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  1. On the one hand I'm a pacifist and largely anti-war, on the other hand I'm Gen X and grew up watching Red Dawn. Finally seeing Russia really take a whipping keeps me warm.
  2. Except with that crowd, even a sample sized order is a lifetime supply.
  3. Part of the con is plausibility that she's actually attracted to the mark. Even the most delusional GOP creature knows they are not pulling Scarlett Johansen
  4. Nice, I grab that, minus the coke, about once a year for lunch. Guilty pleasure, but that secret sauce slams sometimes. I'd really like to recreate a legit version of the Big Mac or Big Mick at home with proper griddle patties and fixings.
  5. Too soon. I fell like this post violates the Geneva Convention.
  6. Any bay guide recommendations for Port A this June? Taking some olds from out of town and I don't want to haul my boat down from POC for one day.
  7. I was thinking a slightly drunk dude strspped to a drone, your version is better. Adjusted for Furious George.
  8. Nah I'm third coast born son. I just have no beef with Californians. Most are super cool. Massholes, however.
  9. Yeah and your breath isn't foul af. Hygiene man, Yall fuckers floss too please. Have some self respect.
  10. Ha Ha, I grew up on the North Side of Houston in the 80s when were sipping and holding down rep as "murder capital of the world" Nola has been hot for the last two years and isn't slowing down for working class folks/hoods. It fucking sucks
  11. It's a pretty encouraged standard of health around the world including Ayurveda.
  12. Mais Garde de don. T John and Boudreaux need to borrow Maw Maws welfare check and go get that 72" for the screen porch and they might as well get that ac too. Gonna be Hot Hot when we roll dem tide.
  13. Timely too, turns out Russians are pussies.
  14. Shouldn't have been stealing boxes for the clubhouse.
  15. This would be all green for me. I don't fuck with sugar drinks, do not fear cheese of any kind including funky French cheese and cheese in a can, and if you creep on me you are likely getting shot in the face. But no ac? Noooo!
  16. This clown will continue to get urgent press coverage even when he's beyond shitting his diaper and throwing turds at the press / supporters. NPR: "What do we think that Trump meant by digging in his pants and launching a turd at the nearest reporter?" NPR2: "Perhaps President Trump was trying to speak out against the harrament he feels from MSM" Fox: "Hero God King smashes crooked leftist fascist communist antifa with golden manly poo." /Comments on TFG thread thus giving him more oxygen whilst bitching about all the oxygen this dumpster fire gets/
  17. I sometimes forget to rate a good Uber driver, I surmise that I'd probably rate my artillery Uber every fucking time and tip errthing I can. And yes sir play the Eagles fucking loud af ok.
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