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  1. You didn't, but the judges who are told how to score 10-8s did...."outclassing" is not the determination of a 10-8 anymore.
  2. Honestly there should be a shitload more 10-8 rds than there are because of the scoring change they did back in 2017 or something.
  3. Good to see it wasn't. I thought 48-47 jan, but figured the judges would do some stupid shit
  4. Jan should've done this every rd and would've won 50-45
  5. How do you retire undefeated when you lost 4 times already and once in the UFC? Aggy math?
  6. Nunes didn't do it her last two fights so don't mark that down yet lol
  7. How about yall play the audio of the ref telling him "downed" 5 secs before he sent his head into orbit with a knee instead of the corner lol
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