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  1. R22 is like gold. It’s the best cooling thing they make though. 410, 401, and all that other crap is a waste.
  2. Go ahead and replace it all at once. Including the line set. That’s how you get max efficiency from the unit. I’m pretty sure 15seer isn’t the highest you can get. But don’t waste your money, you won’t see the return.
  3. I knew a guy that built a hot rod with a high flow pump and factory galley restrictors. Couple of passes down the track and engine go boom.
  4. Cutting the shaft isn’t uncommon. Lots of times you cut them to keep from having to work it down a long one.
  5. I’ve got two Mohawk 600s in .243 in the safe.
  6. Man that fucked off haircut looks like something from an X-men movie.
  7. He hasn’t been punked twice by Devin Duvernay in one game yet.
  8. Heat pumps still have back up heat. Try a different thermostat like recommended. Or have the tech bypass it all together and force it to run.
  9. Which fan are we talking about blowing hot air? The fan on the condenser (outdoor unit) or the air handler (indoor unit)? Because the air handler shouldn’t be blowing hot air unless the heat is on. The condenser fan should be blowing hot air any time the ac is running. Is this a heat pump? It might not be reversing properly. I’ve seen control boards short out and have the heat strips kick in with the air as well.
  10. That Goodman was a cheapo when it was new. I’d replace it. I find it hard to believe it’s a capacitor issue. Those things normally work or don’t. Did they check to see if it was dirty, had enough refrigerant, didn’t have loose duct work or anything
  11. Someone needs to paint a tunnel and road on it, like Wile E. Coyote.
  12. Lots of next year layered in too.
  13. Decades of vomit and animal manure doesn’t just wash off.
  14. I don’t think he’s posted since he went batshit crazy.
  15. no one would believe he has any type of female companionship. We’ve all smelled moth balls.
  16. Is it still bothering you? I can haz?
  17. It’s ok to be gay, but this ain’t the thread.
  18. I’d rather see the outfit that gave her the tan lines as opposed to that high waisted mess.
  19. Samsies. I’d like to see a link to her work for research on how the aggy season will go.
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