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  1. Started watching from season 1. God there are some puds in the first season
  2. I made the comment weeks ago that all west coast night games involving us should start at 8:10 since fans aren't going anyway. Glad the listened to me.
  3. Looks like its on as long as no positive covid test. This is the fight i would rather see, but man a weeks notice for each is kind of wack. Hopefully it is still a fun fight
  4. We gotta be opening night game at LA after the Yanks/Nats
  5. Surly poster made a team it looks like
  6. Yep already ran through that. Miss Robert Stack though
  7. Yeah looks like they are definitely trying to make it happen.
  8. Usman didn't even fly. They aren't replacing the fight imo. Best case scenario is one of those dudes step in like 2 weeks from now. Even then I don't think Usman wants that smoke without a full training camp
  9. Burns has covid so he is out of main event v Usman.
  10. I would pay someone to kick Harleys ass
  11. Shit i was happy when it was $5 beer night. Any lower than that I will quite possibly drink myself to death
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