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  1. The decisions that had to be made in those last seconds terrify me.
  2. That article is tough to read. I cannot imagine being in that scenario with my family.
  3. I can't imagine how bad this side yard was before you cleaned it up to post a picture here.
  4. Are you wearing 4 or 5 shirts/jackets/vests in this pic?
  5. For how long? The train down by the river is probably ok Covid-wise. The kids will love it. We saw all sorts of wild life. That entire area near the train is nice even if you do not feel comfortable riding the train. It is a campground with RV's and campers, etc. with just a good feel during a sunny day. Is your friends wife hot? If so, yall may want to go swimming. Our house had a lot of activities so we really only left that one time. Great area.
  6. Arrange for babysitting every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night for the foreseeable future.
  7. Anyone have a RRC update? Has there been a ruling yet?
  8. Some news has been trickling out about a future junker program coming out to help the auto manufacturers. How old is the vehicle you're replacing? 2012 Tahoe
  9. In yalls opinion, is now the right time to buy a new car, or should I wait another month or 2?
  10. I think i saw them at the Docking Conference (DockCon) last year?
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