. I would assume there are places you could park an RV along the pacific coast and it would be fine. Quick check shows Olympic is planning to reopen on June 12 (at the earliest). I had heard that Mt. Ranier is already partially open. Regardless I would much, much rather take my family to a National Park, National Forrest or Wilderness area than Washington DC. Not a chance I would go to the National Mall to watch the fireworks. Honestly, I prefer them in small towns anyway. Places like Ourey, CO are fantastic on July 4th.
  8. I guarantee the fall / winter will be colder in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana than the winter in the Northeast. I would plan to spend late September and October in New England, which is just fantastic. It will be cool weather, but you also get amazing fall color. Then gradually work your way south along the Appalachian trail. Also, that would give some time for the Covid hot spots in the east to die down. No way would I want to be in DC 6 weeks from now. I think this would be my route: Austin --> Santa Fe, NM --> Arizona / Utah Canyons --> Yosemite --> Northern California --> Oregon Coast --> Olympic NP --> Mt. Rainier NP --> Glacier NP --> Yellowstone NP --> Grand Teton NP --> Rocky Mountain NP --> Northern Wisconsin --> Northern Michigan --> Maine --> Vermont / New Hampshire --> Gettysburg --> Washington DC --> Shenandoah NP --> Smokey Mountains --> Florida Panhandle (Destin?) --> New Orleans --> Austin
  9. If you want to have a nice cool summer, you are headed the wrong direction. I would start in the mountains of New Mexico and then hit all the west National Parks and the west coast. Then go east in the fall.
  10. Not sure I mentioned, but my wife is the realtor / broker for our house sale. We are cleared to close in 2 days, so hopefully it goes through. Still amazed given where we were a week ago. Because of the wire fraud, my wife has been talking to all of her co-workers and any other agents she comes across about the issue. An agent for another firm said that her clients had JUST narrowly avoided a similar scam attempt... The scammer had mocked up an email exchange between the agent and the title company discussing wiring of closing funds. The scammer pretended to be the title company and said that there is a lot of confusion about the wire account and that they had received the wrong one and forward the long mocked up correspondence with the "realtor" where they were "arguing" about the specifics. The client called the realtor and said "I'm tired of all the bickering between you and the title company. The title company says one thing and then another and then you say another. Can y'all please get your shit together?" The client completely bought that all of the dialog was legit and was close to wiring the funds to the scammer account. Bottom line is that these guys are VERY good at this. Also we have learned from the FBI that it is likely the buyers emails that are getting hacked. The thought is that they have thousands of hacked emails from accounts all over the country. Then they have bots that look for key words like "contract" and "closing" to narrow it down to potential marks. They strongly advised my wife to stop using words like that in any email correspondence and to keep the titles generic and not real-estate specific. Not because she could get hacked, but because the recipient might be hacked. Anyway, food for thought.
  11. Update on our situation: They caught the scammer today! Some guy in New Jersey who had lost his job due to Covid. He had still not moved the money from the original wired location and it looks like they are going to recover all of it. The buyer's bank was Chase and the scammer had them wire it to his Chase account. When it was discovered, Chase locked the scammer account down. The scammer was going into the bank today to convert it to cashier's checks and got nabbed by the FBI. How can someone be smart enough to pull off a fraud like this, but stupid enough to not move the money quickly after he stole it? We're not talking about stealing $500. This is $100K+ in wire fraud investigated by the big boys. SMH. So we are pushing our closing back by a few days. Looks like it still may go through. I honestly can't believe the buyers are going to recover their money. Major answered prayer and miracle.
  12. Played Avery Ranch yesterday and they are now mandatory 2 to a cart... but also encouraging social distancing. Last I checked the golf carts don't allow 6 ft spacing between riders. Moronic. I don't see how this is allowed by Texas and Williamson County ordinances.
  13. I would assume the same. Maybe they are sniffing the wifi and intercepting traffic. Who knows. In this case, the scammer sent email instructions for the wire - and of course included phone numbers in the email. The buyer called the FAKE title company phone number to confirm the wire, instead of the ACTUAL title company phone number that they already had. I feel bad for the buyer. Sad deal all the way around. Hopefully they get their money back. Sucks for us too though. We had multiple offers above asking price within a day of listing back six weeks ago. Who knows what the situation will be now. Not looking forward to having a stream of people in my home. PM me if anyone is looking for a nice place on 1.5 acres in Leander.
  14. Interesting twist in my home sale. It was supposed to close on Monday. Turns out the buyer wired their money to a scammer posing as the title company. Pretty sophisticated scam. Their $120,000 is long gone and the deal is obviously dead. Devastating for everyone involved. PSA: You guys might want to hand deliver cashier's checks for your own deals. These scammers are good. It is easy to get fooled if you don't personally know the title agent. House goes back on the market Monday. Yay!
  15. I don't remember much of the last two movies, so forgive me if I get some things wrong, but here is how I would have ended it. Obviously, we need a big bad. That big bad has to be either Kylo or Rey. Everybody half-expected Rey to flip, so that is too predictable. Plus it would require Kylo flipping the other way for balance. So it has to be Kylo. So if Kylo is indeed the big bad, you have to lean into it and make him even more evil. And make him bad ass while you are at it. One of the great things about the original trilogy is that Luke went from being whiny kid to bad ass. Repeat that here. Kylo goes from being a kinda powerful whiny kid to being a very powerful and very cunning. But you don't need him to be any more powerful with the force (by inventing any stupid new tricks), you need him to be more mentally powerful. Give him some credibility that he can actually win and rule. That starts with him killing Leah. Build some depth with him struggling over the decision or whatever, and then have him kill her anyway. Either way, she has to go in the first 5 minutes of the movie. She is terrible and actually dead in real life. Too distracting otherwise. To really save the series though you need a shocking ending. And the best ending would be for the bad guys to win. Let Kylo try to turn Rey. How to do that? Take a page from the OT. Capture all her friends, but this time actually start killing them one by one. Darken this mofo up. After they are all dead, she has an almost turn similar to Luke. But in the end he kills her in a way that can leave no doubts and ascends to universal dominance. Maybe a final scene with Kylo looking into space like Luke and Leah did at the end of Episode V. Or Al Pacino in Godfather 2. Wondering if it was worth it. If the Michael Jordan documentary has taught us anything it is that we love someone with singular focus even if they are an a-hole. Make Kylo that a-hole.
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