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  1. Garbage cans are supposed to be there with the ashtrays on the other side.
  2. Yes, finally! I added a patio for outdoor seating and the approval process took longer than anticipated.
  3. I’m including myself as a Karen. 2 are married.
  4. Picture if you will, 6 Karens, stuck at home due to COVID-19. One Karen decides we should have a card night. So we’re playing spades, except I’m the only one who knows how to play spades. And somehow(amazingly) we get off topic and don’t actually play more than one hand. But, are able to have a 30 minute discussion about why you should or should not shove an egg up your crotch. It turns out, I’m in the minority, in thinking this is gross, disgusting, completely unhygienic, and ridiculously stupid. I literally just kept repeating” That’s so gross why would you shove something up your crotch“ they kept repeating something something about building muscles. I said Keagle’s and don’t shove shit up your crotch. There was an actual nurse in our group, who explained how an egg up your crotch could help build muscles. And I tapped out. Submitted For your amusement
  5. Turns out I can’t do that. I’m a private club and my liquor license will not allow me to do any of this. All other mixed beverage license can do it but not me because I’m a private club. So I am completely fucked. Not sure why I am not allowed, pretty sure it has do with fucked up TA BC shit
  6. Yeah I know I sound like a crazy lunatic. But I’m not wrong and hard-core fuck him and his stupid fucking Twatt millennium beliefs
  7. My actual response to the guy who said it was no big Actually you’re a fucking idiot! This “pandemic “in your words is indeed is an actual fucking PANDEMIC! . It’s killing people worldwide and your stupid fucking post makes people think that it’s not an actual emergency. When it actually is and you’re fucking stupid to perpetuate this fucking myth! Clearly it takes either your grandparents, or your parents, or you actually getting sick and dying from this will actually realize how horrendous this virus actually is. That’s what’s wrong with our fucking society fuck you and your stupid fucking beliefs. Perhaps if you had learned math or science at all in you’re education you would know this. This is why we are all doomed. We can reconvene this conversation in two weeks when the hospitals are full of patients and are being denied ventilation equipment because we do not have the resources. Maybe you can post from your hospital bed sincerely Penelope
  8. Good, he should load all those selfish bastard’s that are partying for spring break on cruise ships and send them out to sea. And Lord of the flies begins. Fuck them siap I usually post when I’m drinking and may not remember
  9. Since Abbott lifted restrictions on delivering alcohol to homes. I plan on re opening. AFTER I self isolate for 2-3 weeks and only if I don’t get sick. I’ll make payment strictly credit card over the phone and leave at front door. This may help me survive
  10. This was one of my friends on Facebook TODAY! #thankyoucorona for actually getting people to be clean. #yourfuckingstupid for acting like ants when it’s not that bad. Damn the flu kills more than this “pandemic” virus I commented with “you’re a fucking idiot” and then de friended him
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