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  1. This is a weird recruitment. Almost commits, then commits, then de-commits and is still very pro Texas. Dad have a hand in his decisions?
  2. Been told he’s held his own. Was in Florida with the AAA fringe and injury rehab guys working out and throwing pens once the Braves started ST games against other teams. Threw some games on the back fields against some other teams AA guys near the end of ST and impressed the pitching coaches. Not sure on velo. He’s always been a location guy so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s around what he was throwing in Austin last year.
  3. I’d think so. I think you take banks regardless because of his relationship with Denver plus building a NS relationship.
  4. I think so. Via the twittersphere they hang out quite often.
  5. Figured this was as good of a spot as any. Talked to the Elder family recently and Bryce has been throwing well during minor league spring training stuff. He’s headed to Rome (Atlanta High-A) Thursday and there’s a good chance he’ll be the opening day starter for them from what he’s been told.
  6. Has there been new news recently about Ewers or is it just an assumption we’re still in the wait and see with him? When Maalik committed it seemed to be the somewhat end of it but it seems to have spiked up again.
  7. And returned the following spring to workout on campus and watch the spring game or something to that extent.
  8. Yep. I forgot that covid didn’t take a year from everyone. I was counting Bishop and Febres as SRs next year. carry on
  9. So G - D. Jones / Askew G - A. Jones / Ramey / Febres G/F - Allen/ Cunningham / Tyson F - Disu / Bishop F - Sims / Ongenda Fuck what a team that would be. I still think that if we land another G that Ramey leaves though. Gonna be a hell of a turnover the next year if that’s the group with the entire starting 5, Bishop and Febres leaving.
  10. I’m down for this and I think it would be obtainable. Someone would leave out of it (I think if Harmon comes, Ramey leaves). But that’s a solid 12 (11 minus Ramey) G - Harmon / Askew G - Jones / Ramey / Febres G/F - Bishop / Tyson / Cunningham F - Allen / Williams F - Sims / Ogenda
  11. To be fair, how many “Texas is my dream school” kids do we get to sign?
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