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  1. Is there a system with no downsides? Since the answer is no, I'd just a soon stay with the four team playoff. It's just my personal preference, but we already have teams with one loss that could win the NC. Go to 8 and you will start having teams with 2 or more losses making it there. That just doesn't do anything for me. I guess I just enjoyed ruining OU's or Arkey's or Aggy's chance at an NC in any given year, it was always great walking out of those stadiums KNOWING that OU's shot at a title that year was OVER! Again, just my personal preference YMMV
  2. Thanks, that's the info I was looking for. i remember being stoked about getting Christmas-Giles, but he doesn't even appear to be the biggest flameout on that list.
  3. If you are not being sarcastic, where did they go? How come the D two deep roster looks like it does? I'm really just trying to figure this out.
  4. I was wondering about Charlie Strong's recruits on D and where they all went? How did we end up with almost no upper class-men? Did he just under recruit on that side of the ball combined with a high flop rate?
  5. Daughters friend convinced her to consider going there. We went, took the tour, daughter thought it was ugly. I didn't disagree. If she would have loved it, I would have written the check. So glad the place looks Soviet.
  6. ^^^This^^^ Plus the certain knowledge that Aggy can be counted on to do similar things in the future!
  7. It was the best of my Thanksgiving. Absolutely everything we had planned went sideways, except for going to the game. But now... I will be there, in front of the TV, pulling for LSU to kick aggy's ass up around their shoulders.
  8. On Friday when the Longhorns take the field, I will be in the stadium with my wife and two daughters. I don't like the way the season has gone any more than the rest of you, but I don't miss a game if I can help it. This marks the 50th season that I've been going to Texas football games, including a 40 year stretch where I missed a total of 3 games. I even regret missing those. My dad started taking me to games regularly in 1969. He worked hard all the time but he made time for us to go to the home games and we had a great time. While the '69 and '70 seasons were special, I would have enjoyed them even if we had been losing. That hasn't changed for me in 50 years. The Longhorns are my team and if I were to live another 50 years I probably wouldn't go to enough games to satisfy me. At 59 the math is pretty simple, if I get to go until i'm 80, go to all the home games and OU that's 7 games a year for 21 years. 147 games, for me that's just not enough. You can stay home if you wish because we haven't notched a 10 win season or because you believe that it sends some kind of message, I think that you're cheating yourself out of a good time. That '69 seasons first home game was against Tech, we beat them 49-7 and I got to see it with my dad. On Friday I get to see Texas vs.Tech with my family. Win or lose I'll support the Longhorns. Come out and join us, I'll be there.
  9. Few seem to have hit upon the obvious, great academics and great athletics are not mutually exclusive. We have had both, some universities have one or the other, some have neither. Academics seems to take longer to build and decline (A&M and Rick Perry do show that decline can be achieved quickly in academics). Athletics can wax or wain on a much more rapid basis. Support is even more fickle, last year we were a 10 win team with a major bowl win. I don't recall that much was said at that point about the Tom Herman extension. Another thing that seems fairly obvious, there are some posting bravely here about their emails to our AD. If you're an adult, and you want to vent your spleen on the situation give him a call, he'll talk to you. He has always accepted my call or called me back within minutes. Being a keyboard warrior shows itself and is given the weight it deserves. Call him at (512) 471-5757 My impression is that he will listen even if you are not in the upper tiers of the Longhorn Foundation or a season ticket holder.
  10. And yet I trust him to get it right more than I trusted Patterson to turn on the lights.
  11. Which financial commitments are you referring to?
  12. Doesn’t that just about guarantee he won’t take you seriously? The guy does an incredible job at returning calls. Call him and leave your number, he calls me back within minutes sometimes. If this is just about being annoying, it’s poor form and is counter productive to your goal.
  13. I don't know that it's over, but I'll will definitely give you that it is less likely than in the past. I think it's due to two reasons, less patient people and high expectations due to the high pay checks coaches now pull down.
  14. I assume most of you got this already, but perhaps some didn't. UPDATE FROM THE TEXAS ATHLETICS DIRECTOR Greetings Longhorn Nation, As Coach Herman emphasized at his weekly press conference on Monday, we are all extremely disappointed in the outcome of Saturday’s game at Iowa State. It was a difficult afternoon in Ames with a heartbreaking 23-21 loss on the game’s final play that could have put us back in the driver’s seat for a spot in the Big 12 Championship game. We understand you’re frustrated and have heard from several of you. I appreciate you reaching out to share your thoughts, and I am doing my best to get back to all of you. Please know that no one is more disappointed than Coach Herman and our team, and they are focused, determined and driven to get back on the winning track. As Coach Herman told our team, “You’re not ever going to be defined by when you get knocked down. You’re always going to be defined by how you get back up when you get knocked down. This will be a good challenge for us to see what we’re made of.” We’ve responded before, have two more games in the regular season, and I have faith that we can bounce back again. With that in mind, our coaches and student-athletes were back at work on Sunday and preparing hard for another big challenge in the Big 12 as we head to Waco to face a No. 13 Baylor team on Saturday (2:30 p.m. CT/FS1) that is coming off a late-game defeat of its own. For those of you joining us in Waco, we look forward to seeing you, and if you’re watching elsewhere, let’s all pull together with our patented Texas Fight and help our team come away with a victory!
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