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  1. At least among the baby boom and older generations I've been around, Asians are racist as fuck, with each nationality ranking how the others are beneath them. And, they generally all rank the Vietnamese at the bottom. I don't know about others, but the Chinese have an N-word epithet equivalent for Vietnamese.
  2. Biden team needs the first people though the doors on 1/20/21 to be camera crews that fully document every inch of the building.
  3. I’ve got a tip for them - don’t fucking hold the door for them and waive hem through as they leave. I’m surprised the Capital Police were not handing out orange slices.
  4. I don't think the victory is in doubt, but could 15K military/international ballots to be counted beginning Friday drop his margin below the .5% recount threshold?
  5. Herman fired and Kansas destroyed. This was shaping up to be an epic day. Fuck you, Mack!
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