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  1. $5/5 UTG opens $20. Two callers, I join on BTN w A8ss. BB calls. $100 pot 9s8c3h. Checks to me. I make it $55. Folds to CO who in our brief time at this new table has shown himself to be an aggressive player/bully. He looks like he’s going to fold, but then calls. $210 pot. 9h. Chk/chk 9c. He builds several different stack sizes and then puts each back in his stack. Finally puts out $125, leaving $300 back. I have him covered. Can I bet for value? No, right?
  2. Unusual trip to Walter Reed https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/11/16/politics/trump-annual-physical-walter-reed/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F
  3. Yeah, sharing that photoshop does not help the cause
  4. Let’s take J5s out of our ranges...
  5. He was a $2/4 limit player and this was his first ever $2/5NL. Young black dude and he had turned his $300 into $800 and was afraid to lose it. The hand broke him. He was muttering to himself for the next 10 mins solid.
  6. I want to believe, but I’m not convinced the D can keep up for four quarters. They’ll trade blows first half and keep it interesting.
  7. “How to flop set over set and dodge the nut flush”. $9.95
  8. Limp UTG at $5/5 w 9h9d. MP limps. BTN makes it $35. BB calls, I call, MP calls. $140 pot 9c4c2h. BB opens $25. I call, MP calls, BTN makes it $50 w $125 more behind. BB calls. I can’t go 4 way to turn, so I make it $175 to get BTN all in. MP folds, BTN calls, and BB quickly calls. $665 pot. Qh. BB ($800 left) checks. I shove $565 and he makes a crying call w Ac8c. $1795 pot Kd. BTN shows 44. Ship it!
  9. Professionally, as one might expect. Polar opposite of trump.
  10. It will be overlooked, but it shouldn’t be. Our government infrastructure is being systematically unraveled, consequences be dammed
  11. Yeah, it’s not sexy but we have to keep chop hands in mind. They tend to happen most often w AX hands
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