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Awful horrible bad shit is happening in the USA right now, if you are afraid of your fucking feelings getting hurt this isn't the website for you. ×


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  1. If you see something, say something. Instead of mind your own fucking business as long as they aren’t doing some bad shit.
  2. No he won’t. Those guys care about winning and their next paycheck. Not in that order. He’s still gonna be one of the best qbs in the league. The better he does, the beater the team probably does. Everyone will wind up with more money down the road. They’ll bitch about it but they won’t risk anything bad happening. They might not like him anymore and he probably won’t give a damn about that either.
  3. Weapons that aren’t ready to go when the time comes get you killed. Racking the shotgun in hopes of scaring someone off is the dumbest shit ever. Congrats, you just gave you position away. If you get a shotgun, get a quality auto loader. If you aren’t experienced with a pump, you will short stroke it under pressure. Whatever you pick, practice handling it and shooting. Buy quality defense ammo. Hope you never have to use it.
  4. Maybe 62-65. If you think you are stuck behind big trucks going 50, you might need to check your speedometer. Some type of yard truck maybe.
  5. Quite a few 18 wheelers that can run well over the posted limit of 75 with a load. So, since you’re complaining about them driving slow and holding up traffic, I’ll ask again. Do you rage when you get behind one that’s hauling ass?
  6. Like someone mentioned, they’re probably all pretty much the same as far as the actual griddle and using it. Blackstone definitely seems to have more options right now.
  7. If they were blocking the road, then they fucking deserved it.
  8. A griddle will get plenty hot without a high flow regulator. I think mine gets around 600*. When I got mine, I pretty much quite using my grill and then I got rid of it and didn’t replace it. It needed some parts. I’ve got a cheap charcoal one for grilling now. You can still cook a solid steak on a griddle. Might need a little more trial and error.
  9. Anyone tried the new Duos in Warzone?
  10. You’ll have time to get there since I’m sure they will be blinded by the muzzle flash.
  11. See if you can find some mechanic in a bottle at Home Depot. You can buy the concentrated stuff or VP ethanol free gas with it in it. I used some in a mower that did that and it cleared up. A new carb for that thing probably isn’t $50. Will it run correctly if you spray something into it? Might have trash at the fuel shut off.
  12. Those two that killed the rapists should have a street named after them. That’s horrible about Jill.
  13. I took it that he was talking about the records.
  14. Are we sure they aren’t trying to raise the buyout for Jimbos contract?
  15. I don’t understand why people can’t just mind their own damn business. Just ignore them and go about your business.
  16. I’ve used their kiosks and app to handle the finger prints and photo. Never messed with the trust though.
  17. Most of them are terrible at setting up but they all break down. Normally over trivial bullshit.
  18. Could be a bad ground or short on something.
  19. Man, that place looks like it’s been abandoned since 1974 from that picture.
  20. I just figured by nimble fingers she tickled AB prostate.
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