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  1. Giants look like ass tonight....hopefully continues for a few days
  2. This really shouldn't be this hard
  3. Pruitt was sent to miami also in that deal lol
  4. Gotta get a lefty in the pen then. Clicks job not Dustys. Taylor can only pitch so much
  5. Serious question Raley or 2016 Sipp?
  6. Pretty sure someone still had to be moved for Montero being active....thats what twitter told me earlier.
  7. I hope Max Scherzer is in SF this weekend Cause fuck the Dodgers
  8. The rumblings of that rumor for that Chicago trade is Jones/Robel for Ryan Tepera [emoji2369]
  9. 1-2-3 inning for Joe Smith....get the fuck out of here.
  10. Is this the same dude who posted here how we were trading Correa for Luis Castillo?
  11. If we don't fucking score on Joe Smith....
  12. The Straw/Machete combo bringing the pain
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