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  1. The Washington Free Football Masons The Washington Bavarian Football Illuminati
  2. The millenials and displaced zoomers have descended on my neighborhood in droves to camp out with mom and dad. In the past month 18 of the 22 I've encountered while walking have displayed negative situational awareness. You are not being unreasonable.
  3. I can see International air travel becoming a "by permit only" thing. I can also see the airlines still up a creek a year from now because of their sardine inhumane business model that relies on kettles and poors to fill the slave galleons of the sky. Inbound connection to domestic from international is only allowed with a "clear" type certification of antibodies, immunity, vaccination, etc. This will actually give the TSA the opportunity to fill their original mandate instead of confiscating soap and shampoo. Thanks Richard Reid!
  4. Testing means fuckall if they can't deliver results in hours not weeks.
  5. i read it as "just hermione" i would take some hermione. the 18+ version.
  6. Macroeconomic civilization construct. That's political.
  7. That's a macroeconomic civilization construct. And therefore political.
  8. why is jimmy getting negged for this post? it is not political.
  9. a couple of days ago he said there were studies going on for hcq+z but he had more hope for remdesivir
  10. Proposal: it's time to start doing a 7-day rolling average to smooth out the noise, lag, and other variances. Then derive a blended 3-day rolling average for all of the data sources.
  11. The large airline hubs with transpacific service appear to be nexus points. Some of them. New York, Detroit, Seattle, all make sense. But then you've got LA, SF and Chicago which have not blown up, and in the case of LA and SF you've got a dozen daily China flights plus another dozen from the region.
  12. ERCOT releases COVID-19 load impact analysis AUSTIN, TX, April 7, 2020 – Beginning today, ERCOT will provide weekly updates regarding load pattern changes due to COVID-19 in the ERCOT region. Updates will be available on the Trending Topics page of the ERCOT website in the Presentations & Other section. ERCOT began monitoring load impacts directly related to COVID-19 during the week of March 8. While there has been little impact to ERCOT’s daily peaks, the morning load has remained consistently lower between the hours of 6 and 10 a.m. The morning loads are currently six to 10 percent lower than what the forecast model would typically predict after accounting for normal model errors. “The overall load reduction for the ERCOT region has leveled off over the past two weeks,” said ERCOT Manager of Load Forecasting and Analysis Calvin Opheim. “Based on the data analyzed from the weeks of March 22 and 29, weekly energy use is down by approximately two percent.” Any changes to the summer peak load forecast will be announced in mid-May when ERCOT releases its final summer Seasonal Assessment of Resource Adequacy and the Capacity, Demand and Reserves Report. A specific release date has not yet been set. In addition to monitoring load patterns, ERCOT has taken several measures to help protect its staff during this time. Those steps are outlined in a pandemic planning actions document, which is also available on the Trending Topics page of the ERCOT website.
  13. Cunning plan: run all of the civilian 747s and MD11s on round trips from Kadena in to Japan, Korea and northern China; from Andersen to Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and southern China, and from Diego Garcia in to Singapore and the rest of south east asia. Then use C-5s Kadena - Elmendorf - SEA; Andersen - Hickham - LAX; and Diego Garcia - Ramstein - Hanscom/Andrews/Langley. Once stateside, reload to all of the non-wide-body FedEx and UPS fleets. This would have been so easy to solve on a war footing if the military had the C5.
  14. bbc just had a doctor with a degree from Columbia who is in Seattle say "no proof" last week there was a doctor in new york who claimed the same thing as Cardillo, except it was hcq + zpack. hcq + zinc makes sense.
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