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  1. Cook report is moving PA GOV from tossup to Lean D.
  2. No runoff in Nawf Carolina unless they were both under 30, I believe.
  3. Hot wheels might pull it out in Nawf Carolina. down only 2,000 or so.
  4. Will Nawf Carolina’s version of Hot Wheels win? Did Oz pray to Oprah enough or will that batshit crazy Black lady beat him (she has some demons, you can tell)?
  5. Really want an outdoor NC. I don’t care if it’s men or women.
  6. In group/out group and collectivistic culture aren’t the same thing. All this tells me is you have no idea what collectivistic culture actually is. So how dumb are you?
  7. No it’s not “definitely a bad thing” for some cultures who have been collectivistic for centuries. Are those cultures bad? did you go to college?
  8. Pretty sure there was an article by a White suburban mom who stated that White boys are being groomed via YouTube and other channels to be told they are being replaced, everyone hates them, etc. If I remember correctly, she found this because it was influencing her young son and she stopped it before he believed more or something like that. That article needs to go viral again
  9. Would be a shame to email that thread to A&M’s Black athletes and recruits, considering this mass shooting was in a Black neighborhood.
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