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  1. What the hell did i just watch [emoji3062][emoji3063]
  2. LMAO....thought i would share. I sent my buddy a cameo from doucher Coach JB....yes I paid him $$ for less than a minute of work, but i knew he would bring it and my friend hates him so it was a must https://www.cameo.com/v/5R7DleV2z
  3. I don't see the porn genre /sadnana
  4. This fucking sucks still
  5. I had already passed them as i was driving but Crazy Brandon still alive. Entering Target
  6. I am about to be through 2nd episode and there is a lot of cringeworthy shit so far
  7. That light bulb came on for me right when Sandra made the deal and said...pick either guy just not me or Kim. Yeaaaah I am picking you fool, but thanks for the save. Sandra isn't dumb but I have no clue why she thought this would work.
  8. Anytime Kevin Lee loses its a good day
  9. Walker should probably learn what a treadmill is
  10. He is doing the complete opposite
  11. Walker needs to bring it
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