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  1. Lol fuck Askren....go back to the B league
  2. Scraps

    2019 MLB thread

    I think that will end badly
  3. Wow this is freaky. We are doing an event at work Friday and its sports related and we named our team The Orbituaries.
  4. channel 2 showed this this morning and it had a caption something close to: $30 for a hat $125 for a jersey $5000 for front row WS seats Getting to the next level of your video game.....PRICELESS
  5. We are on page 713. We winning this motherfucker
  6. Yoooo At least the Astros kicked the Nats ass at LOB....11 bitches!!!!
  7. Well shit I guess we are just gonna have to win 4 in a row now
  8. I remember posting when we traded for Osuna that no one would give any fucks about him being a woman beater when he is recording the last out of the WS. Thanks for fucking that up Taubman
  9. Stros are better in pretty much every aspect of baseball compared to the Nationals This is gonna be a beatdown. Nats may win 1 game.
  10. Can we get to the root of this whole problem? Why the fuck are women allowed in locker rooms? Go back to 1977!!!
  11. I remember my first white claw
  12. Yeah but we hit it off Chapman so it evens out!
  13. I can't fap to this. Next time have your 79 yr old mom go run out to the pool topless or something.
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