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  1. Damn the more i think about this movie the more i liked it I think i need to buy that poster
  2. He did. I thought what he said was good.
  3. Same. I thought it was really entertaining.
  4. Bochy will regret not taking the Stros job if he is on the radar. I know he has said he just wants to take 1 year off, but these type of jobs aren't around every season. This team is still WS caliber. He needs to nut up and just be all in.
  5. They SHOULD have not blown a 17 pt lead with 7 mins left also
  6. yall seem like some real bitch ass mike fiers right now
  7. OK you have convinced me, lets bring back Bo Porter because he is young
  8. Yeah i lean toward Dusty too at this point.
  9. Damn just catching up over the past few months....totally thought i was about to witness double cardiac arrests
  10. I mean its on FOX what did yall expect lol The one chick got big tittays at least. I enjoyed EMS and Fire fighting at the scene when a dude is dying from eating 1 bite of a pepper
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