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  1. I have now had 3 different companies cancel my order for a new Pentair filter top. So frustrating since I was early to the game ordering one and they have all showed it in stock. Anybody have a connection to get parts?
  2. Greg Brown is sooooo close to being a great college player. Still a little too hype out there at times. Trying to do too much and ends up with bad shots, turnovers and goal tends. But all of that will be corrected in the next year or two. Wish it was in burnt orange.
  3. Sometimes Greg Brown plays like a freshman.
  4. Well, in fairness he took Jaxson Hayes from the #112 ranked HS recruit and got him drafted #8. And Kai Jones was the #59 recruit and he is looking like a potential lottery pick. It isn’t like he is JUST renting 5-star players for a year. There have been some dudes over perform their recruiting rank and he should get as much credit for them as he does blame for the 5-stars who don’t pan out.
  5. Seems easy to compare Derka's post with football data... First number is from Derka's post above. 2nd set of numbers is football recruits from Texas. 2014 top 13 - 3 BB vs. 1 FB 2015 top 45 - 5 BB vs. 4 FB 2016 top 17 - 4 BB vs. 2 FB 2017 top 56 - 4 BB vs. 5 FB 2018 top 103 - 4 BB vs. 9 FB 2019 top 35 - 5 BB vs. 8 FB 2020 top 100 - 4 BB vs. 9 FB 2021 top 35 - 4 BB vs. 8 FB Total - 33 BB vs. 46 FB Better would be to use a standard population set, like top-100. If we do that we get. 2014 - 7 BB vs. 12 FB 2015 - 9 BB
  6. Texas KU game thread seem an odd place for this debate.
  7. Just for clarity, my point in starting the stat parade was trolling.
  8. Like I said, you can use "straightforward" stats and still make any point you want to make. Here's another set: Barnes Last 6 years at Texas: 132-75 (63.7%) - 2 Tourney Wins Barnes First 6 years at Tennessee: 121-70 (63.3%) - 3 Tourney Wins Shaka's First 6 years at Texas: 104-84 (53.3%) - 0 Tourney Wins
  9. I made the original post as a bit of a joke. You can obviously pull stats to support any point you want to make. If you want to compare Barnes and Shaka at the same age, you get: Years coaching at major programs: Barnes: 11 Shaka: 12 Overall Record: Barnes: 202-132 (60.5%) Shaka: 267-140 (65.6%) Tourney Record Barnes: 2-6 Shaka: 7-7 Conference Titles Barnes: 0 Shaka: 0 Conference Tourney Champs Barnes: 1 Shaka: 2 Top-25 Finishes Barnes: 1 Shaka: 2
  10. Was reading an article talking about seniors getting an extra year this year. Curious if any of our seniors take advantage of it. Coleman will probably give the NBA a try and if not that, head to Europe. He is too good to waste another year of earning potential. I could see Simms playing another year. But he will probably also try to find a paycheck. Given the friction with Hamm, I don’t think he will stay, even though we will need him.
  11. Exactly. The bar for Shaka is higher now because he gave us this shit sandwich for the last 6 years. It is going to take a lot for me to forget all that.
  12. Last 2 years: Barnes is 32-20. Shaka is 33-18. Lifetime win %: Barnes is 65.3%. Shaka is 65.6% Tourney record: Barnes is 24-24. Shaka is 7-7. As far as in the court results, I don’t see a huge difference. One has just been doing it longer.
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