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  1. Doing that can void the warranty of your roof too.
  2. I think a lot of Campbell’s is just not having the talent to match up.
  3. I’ve worked in the private sector. They expect results.
  4. I’m well aware of the fact that at this point, practically everyone is nursing some type of injury or ailment. That’s what happens when big strong people knock the fuck out of each other a lot. But unless what I was hearing last week was just made up, Tua wasn’t cleared to play until Wednesday or so. I never even made mention that his previous injury had anything to do with this other than he was out on the field.
  5. Probably the nickname of the dildo his wife uses on him.
  6. That dumb fucker thought ISU would sit on their TO. Texas had probably 30 yards running in designed plays. That was when ISU was necessarily expecting them.
  7. If your Heisman candidate qb is still banged up, yeah you fucking sit him against a shitty team. Plain and simple. Make him available in case of emergency. Bama sets up their bullshit schedule to rest as many guys as possible. They could afford to sit him.
  8. Guys, don’t y’all know that Texas ain’t firing Herman before 2023? Gotta have that stability so you don’t get left out of realignment. I’ll apologize in advance if RD dumb ass shows up and goes off on that.
  9. Yeah unless you secretly knocked up your friends wife 9 months before that kid was born. If that’s the case, we’re gonna need a story.
  10. Graham was held badly all during the first couple of drives. That PI on Sterns? Laughable. The one on Green could have been ignored since they were hand fighting.
  11. He didn’t have to trot him out there. Not like the guy needs the practice and Bama should be able to beat that horrible team running the single wing. Saban was trying for style points. It fucked him. It fucked Tua.
  12. They were bad this week.
  13. Fuck this stupid ass inept coaching staff and everyone that defends them.
  14. No kidding. Looks like it was dropped and broke.
  15. He didn’t mention anyone down. He said rushing three and dropping 8.
  16. Just tired of hearing about the clown. You certainly can’t do it expecting starting qb money.
  17. You sure? Because most of the assistants suck.
  18. If Whittington isn’t 100%, let him sit. If he doesn’t play again until next year, so be it.
  19. Exactly. He needs to go somewhere where the qb already plays a very similar style to his. No one is going to want to completely retool the offense for the backup. Dumb it down maybe, because they might not know it all. But to go from pocket passes to zone read type plays, doesn’t make a lot of sense. His career stats aren’t impressive. That’s why he’s unemployed.
  20. He wasn’t suited up against Kstate.
  21. Someone tweeted to infer that last night.
  22. Man that’s wild. Wonder what started all that
  23. Never heard of them. Like most people probably.
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