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  1. Intermingling the suicide and affair backstories was a poor artistic choice, IMO. Very cringe for me Hyping Sam with the reveal to the other girls, only to break it up was a curveball. Dani didn’t try on shoes for fit? Teds trashed apartment? Was that supposed to be a symptom of the depression? Because he was singing and crashed like an hour earlier. Is stalking Rebecca from a closet waiting for a walk by a thing? What? Sassy ditched her kid at a funeral for a hookup There were still hearty laughs and dusty eyes, but generally meh for me. I thought/hoped we’d turned the corner for the season, but this felt like just another detour
  2. Agreed. Only reason I’ve not stayed/played there was that it wasn’t MLife. I dig the location, casino floor and the food options. Definitely will add to my to-do list.
  3. JT. And it’s going to be awesome.
  4. Jordan’s putter grip is fucked
  5. Add these and maybe the course will give you a discount for aerating their greens
  6. I’m assume there’s a market timing play around the pending debt ceiling drama? Anyone aware of the history of how this has hit
  7. Peyton dominating the conversation reminds me of my older brother with me. He just owns the room. Eli couldn’t get in a word if he tried
  8. “How do you jump when there’s no play call?!”
  9. I’ve learned more about football in the last 30 mins…
  10. Reminds me of the time I was playing the second round at Star Ranch and we hit a massive backlog. Discover a bachelor party with a stripper was a few groups ahead of us. Eventually all of the groups between us passed them. When we caught up, they invited us to play through, but instead we made the executive decision to stay behind and enjoy the show. Good times we’re had by all /csb
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