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  1. I’d think Atlanta with Fields and having some pieces (decent OL, Bijan, Drake, Pitts) and getting rid of Arthur Smith would be solid. Fields has shown a few flashes and is definite upgrade over whoever Atlanta played at QB last year
  2. You’re not wrong but the convo is currently where he’s at. There’s not a convo that he’s top 5 right now in my opinion. All time absolutely but not in today’s NBA at 39. He’s not top 5 in any stat, his team is 9th in the west and he wouldn’t be a top 10 pick to start a new franchise with due to the fact that he’s 39. His accomplishments can be acknowledged and it still can be true that he’s not a top 5 guy currently.
  3. Very much a contest. We’re talking about top 5 right now. SGA is second in scoring in the league and is leading a team of 20 year olds to the 2nd best record in the west and is in the 1 of 3 considered to be legit MVP candidates. Tatum has better stats in almost every category compared to Bron. And his team has the best record in the league. LA is barely in the playoff picture. Jokic, Embiid, Giannis, SGA, Tatum, Luka, KD, Steph are all takes over Bron currently. Book and Ant Edwards are in the convo as well. Not saying Bron isn’t still good and that what he’s doing at 39 isn’t impressive, but he’s not got the choke hold on the league he's had.
  4. Anyone who thinks Draymonds ass is gonna change at this point in his career is a dumbass. He is who he is and will be who he is until the day he retires.
  5. I’m surprised this hasn’t been put on here yet Prolly bullshit or for a small thing or something but saw it a few different spots on my timeline.
  6. Who was the guy at South Carolina (?) that Sark originally wanted for that spot? Maybe cycles back? Never a better time to ask than right after a playoff appearance and shit is rolling.
  7. I’m not sure the best place to put this but if this video (TikTok) is accurate, Musselman might be available soon v12044gd0000cmtc6ufog65sh448l1s0.mp4
  8. Getting Claxton and Bridges would be amazing and giving up anything but SGA, Chet and Jalen would be on the table. If Dort and Giddey also weren’t in it, that should be jumped all over. I’ve seen Poeltl, Wendell Carter Jr, Drummond /Vuceivic (neither of these please) as well for big men to OKC. Kuzma is another interesting name I’ve seen. I think for OKC Markkannan would be the biggest prize to grab but idk if picks and Giddey would be enough to get it done. I also am in the belief that Giddey gets moved within the next year (not just cause of all the shit that happened, but because I don’t feel he’s got a spot on this team. He’s a less talented SGA. Has a lot of the same strengths and more weaknesses)
  9. ESPN did a write up about potential stock risers. Jones got a mention.
  10. Shaivonte Aician Gilgeous-Alexander will be your mvp. Especially if OKC finishes as a top 4 seed in the west.
  11. I love watching Ant play. Him and SGA duking it out the other night was a blast. I just wish he played somewhere else. Both Gorbet and KAT are bitches. Ant is a dawg.
  12. God damn it. So you’re saying my 20 bucks I pitch in a month means I can’t say I single handledly got Mukuba to Texas? Sorry guys. In all seriousness, the shit is incredible to watch. The second the NCAA allowed for it, the behind the scenes people of making this work got rollin. I know my contribution ain’t much, but shit I’m glad I’m apart of it and that Sark is getting utilize a damn weapon. Good work.
  13. For whatever reason I feel like he’s gonna be the next in line of guys that were very average for us here that figured it out in the league. He reminds me of Jerami Grant. Long, athletic but never was great in college (career 7.5/4.7/0.9 on 48/30/64 splits). Drafted by Philly and didn’t do much, got to OKC and started figuring it out and his offensive game got better. Now he’s a 21/4/3 guy. For reference, Mitchell’s career stats are 6.5/5.5/0.8 on 61/0/53 splits (has he really never made a 3 at Texas? Gah damn)
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