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  1. Outstanding. Good story with balance between action and drama. Regular citizens and little technology...well done. I went in without even seeing a trailer..(first time I have done that). But the reviews had been good (I didn't read any just saw scores). I read later it was a $15M budget...pretty pretty pretty good.
  2. https://themessenger.com/entertainment/the-challenge-ciarran-stott-wants-a-second-chance-at-jordan-wiseley-exclusive So does it help with your mentality afterward to know it was a seasoned champ who took you out? Oh, no, not really. I hate losing. Not gonna lie. I'm not gonna sit here and pretend like, "Oh, no, it was all right." And then watching it back with the elimination, it said it was the best three rounds, but it was actually five rounds… So as I watched it, I was like, "Oh man, I feel like I got my ass handed to me." I was like, "I didn't get my ass handed to me that bad. I almost — I potentially could have won it." But then, you know, someone spat the dummy, and other things happened, and then it goes like one person's way more than mine, and then obviously I still lose, don't get the job done, which is annoying. But then, my friends from the show who got eliminated and even people that voted me in, once they finished filming, they messaged me saying, "Hey, how are you going?" "Yeah, I'm sweet." "How are you feeling after the elimination?" I was like, "Oh yeah, it sucks, right? But I'm home now. I'm back into work and with my dog or doing whatever. I'm just living life. Yeah, it sucks." And they're like, "Oh, well, we don't think you deserved to lose. We feel like you won that challenge or the elimination." I was like, "Maybe I'm not delusional. I definitely did feel like I didn't lose as bad as I did, or potentially won," and they're all saying, "No, we definitely feel like you won." I'm like, "What's going on right now?" So now, all I want to do is eventually verse Jordan again in an elimination or a challenge or something; I just want to verse him, get the upper hand, just beat him once, go like, "Want a piece now?" I want to do that.
  3. So the reddit crowd is speculating that something sketchy went down in the elimination. That maybe something favored Jordan. Rumors per reddit crowd: a) production messed with the lights to favor Jordan. b) Jordan complained about something and whatever it was got changed mid game to his request. Maybe it was tackling or something, I dunno. c) other castmates have recently tweeted that audience didn't see how it really went down hinting at something sketch. Maybe that's why Romanian Jordan turned his back. So some people are not wanting to give him credit. I can't imagine it being rigged, especially so visible that everyone knows lol. But maybe Jordan did call out something he didn't like and that's why he sat there and gave 2 points. The editing is so weird sometimes. Also there were 5 rounds not 3... I think he just outsmarted him in the end. And would have still won in 10 rounds. Here is the video that started the rumors, interview w tattoo guy. reddit link:
  4. Hope Horacio can hang onto her.....good dude...playing w fire lol.
  5. Finally some Chaos. My man…Jordan…making tattoo boy cry. That’s awesome. Also can’t stand Michelle. She is the most veteran of all the girls so she gets more screen time. The girls are pretty weak. Can’t wait to see Laurel eat them….
  6. Maybe Acho was right...Caleb should have stopped playing awhile back lol FU USC for not helping us out here. Bullshit bunch of almost upsets all day and now this. We need a lil help to move up...
  7. "McCarthy is the man!" -C.Woodson
  8. Fake ass coach crying. Harbaugh dead? Whole team playing the victim.
  9. I use that camera quote often...sometimes referring to myself. "Looks like something from the MR. T collection....I pitty the fool who has to wear this....oh hey"
  10. Easily my favorite character in one of my favorite sitcoms. Still sucks to think about him really being gone gone. Quoting the show with friends/family won't be the same. I don't think I would be as upset if any of the other Friends passed. He seemed like a genuine good dude that just got caught up with the darkside of addiction. He seemed like the type that is actually like their character in real life. His book was sold out on Amazon when I checked Sat night. We watched Fools Rush In on Saturday night after hearing about it. RIP, buddy.
  11. Burn down MMP. I'm not paying to see anymore games there. Season ticket prices should come back down to reality.
  12. Pathetic they can't score more than one run an inning. They score 20 something runs in 3 games at Globe. And those 60 something runs in that last reg season game at Globe. This is more a player problem. Not just coaching.
  13. Dusty sucks. But too many key players have disappeared and too many LOB. Players eventually gotta man up regardless of who the skipper is.
  14. Pussies. 2 home games with a chance to close it out. Choke mfers
  15. Seager has always been on the right place. Hate him so much.
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