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  1. there was an SECN hour show yesterday on Texas/0u and they portrayed Fair Park as an "unknown" to their audience and explained it's significance as "on par with the egg bowl, the iron bowl, and georgia/florida"..... not that it's not really actually about 10 times bigger than any of those games and only really equalled by michigan/ohiostate and usc/domer..... it was the stupidity of not referring to The Cocktail Party as The Cocktail Party..... in that same show they also had 2 heads whose names and faces i know but can't recall now 24 hours later talking about how this is the moment when college football creates a "premier league" of "18-24 teams that are prepared to compete in this new landscape" and then the "scholarship-based non-premier college football will continue to be it's own thing but separate from this new thing"........ europe was mentioned..... the prem itself was not mentioned..... mother of god maggie mae's lives
  2. I would like to sell my name, image, and likeness to nicki
  3. that's about to change to their massive detriment the sec is going to have to kill the november fcs cupcake: -1 win the sec is going to have add one more conference game: +.5 win (aggy historical .500 conference record) that's a half a win less all but guaranteed.... AND aggy are going to have to play the sips every year: -.673 wins (aggy historical 32.7% winning percentage against the sips) aggy are going to have to play thieves every year: -.613 wins (aggy historical 61.3% losing percentage against thieves) which is a .643 average so the extra game in conference can't overlap with both sips and thieves... so rough napkin math shows aggy with a minimum of 1 fewer win and 1 more loss every year, and 2 fewer wins and 2 more losses every other year applying the 1-1 to their best year (2012), then alternating.... 2012: 11-2 -> 10-3 2013: 9-4 -> 7-6 2014: 8-5 -> 7-6 2015: 8-5 -> 6-7 2016: 8-5 -> 7-6 2017: 7-6 -> 5-8 2018: 9-4 -> 8-5 2019: 8-5 -> 6-7 2020: 9-1 -> 8-2 applying the 2-2 to their best year (2012), then alternating.... 2012: 11-2 -> 9-4 2013: 9-4 -> 8-5 2014: 8-5 -> 6-7 2015: 8-5 -> 7-6 2016: 8-5 -> 6-7 2017: 7-6 -> 6-7 2018: 9-4 -> 7-6 2019: 8-5 -> 7-6 2020: 9-1 -> 7-3 ++++++++++++++++++++++ tl/dr: aggy are fucked
  4. no. the beauty of aggy is that the only other word in the english language with similar attributes is the word fuck. aggy is singular, plural, a noun, a pronoun, an adjective, a verb, and an adverrb, all while fulfilling it's primary mission as a perjorative.
  5. when finebaum stops devoting 50% of his show to calls from people who sound like farm animals i will gladly watch gladly patronize his conference-affiliated hate speech
  6. Braniff, Central, Eastern, Frontier, Mid-Continent and TWA are not around to restore their hubs at MCI to provide nonstop service to ohio state, pedder, purdue, illinois indiana and wisconsin
  7. here's the reason roach are in the best situation of every ir8te orphan:
  8. to learn and use aggy you have to first recognize that i just used aggy as a noun, as in "to learn and speak jive".... aggy is a language, but we can't teach it to you you don't honor aggy, but you can speak it please go to the rant and start a thread asking if you are permitted to speak aggy and report back
  9. i watched a week ago thursday and friday during the groid melt since then it's been all big evil texas for the sheep so skipped completely
  10. yes, "The Game" kicks off at noon eastern. it has forever.
  11. they do, because IT"S FUCKING NOON IN THE EASTERN TIME ZONE. zero big-name games with 2 helmet schools kick at 11am local time OTHER THAN THE GAME IN FAIR PARK
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