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  1. SWA does it by deplaning down stairs in the back and then you walk a coned-off route on the tarmac to the terminal. You end up at the same gate as the folks deplaning from the front. Burbank always does it, Long Beach and Sacramento sometimes do it. Depends on the staffing at the station at the time. They don’t board that way though, just deplaning.
  2. I’m on the opposite side. Korean-Mexican girlfriend loves that shit. I love lots of other Korean foods but kimchi fucking reeks. Maybe you and I could work out a deal.
  3. Wilke House is still a good meal. The bars on the riverfront are still fun.
  4. It’s not a destination restaurant by any means, but a breakfast burrito from Alicia‘s Mexican Restaurant in Alpine is pretty damn good when you’ve been off the grid in the park for a few days.
  5. This. For any unidentified object there are plenty of possible explanations other than, “Must be aliens.” And just because it’s unidentifiable to the person reporting or filming it doesn’t mean it’s identifiable to everyone. There are absolutely man-made craft that fly in ways you wouldn’t think they could. And depth perception is non-existent when looking at the sky without other reference objects. I’ve seen stars that are light years away and appear to be a airplane 10 miles away and vice-versa. I have no doubt that lots of weird phenomena has been witnessed and filmed but its a big jump from not knowing what it is to assuming its aliens. Any why is it usually assumed that whatever alien species is out there is more advanced than us? I know that sets the bar low though.
  6. Your Mom


    I wouldn’t say I’m really into overlanding, but I do sleep in the back of my truck a lot. I’m posting from the bed in the back of my truck right now actually.. It’s a long bed Tacoma. I have an exped mattress on top of a drawer in the back. Midrise camper shell with screened. windows,and a fan clamped to the screen. Fridge, solar, etc… Before the Tacoma, I had an LX 470 that’s posted up in Toyota thread. Similar set up with a bed and drawers in the back of it. I’ve taken it up through Colorado and a little bit of Utah a couple of times. Other more local trips like Big Bend a few times. Big Bend Ranch SP is good for that type of thing. Some of those campsites deep in the park are a good 30 miles or more from the pavement. I wish we had more public land here for dispersed camping.
  7. As amusing as it would be to see, him spending a little time in jail would do wonders for his campaign. He’d rake in millions on day one. It would fire up his base like nothing else has before, and they would see it as proof of his persecution. He’s probably already got a bunch of pre-written tweets for someone else to post on his behalf just for the occasion.
  8. I agree completely. But anyway….
  9. Fair enough. Not a very relevant comparison. Just saying that $4.5 million is not an unbelievable number. I’ve eaten at their trailer 20 or 30 times at the most random parts of the day, when restaurants shouldn’t be crowded, there was always a line. If they’re ringing up a new order, say every three minutes or so all day from the time they open to the time they run out in the evening, and each order ranges from $20 to $80, it adds up to a shit load of money.
  10. I don’t think that’s an unbelievable number for a restaurant at all, even a trailer. Your average Chick-fil-A brings in that much revenue, and a busy Chick-fil-A brings in twice as much. They’re running more people through, but those people aren’t spending 25 bucks a person. Plus the catering, plus the location at the Austin FC stadium, which I never went to because the line was longer than the line to get into the stadium. I used to go to that trailer a lot and try to get there at odd times like 3:00 in the afternoon on a weekday and there would be 10 fucking people in line even then. And another 10 already eating. They had times when the line wasn’t too long, but they almost never had times when there was no line at all. Just ringing up at least $20 per person almost nonstop all day.
  11. Well, those are easy numbers to hit…. If you have fucking pickles!
  12. It’s me. I’m completely exhausted from it.
  13. Turn a close shave into a woohoo. You’re the color of the colored part of the wizard of oz movie.
  14. I ate there yesterday. But not one of the old ones.
  15. I was there a fair amount in the early 80’s. I was a couple neighborhoods over, across Burnet so it was just out of bike range for us. But we went there a bunch.
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