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  1. I go for allergy testing next week, so I had to go cold turkey on antihistamines for 7 days prior to the appointment. Fuck me this was a bad week to do it, but is there ever a good week in central texas?
  2. drt


    So this was a nice surprise to get today:
  3. #keepaustinbeautiful used to be a thing. they still have a website at https://keepaustinbeautiful.org/ but I can imagine it's more difficult to get volunteers to clean up an area being used as an encampment than when it's used as parkland or green space.
  4. During the week you’ll be fine for lost mines. It’s the most strenuous of what you mentioned, the other two are not hard at all. I’d recommend the window about an hour prior to sunset if you can do lost mines without physical difficulty. Bring beer and a headlamp for the walk out, it’s fantastic viewing. FYI it’s uphill the whole way back.
  5. You obviously don't live in Austin. This happens every few years as south Austin has a ton of garage conversions: https://www.fox7austin.com/news/code-department-cracking-down-on-decades-old-garage-conversions-in-south-austin
  6. @ROFL BOXI'm in Austin. You actually patched up our roof after that tree fell on the electrical line and ripped the mast down. I'm still amazed our house didn't burn down.
  7. You have to pull a permit to make a garage door non-functional, as this essentially enlarges the square footage of the house. You would then have to ensure current codes are followed with regards to fire egress, any electrical or hvac work. With code enforcement already being on her and you not wanting them in the house, this is probably not the best course of action. I'd say option 2 is your easiest and cheapest option. If it's not truly falling down in pieces, think about bondo'ing any holes so it appears functional and whole from the outside. That would likely make the code officer satisfied.
  8. @ROFL BOX So in a somewhat related question, we have a hail claim that was approved. Our adjuster noted damage to the carport and our claim included a payment for that. However, it's one of those ugly aluminum monstrosities that I'm pretty sure one can't and wouldn't "repair", and I'm fairly certain the payment wasn't enough to replace it (if we'd even want to). I also haven't broken out the tape measure but I'd bet it doesn't meet setback requirements, so pulling a permit would be more headache than I want to deal with. Since the insurance company has given us money, are we obligated to spend it on the carport (or main dwelling roof)? Full disclosure we're selling the house, so while upgrading the venting to a ridge vent would be nice I don't really want to spend extra money.
  9. Just when I thought Kevin Costner and nic cage couldn’t get legitimate work anymore
  10. Buy more chickens my dude.
  11. At least it was coyote proofed.
  12. Hopefully that means AMN can get some time in the center. Would love his physical gifts being used there in the future, dude can run.
  13. drt


    Headed through Frankfurt next week. How many bottles can you bring back duty free?
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