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  1. Of course sexism in positions of power is a serious concern. Boardrooms drive action/inaction on sexism down through their organization. To act as if it isn’t is intentional dishonesty.
  2. Alone time, reduced gasoline expenses, new headwear fashion... truly the greatest hits of 2020
  3. It’s very possible taking the Oval Office will require SCOTUS involvement.
  4. Got a boneless shoulder pork butt from Costco... Suggestions? I’ve only done brisket and ribs so far
  5. It’s pretty much just AA, KK, QQ and AKs. Your HJ cold 3bet is at its widest TT+, AJs+, and AQ+. Button is just not fucking around with anything else w a 4bet unless he has strong reads on both of you or just hates money, especially since he still needs to see what you two are going to do, since you both could have monsters. He’s going to just call with all other strong hands.
  6. 4 bets are so rare at 1-2, I could fold OOP. I prob call if UTG1 calls, but I’m pretty much just set mining at that point. If I called pre, I check jam flop as he’d be pot committed to chase w AK. As played, you were pot committed going into turn. I’d probably donk jam here claiming the A, since I’d be calling anyway and maybe theres a slight chance I’d scare off KK.
  7. I leave lid open about 10 mins, then close lid but leave top and bottom vents full open. Shut both to halfway about 50* short. Then to my target vent positions about 15* short. This is when I briefly open to throw in wood chunks and get final plate in place. After nasty smoke clears I put on meat and expect temp to be below target for 30 mins or so. Only then do I fine tune vents if needed. Within 30 mins I’m pretty locked in and it won’t move much at all
  8. I think the kick ash basket improved my primos temp stability. As long as I don’t overshoot when getting to temp, it’s completely a non-issue for me now.
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