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  1. I’m fine with it. I’d probably just call his $30 w AKo there as see the flop, though it’d be pretty rare for me to have limped in the first place. Had you opened to $10, get four callers behind, BTN probably goes $100, only you call and you see a flop. Could have been ugly for you
  2. Lurch

    Aerosmith drama

    I’m guessing injury insurance for a 69yo drummer would eat the rich
  3. Pre and flop seem fine, but on a super draw heavy turn like that, I think you have to make the pay more to see the river. He could have 9 to 15 outs, so you can’t give him 3:1. I’d go $15 or $20 into that pot of $18 on the turn. I wouldn’t check back the turn. We want three streets of value here. Yes, you’ll occasionally have to fold to a check raise but that’s priced in by betting a lot of these draw heavy turns where he’ll pay too much and miss as a calling station. Donk river usually has the nuts in our games. Savvy opponents will use it when they miss their draw, or when a draw they don’t have hits and they decide to claim it. If your opponent is that good, you may have to call here. If he’s pretty weak (and calling station suggests he might be) I think I can find a fold. What bluff does this? He’s not doing it with a weaker pair, for sure.
  4. Don’t get worked up over a very small sample size, imo
  5. Opening for Tool would be a pretty tough gig. Certainly no one is buying their ticket because of you and I’d guess the vast majority wants you to hurry up and finish.
  6. How long ago did you get that one? That’s what I had before I got lazy and stopped calling. When I just did it last month they wouldn’t offer online for that rate anymore. Seems to be a fairly new restriction
  7. Just create a new account for your new radio. Should work fine. They certainly want you to be trying the app during the 90 days. Per someone earlier, if you want the app it may be $40 for 6 months rather than $30.
  8. There is one particular spot on my daily commute that frequently goes out. I figured it’s power lines related. I recall many years ago in Georgia it was always going out because of the super tall pines right next to road. Other than sitting at stoplights under an overpass and that one spot, I never have it go out. Also, the experimental channels in the 300s seem to have occasional problems. I’d guess they’re not given the same bandwidth.
  9. Includes Stern for sure, and every channel as far as I can tell. Just no online
  10. Cancel the old ASAP. Full stop. Don’t even talk about the new. When the new expires, call and cancel. Take the 6 month for $30 or whatever when they offer it.
  11. Jesus. Click through to thread https://twitter.com/socialistdogmom/status/1219710563066032130?s=21
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