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  1. Seems like almost every instance that you hear about is made up bullshit.
  2. Last time that happened, he wound up with chirren
  3. Some people are too ignorant to accept that. Plenty of gun owners are quick to be ok with giving up stuff that they deem unnecessary.
  4. We gonna blame this on Megan too?
  5. Chickens can still make racket after they lose their heads supposedly.
  6. I get that. I was just trying to offer where people may have heard that and equated the two.
  7. Do you go out of your way to be a dumb ass all the time or just here?
  8. I’ve got 1 for each person in the family. Probably gonna get some more any way. They were deal of the day a while back when I got them.
  9. You’re joking right? Have you ever sat through a first aid class? A lot of them tell you that a person isn’t choking if they can talk. It most likely stems from that.
  10. How many autopsies did they do? The original one said it was a heart attack.
  11. He’s gotta make those child support payments somehow. Is part of his compensation getting to fuck jimbos wife?
  12. If you are that worried about the seat belts, put some racing harnesses in it. They look badass.
  13. I doubt it. He’s not gonna kill himself and he’s probably not gonna be banned from being a cop again if he walks.
  14. Thought for sure someone would say aggy.
  15. You can find a nice 1911 that runs that.
  16. I’ve got a buddy that’s been to Knob Creek a few times. I’d like to go myself. There are places you can rent them and shoot them.
  17. You meant full auto from a box mag is silly. I’d still like to have one, but I ain’t forking over that kind of coin that I ain’t got laying around.
  18. New day new copying. I’m about ready to uninstall all of it and start over.
  19. Get rid of police unions period. That would be a big start in straightening things out.
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