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  1. Damn. Allergies like a mfer. Bravo. Forgot what I was watching for awhile.
  2. Lol. He got his hall brawl. https://twitter.com/fessyfitness/status/1618965630274928643?s=20&t=j68aCCE9BN8KLwgcSwcCaA
  3. "Well it's my first elimination loss and I'm taking it better than I thought!" Stfu lol. You barely showed up, Fessssssal Well played, Devin. Especially spotting Fessy as he used that slingshot on that mini challenge.
  4. F u Fessy. All those traits you brag about didn't help. Like Johnny said only thing worse than eliminating first is being the last before a final But that elimination looked hard as hell and frustrating. The poles were barely long enough and spaced out just right to be almost out of reach to make it a struggle. Well designed. All the good guys (my teams) made it. Final looks brutal from the clips. They love to edit to make it look like Hunger Games.
  5. Delete that shit....need to get to a page 4 quick. I read that that fungus is real and does "take over" insects. Messed up video of an ant infected, dying, turning into clicker in article. https://www.vox.com/culture/2023/1/21/23561106/last-of-us-fungus-cordyceps-zombie-infect-humans "So, the fungus is real and it can turn bugs into zombies. That’s pretty rad. But does it pose a threat to us? A comforting fact is that people have been eating Cordyceps for centuries now without turning rabid. It’s a traditional Chinese medicine, used to treat kidney disease and other ailments. Even wellness brands are now marketing it."
  6. Yea the stages are: 1. Runners 2. Stalkers 3. Clickers 4. Bloaters Just head they get hard to kill, not sure on what the method is. I think stage 4 can throw/spit spores at you.
  7. Yup, that's what I meant by video game having to look for new pathways etc which still leads to danger. Wish I had a PS so I could play the game for spoilers. I did see some recaps that say they changed a few things from the game, which makes sense.
  8. lol holy shit I didn't realize that was Baratheon....he sounded so familiar too....but just like any other UK cheeky fellow.
  9. Binged it a week ago....liked the cast. GOT old dudes, Schitts Creek brunette. Offshore world I can relate to. Cool theory/plot...but it kinda ran out of steam in the end...missing some episodes or something. Enjoyed it though.
  10. Glad we have something to look forward to on HBO Sundays. I'm a smart ass, but the little girl always replying with a smart comment gets annoying...but I probably was like that lol. Shitty shooting by Mandalorian when that first clicker showed up....gut shots?? I'm surprised he didn't take the armor that that militia guy he killed when escaping. They should have taken something to protect arms and legs from bites. Classic unpreparedness. Wife kept asking (per usual)..."what are they looking for in these buildings? Why are they going upstairs?" lol...at first I was like I dunno. Then explained how it's a video game where you roam around looking for shit and ways to get somewhere because certain paths are blocked/locked...and you have to go into stupid dark rooms and hallways for the bad guys to show up.
  11. There is a recent IG photo of Renner in bed and someone is stretching his right leg back. Left leg also laid out on bed...both look intact thankfully, despite all the theories.
  12. It's been real good, but best ep of series?....did you not see all the prison episodes end of last season. Bruh....
  13. AFC winning the SB fsho. Two QBs who have been there before vs two who haven't.
  14. Classic embarrassing fukin exit. Can we just play a clean, good game and lose close?
  15. And penalties cancelling out good def plays. Frustrating
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