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  1. Oh I agree...I wasn't trying to say Fessy isn't being himself...but I just think he is embracing it. We have all seen how being a "villain" can lead to more attention in any spotlight...sports, politics, movies, whatever. But you have to be the right kind of asshole...I don't think he will be gaining any kind of fans. He has gone full douce mode. Can't believe I rooted for him in the last season... Also the Challenge podcast had TJ on last week...he is funny as hell and had good stories. But he still talks like a damn extreme sports guy. lol. "Gnarly, far out, no way".
  2. So this show has been on for years....the cast is typically a mess and have their issues like everyone. But these days I am thinking some of these cast members are trying to act and create a character other than actually being themselves. I think Fessy is OK feeding into being this arrogant but "I'm really not arrogant" douche. They all get paid to be on this show even if they don't win (confirmed by Aneesa on podcast). So I think production also has a hand in molding them into wannabe actors. Just like any reality show...you are going to act a little different and extra with a camera on
  3. “Gimme da goof!” I got tired af watching that final. Running and puzzles basically. Dominating victory. CT with the stamina at his age and size. Damn son. So glad Kam didn’t get 1st. Reunion looks like it should be good for Fessy. Pussy. Great season. Guess they dropped a Marvel like teaser at the end for another season coming.
  4. Is today the last episode?? Faack..Wednesdays are gona suck. I saw online Darrell is wanting to fight Jake Paul douche. Lot of other Challenge cast (Mark, Wes, others) have been tweeting/posting to encourage it also...tagging Paul and Paramount+. Darrell has been reposting them on his IG stories. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3359913/the-fight-i-didnt-know-i-needed-the-challenge-legend-darrell-is-calling-out-jake-paul-on-twitter-and-wants-to-be-his-next-fight https://twitter.com/mtvrrdarrell/status/1384537867393724418?s=20
  5. In most TV series, the second to last episodes of a season end up being "slow"....I just hope they get rid of this damn boat already. "Noo, and I don't Careeeee!"
  6. Yea I recall CT/Amber's running start to get the key not being that big of a gap. Yet TJ had stressed how it will be a BIG Advantage to win the first challenge (color coding)..or maybe he meant winning the first day of the final will result in huge advantage for the second day....who knows. I hope Fessy writes another letter when he is eliminated. On the podcast he was super awkward and at one point he just started flexing on video to Aneesa/Tori and they called him out to stop being weird.
  7. My pre-final call for CT/Amber is holding up well so far. As long as Kam doesn't win I will be happy. Wish they could have been more creative with that first challenge...really? the color coded canister again? that's the wildest final ideas you got? Hey let's bring back the drone challenge too from this season!
  8. Yup, glad Leeroy called him "Pussssy". Fessy wouldn't last a second with the top guys of the old school cast...in any kind of challenge or event. He is not some bad ass machine, he is a big dude but not exactly swole. CT got that crazy/rage strength + starting to acquire some old man strength these days. Poor Kaycee, it could have happened to anyone. Wish it was Fessy instead...dude was calling her name repeatedly like someone calling their dog to come. I thought it might be here that falls (from last week commercials)...and they foreshadowed with the scene where Kaycee was so hype ta
  9. Totally forgot about the Fessy letter lmao. Listened to the Tori/Aneesa podcast and they ripped him a lil. He is so awkward. Leeroy and Kam were on the show...they always do a good job of having guests not give spoilers, only recap the last episode. But Leeroy was pounding his chest on how happy he was with the season up to the final. Hope he loses. Kam was talking about how they wanted to be on separate teams to increase their odds to win. Then she randomly mentioned how its smart bc they have a huge chance to win if the finals is a 4 v 4 format and they are on opposite sides so on
  10. Amber is not camera shy, her IG is 🔥
  11. Agreed. Hence Cory was safe/rogue a lot bc he was always losing partners. Rogue should be able to do something in a challenge. Just handicapped somehow. Also rogues get to vote which is weird. Not a fan of the format. Just so hard to come up w new ideas to make it level playing field for female and males. And is it just me or is some of the cast REALLY pushing the whole “this is groundbreaking” having strong females and minority representation in finals. Nothing against it. But seems like MTV has asked agents to stress this.
  12. Better if they are on different teams so they have better odds of one of them winning. The $ would be shared between them anyway as a couple back home (ideally). I saw last year on social media that Kam/Leeroy announced that they moved to Houston, they posted a pic wearing Rockets gear downtown.
  13. Kyle grew ON me too. He can be a weasel and whiny though. But the house girls seems to love him. I was hoping he would call out Leroy by telling Cory the plan they shook on. Oh well probably the top 4 guys made it to the final Cory definitely gets the lucky as fuck trophy. Always went into the crater on girl’s elimination weeks and losing partners left at right. Then ending with Kam.
  14. Looks like no twist..staying coupled up for final. Team CT and Amber B all the way. Fuck Leroy/Kam. They have been shady even before this Kyle thing. Getting on my nerves as this new power couple. Old Tori/Jordan combo wipes out Kam/Leroy. Even annoying Cara Maria could with whichever dude she is with at the time lol.
  15. Wonder if it would have been the same challenge format if say Fessy and Kyle stayed in the house. So they run against Kaycee and Kam to the volcano. May have been unfair to go guys against girls. Luckily worked out all girls stayed back.
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