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  1. I could take this team and give your team some real problems: Jamal Murray, Donovan Mitchell, Jaylen Brown, Domantas Sabonis, Anthony Davis And I might consider Ben Simmons instead of Murray.
  2. I am so thankful that he didn't transfer to UT. I hate watching players like that. Dude seems like a me-first douche.
  3. I was actually pretty impressed how Greg Brown behaved despite getting progressively fewer minutes. He didn’t really pout and seemed to support his team well. The between the legs in game missed dunk was immature though.
  4. Good luck to him. He will eventually be a rotation player in the NBA (at a minimum). Whether he stays in college or gets shipped down to the G-League, it is going to take a few years of maturation to get there.
  5. I don't think so. ALL the bottom teams are tanking as hard as the can at this point. Look at this schedule and show me more than 1-2 wins combined. 22-47 Minnesota - DEN, BOS, DAL 22-48 Cleveland - WAS, BKN 21-49 OKC - UTA, LAC 21-48 Orlando - ATL, PHI, PHI 20-50 Detroit - DEN, MIA 16-54 Houston - LAC, ATL
  6. Minnesota is so stupid. They have one job this year.... keep their 2021 draft pick which only has top 3 protection. Instead they win meaningless games and are going to give GSW a top 4-6 pick.
  7. If his family are all successful (and seemingly quite educated), then another option would be to come back to school and start working on an advanced degree. An MBA from McCombs might be more valuable for him long-term than a few years in Europe. He is going to have a much longer life after basketball than playing basketball.
  8. I love the 7-10 play in. It is gonna be fun.
  9. This. Everyone knows which cities are "homeless friendly". Our strategy has been horrible.
  10. For me it comes down to, do I think there are higher chances of long-term negative effects due to COVID or long-term negative effects due to the vaccine. I'm going to go with the vaccine being the lower risk approach.
  11. HookEm

    Mo Bamba

    Oh look, Bamba gets the start, plays 30 minutes and goes 19 pts, 15 reb, 4 blocks, 3 steals and 8/10 from the line. Team still lost but that is beside the point. They are trying to lose.
  12. HookEm

    Mo Bamba

    Here are some comps to 1st team All-NBA Defense and DPoY players at age 22. Using per 36 numbers... My point is that Bamba is still really early in his career for a big guy. And he came into the league particularly skinny and under-developed. AND he landed in a situation that was just about a worst case for his development. I'm not willing to write him off just yet. Dude needs minutes.
  13. HookEm

    Mo Bamba

    All of that is fair, but he has the potential to be a more disruptive defender than a lot of those guys. If you look at Bamba’s per 36 numbers vs Rudy Gobert at the same age, they are very similar on defense but Bamba is much better offensively. Gobert is a 2-time all star and DPoY. I can see him leading the league in blocks if he gets 35 mpg.
  14. HookEm

    Mo Bamba

    It seems like if Bamba had been drafted by the Spurs he would be a borderline All-Star by now. Instead he barely has gotten minutes for woeful Orlando.
  15. Regarding earlier discussion, I would rank the modern Texas players NBA careers like this: KD Aldridge Myles Turner Avery Bradley Tristan Thompson Jarret Allen (climbing) PJ Tucker TJ Ford DJ Augustin Daniel Gibson Royal Ivey Mo Bamba (climbing) Cory Joseph
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