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  1. By all accounts, the Bonnevilles are great bikes. I haven't ridden one, but I'm still stupid enough to want a fast bike. Class is a great introduction, but I'd encourage you to look at it as the first of many. Riding is a skill that requires constant development. The more you educate yourself, the less likely you are to get killed.
  2. Thanks! So, sounds like I wasn't overthinking it.
  3. Bradford and Diamond run about the same, price-wise. Think we're looking at around $30k, but I plan to get a quote, next week. Acrylic units we considered were around $16-20k. So, it's going to cost about $10k to make the wife happy. Pretty sure that's cheap from what I've read on the other Surly threads . . .
  4. Nowhere near Surly level of collecting, but I just gave my dad my CZ SP-01 and upgraded to a Shadow 2. Last 4 guns have been CZ variants (Dan Wesson Valor, SP-01, SP-01 Tactical, Shadow 2) and other than an STI, I can't think of anything outside the CZ range that I want.
  5. Looking to do a hot tub in our backyard. Wife doesn't like the looks of the acrylic models, and we would like to get a chiller for it, to make it usable in the Austin summers. That said, she's looking at getting a built in unit from a pool company. The only other option that I seem to be able to sell her on is a stainless steel unit (Bradford). My big concern is that I don't want to be buying a problem, and the built-in unit seems like it has a high probability of failure, as everything is set in concrete, and the filter/pumps/heater are remotely located. Am I overthinking this, or is my wife setting us up to have a concrete "water feature" in 10 years?
  6. That's a beautiful sport tourer!
  7. Nice humble brag about your wife knowing where the blinker is.
  8. It's been 10 years since I ran them, but when I had them, I absolutely swore by them. I had them on a RWD BMW 3 series, and it made it through everything that upstate New York could throw at it. And by "made it through," I mean handled flawlessly. Best example was coming over a sweeping overpass carrying a bit more speed than was responsible, realizing that it had iced over, and deftly driving around the 3 other cars that had crashed into the guard rail (not on Nokian snows).
  9. That could have been my wife . . .
  10. Definitely an installer that you should keep using.
  11. My mom had a Chrysler Reliant wagon (in green), and followed that up with a Chrysler New Yorker (in gold). I can't imagine that there are that many people in the world that owned one Chrysler K car, and thought, "This is great, I think I'll buy another!"
  12. Some of the Tanfoglios are clones of the CZ-75. I'm not sure if this is what your son has, but I currently have 3 pistols, a CZ-75 and two Dan Wesson 1911's. I own these guns, because for me the trigger feel is very similar across all three. I like the CZ more than the Sigs that I've tried, and feel it compares with the 1911's. CZ's are very popular in competition shooting, and I think the trigger is a good part of the popularity. In short, I'm not surprised that you like it.
  13. He even missed some of the really fun stuff along 1826, south of 45. This area is literally in my backyard. If any Surly riders are looking for a tour, feel free to hit me up. I was focused on road riding, last year, but I picked up a Trek Fuel just before the end of the year, and I'm just waiting for the dry days to put the miles on it.
  14. Lose 15 lbs and beat my PR for the 5k (goal is to go sub-20:00). I plan to do a marathon at some point, this year. It probably won't be an actual race, just run loops from my house to hit the distance.
  15. Yeah, but what kind of wake does it put out?
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