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  1. Dani thinks she is playing so well. She is actually playing fucking horribly
  2. Costa not pressing so he gonna lose. He prob won't be able to walk by end of the 3rd
  3. Reyes looked wack that whole fight
  4. This is a coinflip for me but i hope Reyes wins...I was at the fight and will always think he got fucked against Jones.
  5. You better win if your nickname is Rawdog
  6. Scraps

    2020 MLB thread

    Pence and me were both born April 13th /csb
  7. Also: the guy with the shittiest tattoos doesn't always win
  8. Take piss breaks during womens fights
  9. He is one of my favorites, but he should've stopped awhile ago
  10. Nice finish but fuck off for not making weight
  11. Scraps

    2020 MLB thread

    But i am guessing the answer is Kyle Hendricks since you are asking lol
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