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  1. I get that he has issues, but what he said and asking his followers to dox “him” as part of a physical threat was 100% the actions of a piece of shit. And definitely not conducive to adding more regs to the game
  2. He 100% is. The chick that slow rolled him is a hero
  3. With ours, we all stood in stunned silence, with me literally biting my tongue to keep from laughing. This was a tourney and we didn’t know each other. I somehow got composed and we figured out what to do. By the end of the round he finally made a crack about his 1 yard drive and we all got a good laugh.
  4. Saw it happen once in an amateur tourney. Didn’t think it would ever be replicated!
  5. Raise and jam if he 3 bets. If he had the Ac, he’d bet bigger flop and turn.
  6. This turned out to be HP. We’ve found other content that sounds great.
  7. No, it’s Jim Watkins and his son now. Flynn and his crew/lawyers are using the followers for PR support and probably legal funds.
  8. ... which is why I can’t image doing this would improve the cook
  9. My understanding was that it’s not to penetrate the meat, but rather to keep the humidity up, thus reducing loss to evaporation
  10. Yep, I always have a pan of water under brisket
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