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  1. You missed a major plot line while overthinking perceived plot holes. It can’t be an enjoyable way to watch tv.
  2. This is amazing...I’m dying over here. Stay for the very end
  3. My 401k has a 30 day lock on putting money in a fund after you pull from it. I wonder how many others find that lock freeing up tomorrow like mine is. Could drive a fair bit of activity
  4. Yeah I would have expected Mike to check the radiator of the last guy they killed. Obv antifreeze would be bad news, but worth checking once it cooled down I would think
  5. Mike explained that they couldn’t walk at night because of holes they wouldn’t see. Sitting under a tree wouldnt ever get them to safety. They had to get far away from the abandoned car so they made it difficult for anyone hoping to help to find/save them. Possibly the gas cap could help? Bottom line was that he felt they had to move and couldn’t do so at night. I can see these points being debatable, so Mike making a tactical decision that differs from the one you would make is understandable.
  6. He assumed the guy would return with an army
  7. You could also just crank the Komodo temp to 275
  8. Bump. Market does not give a shit about Boris, it seems.
  9. No, agree. Simply saying if this virus never came along, we could have expected the next eventual bear to occur to about this extent. The question is, did we just fast forward to and through that bear, or is it still yet to come in combination with the virus-driven disruption.
  10. The most charismatic man in poker, folks. The virus has won.
  11. What would the market do if Boris Johnson died? Seems like the hard core deniers are the sort that would have an affinity towards him. Major world leader dying: clearly bad. Deniers seeing one of their own go down, pushing them to reconsider reality: maybe good? That’s one bit of news I had not factored in. I’d guess Trump is in a bubble by now, but if he got it, the market would certainly tank.
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