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  1. I know this kid. He briefly worked for me as a bar back a few years ago. He was a nice kid, looks like he’s made some bad choices over the years.
  2. I wasn’t sure where to post this. My friend is trying to buy a house. This is the first one we looked at. Georgetown
  3. My father ended up in the hospital on the 29th. Heart catheter done on the 30th, pacemaker on the 31st. I can’t fly home because of covid. I absolutely hate not being able to be there to help my mother. My brother has covid and is very sick. He refuses to go to the hospital, and is quarantining all alone. I can’t fly home and help him either. Fuck 2020 and Covid! The surgery went well and hopefully my father can go home tomorrow
  4. Opened the bar at 3 for the lonely people like me. Already had three guys come in to escape their families
  5. Fuck I forgot the most important one Hire Rude bartenders. That can actually bartend
  6. Don’t do it? Jk. You’re staff is the most important thing. They will make or break you. Finding good people is incredibly hard. But you’re in Houston and have a bigger pool to pull from than I do. 1. Be there physically. You’re presence is important. To keep employees honest and customers really like interacting with the owner. 2. Watch you cameras. Religiously! 3. Track your inventory. Get the bar app or something similar to track your booze. I weigh my bottles every morning. I make my bartenders do a bottled beer count at the beginning of every shift. You need a good bar manager. I went thru 5 managers in 2 Years before I just gave up and did it myself. 4. My biggest problem has been kitchen loss. You need a good kitchen manager to take care of ordering/inventory/staffing. I’ve gone thru 8 cooks in 2-1/2 years. Most cooks/chefs are alcoholics with drug problems. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t do the job well. Just something to be aware of. 5. I would recommend getting a general manager that can oversee the foh, boh, and your golfing stuff. 6. Absolutely be aware of TABC at all times. They will be in several times in the first 6 months. They will also do stings. They are horrible. Make sure your bartenders and servers are not over serving. That’s where they like to get you 7. Have a standard set of policies and procedures for employees. They need to read and sign. That will help protect you when they fuck up. Which Point of Sale system are you using? I’m fairly proficient in all of them. I run Toast at my bar. I’ve reprogrammed it 7 times, so I’m almost an expert now If you have any questions, need any advice, or just need to vent, I’ll help as much as I can. One thing that has helped keep me “sane” is talking/bitching with other bar/restaurant owners Good luck! I wish you the best!
  7. You’re right. I’m sorry. I thought that going a year and a half without an oil change would qualify. I realize that I should have ignored the light and continued to drive. That would’ve been a more appropriate story. My apologies.
  8. On the topic of women and vehicles. I was driving my truck from Jarrell to Tyler. Got to Waco, and my oil light came on. I pull over and find the nearest auto repair shop. They check it out. Clogged oil filter. Last time I had the oil changed...January 2019. * I never drive my truck. It’s used to take the trash out at the bar. Or randomly when I need to haul some thing.
  9. Absolutely bored out of my mind. I’m used to working 80+ hours a week. I have nothing to do now. I probably should stop drunk posting tho
  10. Yes please ! There’s a couple of posters that have come in. I’d love to have to happy hour. If/when I ever reopen
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