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  1. If you have Paramount+ (the CBS app) it’s in there. ESPN+ has it too
  2. I was really enjoying the Featured Group being just Casey and Horschel. It was a nice pace for them to hold the shot for a long time to really let you experience the course. Pretty much saw their entire walk to the green on #2
  3. Best Weather Delay content ever?
  4. FYI Paramount+ has the extra channels
  5. It was a common troll/recurring joke on 4chan for someone to claim to be an insider. There were dozens of similar claimants before Q, but this one was given life, probably coordinated to further the joke.
  6. There is zero doubt Stephen Miller was highly aware of the Q movement and intentionally pandered to them in speeches
  7. The vast majority of proposed solutions I’ve heard would only be applied to pros, so 99.9% not impacted
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