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  1. Did selection at 1:35 today, looks like good bit of inventory so far. I made a slight adjustment in seats and picked up two more for my daughters. I used to have the locked in donation, but got the rambling feet so my "donation' is now four times what it was. I really hope Sark gives me something to watch this year. We just did a Vegas vacation and I think I could have paid for it twice with what I just forked over.
  2. A wise man once told me "Smart beats good looking, funny beats smart".
  3. I have prayed often that God would spare me from such a loss. I don’t know how you deal with it. About five years ago I saw a man on TV that had lost his 20 year old daughter. The local reporter asked how he felt. I momentarily had the thought of “what a stupid question, how do you think he feels”. Then he changed my outlook for the rest of my life. He said “if before she was born God had come to me and said you can have her, but only for 20 years, I would have said send her on to us. He just looked like a regular guy, maybe a farmer or rancher but it seems to me he possesses powerf
  4. If they could trade him to Philly I think it would align nicely with a lot of things up there.
  5. Don't let them get to you, they are the same idiots that said we were racists for firing Charlie Strong. Completely ignoring that if race had been a thing, we wouldn't have hired him. Despite being disappointed at the loss and yes it's time to get a new coach, Smart is still a better head coach in his sport than Strong is in his.
  6. So, Old Dominion said no?
  7. I understand, my Dad was in the Pacific during WWII, he had a hard time forgiving Japanese people for shooting at him. Easy enough to understand. I would say the people you have a problem with are gone.
  8. I hear you and it is of course your choice, however, no products have been produced for Hitler or by Hitlers government for quite some time now. Nor any factories that Hitler built, nor workers in the plants that were soldiers for Hitler. And if you're all about that, there should also be no Japanese cars or products, or Chinese products. I've heard it said that failure to forgive is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.
  9. I think you're spot on. For a donor of long standing or great means, it's not really necessary to say much. And it would be a courtisy to let them know you are about to pull your funding and why. Otherwise, if you just pull the funding you really didn't give them the chance to have a conversation about your concerns. Would work the same way no matter which side of a particular fence you're on.
  10. It was not in any way relevant to the job she was applying for. It was respected and understood why she left it off. The position she was applying for (got) has historically had about 2% females. No matter what anyone has done (and a lot has been tried over the years) the number has stayed almost exactly at 2%.
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