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  1. It’s a strange spot for CDC to be in for sure. Who’s your big targets? Call Jay Wright? Calipari (FUCK this)? Can we be sure that Oats or Muss bring more to the table? If Terry makes an elite 8 or deeper run, he’ll be given a shot I think. It’ll be quite a story to follow. also, just to re-emphasize, FUCK Calipari.
  2. just picked up Monday and practically been wearing ever since! so cozy Agreed. It’s a very dope hoodie
  3. snagged this a few days back Texas Longhorn 1/2 Zip Hoodie should pair well with the cream baseball hat
  4. Majors isn't losing his job, while he isn't the greatest they are not moving a two-year starter at center. Just don't see it. Inside as in guard. From L to R Banks - Campbell - Majors - Jones - Williams
  5. I like this outside of moving Jones inside and not having Neyor on here.
  6. If Mitchell comes, I like the way Sark, whether intentional or not, has set up the WR room. You’ve got a hell of a room with experience with Mitchell, Worthy, Neyor, and Whit for this year that on paper is a year to make noise and you’ve got open spots to sell to younger guys in the program for next year. Come in, learn behind the older guys (outside of Cook, I think he gets time), and be ready to fill spots left by those 4. Every one of the young guys should have a spot to chase and be able to envision starting in with Arch as your starting QB.
  7. I know a rando rumor Twitter doesn’t mean much but there’s definitely buzz about it all
  8. Good. Fuck em. Them not having a clue is a good sign of shit staying under wraps with Sark/CDC/whoever else is involved with coaching hires.
  9. Ewers hasn’t been the problem tonight. Especially this half. Worthy needs take a line from Davis. Hop in the motherfucker.
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