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  1. If they are waiting for something that unites everyone, they are going to have a lifetime of waiting. I loved going to games to just forget about politics, work, projects around the house, etc. If it's not an escape for me anymore, then I'll find something else I can do for a lot less than $1400 a pop.
  2. You just had to go and remind me in reverse how much Charlie was "loved by his team".
  3. Not sure who would lose, but I'm pretty sure the lawyers would win!
  4. Well, if this is the first domino that ultimately wipes out the season, does this mean we were "Vandalized"? See, you can make a lame Idaho joke without downplaying their concerns.
  5. Well, at some point the "optics" will suffer but the result will stick. Perhaps not this time, but at some point reality comes home to roost. The upcoming lack of funds that college sports are about to encounter will have some positive effects. Some will come to understand that it's something of an honor to GIVEN room board and a shot at an education in return for playing a game. The actual value of an athletic scholarship would probably be appreciated more if there were about 20 % less of them. Also, there may be less schools stupid enough to pay a $75 mil 10 year deal to a coach... never mind they will still be there and still be stupid.
  6. XXXXXX, As a follow-up to opting out of your 2020 Texas Football season tickets, we tried calling you earlier today to ask what you’d like to do with your investment towards the upcoming football season. You may request one, or any combination, of the below options: · Apply your 2020 payment as a credit towards the 2021 season · Refund your payment to your original payment method · Convert all or some of your payment into a 100% tax-deductible gift Please call and specify your preference with our staff on or before Aug. 21. Our team can be reached Monday – Friday between 9am – 5pm CST at 512-471-3333. If you have any questions, please let us know. Hook ‘em, Horns! Texas Athletics Ticket Sales & Services Phone: 512-471-3333 Email: tickets@athletics.utexas.edu Web: TexasSports.com/tickets Hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Central
  7. If he is still on scholarship how is he actually harmed? i would imagine they would have a hard time proving he has a "right" to be on the team. I don't think you should be playing football for a program and be unhappy about it, but there are a number of resolutions to that problem. If you make demands and "overplay your hand" then you will get to explore those other options. IMO the Pac-12 guys demanding 50% of revenue be spent the way they want is just such an overreach. I've tried to go way too far on at least two business deals and got my ass handed to me both times. YMMV.
  8. Just guessing here, but playing all of the heavy hitter marquee games early looks like they are preparing for a stoppage.
  9. What are the Vegas odds on Baylor choosing the Incarnate Word game? I'd bet until my hands bleed.
  10. Sooooo, he thinks we will lobby the Governor to limit A&M's attendance with a net result of less Aggys being exposed to a known deadly pathogen. That's not how I'd play it.
  11. Looks like you might want to re-count your eras.
  12. It would be worse from our perspective as fans, but they would get some income from it and be able to say "well, we tried". I'm sure they have been working overtime on the spreadsheets, and likely have a stack of contingency plans that rivals the DOD.
  13. I wonder about that too. Could it be that the hassle factor/ expense of having Spring football then trying to have Fall football is just too great for some programs?
  14. I won't go quite as far as meaningless, but yeah, teams without all their players in half full (or less) stadiums kinda takes a lot of the edge off it. Luck and injuries have always played a factor, but what does a team do if this wipes out an entire position because they have all been in the same room? I wouldn't like to lose that way, and winning that way isn't satisfying.
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