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  1. Well, my ex bought me the bar... Semantics and such (49% to his 51%)
  2. I’m glad the holidays are over. It was steady and thankfully fairly uneventful. On New Year’s Eve morning, when I went to the bar to do the books, I noticed that my soda CO2 system was spurting out CO2. It was too early to call the guy to fix it so I attempted to fix it myself. Didn’t have the tools or the know how (pump needed to be replaced). I asked my Bartender about it later, and she acknowledged that she had heard a noise and wondered what it was. Later that night I came into work and poured my first draft beer. And the beer was barely coming out. Because the CO2 on that system need to be replaced. No big deal we have a back up. Ask the other bartender about it. She Thought it was weird that the beer was barely coming out. But didn’t bother to call or text me. And then midway through New Year’s Eve, one of my registers went out. Turns out it was the one ethernet cord that has a weird configuration on one end. Can’t order it online or buy in a store. I had to order it from the point of sale company. They wanted $30 plus shipping and It would’ve taken a week to get here. So I found a place in Austin to make me one. On the plus side, all my employees showed up for their shifts. And we didn’t have any fights.
  3. Similar to a mat shot. Dump whatever is in the mats at the end of the night into a glass and drink it
  4. Sort of, if I know you’re there I’ll buy you a beer
  5. That was my ex. And he was hammered. I wasn’t there that evening. My bouncer was there, off duty, and was wasted. He started harassing a group of people, who then complained. My ex backed the drunk bouncer.
  6. I can drink it, I just can’t be intoxicated.
  7. Since my ex and I split up this last year, I’m enjoying my first Aggie Free Thanksgiving in six years (his whole family went to A&M). I’m opening up the bar and spending my day serving booze.
  8. Yes I’m still open. And it’s still not fun. Employee problems, customer problems, TABC problems. It never ends. Thankfully, there’s always booze around.
  9. I hope I did this correctly. Here’s my thief. Watch closely she’s sneaky and rude
  10. Quick update on bar problems. Had an employee get drunk on shift and damn near gave my bar away. Fired him This week caught another employee stealing $500. She came in in her day off at 8:30 am to rob me. Caught her on video, moving the camera so it wouldn’t catch her stealing . She didn’t move it quite far enough m. I have an unbelievable video I’d love to upload but don’t know how ? Any help would be appreciated. For incentive, she’s very rude and it shows. Mainly when she stuffs MY $500 in her tits Fucking thief
  11. So TABC visits me twice a month from now until forever. On a positive note, I just cleaned up puke all over my ladies room. Fun times
  12. It amazes me the things people take pictures of. They'll never look at 99% of them again in their lifetime. This. I’m not a picture taking person for this reason. I’d rather just enjoy the moment, then try to capture it somehow. #picturesnoonereallywantstosee
  13. It’s actually Penelope Witherspoon and Penelope Dontgiveafork.
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