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  1. But, would that trump the contact language that releases him from liability for claims through my universe and requires me to indemnify him for any such claims. I’ve gotten a lot of language modifications out of him, including removing the arbitration clause,, but he has pretty much said no mas.
  2. Anyone familiar with the Old Bahama Bay popup - on sale at Costco for $32
  3. TLDR, Liberty Mutual wants to fuck me out of $1,500. So, Harvey plus 33 months and it looks like we are finally going to rebuild.... Per the contract, the builder will have Builder's Risk for all insurable losses. He will also have liability coverage, but per our contract it does not cover me or my invitees (architect, designer, Surly drunks). And, the contract requires me to indemnify the builder for any claims/suits against him by my relations and invitees. And, even for things that fall on him per our contract, nothing says I will not also be sued (we already own the dirt). So, I want liability coverage. We have a renter's policy and an umbrella. My umbrella only requires that I have $100K of underlying coverage. But, LM says the only thing they have to offer is a Builder's Risk policy for a minimum of $400K property value and $100K liability, with an annual premium of $1,527. Anyone know if it is possible for me to just get a $100K liability policy, without duplicating the Builder's Risk already carried by the builder?
  4. I'd add that writing a good letter can take about as much time, and cost about as much money, as drafting a lawsuit, and the letter won't do shit (except possibly, as you say, satisfy a prerequisite).
  5. If up to me, I would probably have still taken the Italy trip. As for a future trip, I am optimistic things will be much improved by May. To the extent they are not, it is likely they will be bad here too. In which case, you might be better off in Italy.... Good luck.
  6. In-laws just pulled the plug on spring break travel (with my son) to Italy, including Venice.
  7. We are in the beginning stages of planning a family trip to Israel - two families with 3 kids in the 13-14 range. We are well versed in the standard [Jewish] itinerary - Kotel, Masada, Dead Sea, etc. - of which we will do plenty. Looking for suggestions of some things off the beaten path, and things that the kids will enjoy and remember. The trip will be winter break, so things like rafting on the Jordan River and spending an afternoon at Sachne (Barton Springs of Israel) are probably not options.
  8. It took me about 5 minutes.... The 10 person ExxonMobil board of directors includes one person (a former ExxonMobil executive) with an oil and gas background. The other 9 board members come from academia, insurance, IBM/Xerox, pharmaceuticals, Caterpillar, and Food and Beverage. In 2018 their compensation averaged $366K.
  9. As much as I loath Ken Starr, he has quickly confirmed my initial assessment that Jay Sekulow is not a very good lawyer. Beyond the overall poor organization and logic of his initial Saturday presentation, I almost fell off of the treadmill when Sekulow cited "34 colon seven through 13" of Dr. Fiona Hill's deposition transcript.
  10. It's obsolete because the Brits have not impeached since 1868....
  11. Came hereto say FUCK without doing so on your public FB page. Sorry, Champ. Good luck with whatever is next.
  12. When my in-laws died a few years ago, the consensus of several legit appraisers was - nobody wants brown (antiques) any more.
  13. I don't have the VSSL, but like what I have read about it. We expect to finally break ground on our post-Harvey house in the spring, and I intend to pull wire to a central spot for use of the VSSL for distributed audio. As I understand it, every zone operates independently (six different people, in six different rooms, can all stream what they want to the speakers in that room at the same time), and you can set up one "party" group to play the same stream in as many zones as you want simultaneously. It also has a couple of inputs for things like a CD player, and bus outputs such that one of your zones could be your AVR speakers. It is a bit pricey, but I am interested. Also, I have read a few forum comments suggesting that one might be able to buy one direct out the back door.
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