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  1. It's been well-documented here. aggy claims 1/3rd of the PUF as "theirs", when in fact they own none of it, because according to the Constitution of the State of Texas, they are a branch of the University of Texas at Austin. What they get is a check every year from AUF, the Available University Funds which UTIMCO computes every year as a percentage of earnings from the PUF assets and investments. Others (Duke) know the specifics but it tends to be in the mid-single-digits, like 7% of the prior year's earnings, split 2/3rds to the UT System and 1/3rd to the aggy "System", except aggy keeps all of it for themselves (sound familiar Orphan 5?), while UT shares it around our entire system. THEN the fun begins, with aggy counting construction bonds and hurricane relief as "income" on their "books". What's amazing is that with the incredible windfall in the exponentially rising AUF payments in the last half of the teens, aggy still has to become a diploma mill to fill (sell tickets to) their new tackle box to pay off the bonds. What the hell are they doing with the money? the last AUF payment was massive, iirc, like $700m. the fuck.
  2. i've never seen a paper endorse 2 candidates like this. is this common?
  3. nevada papers update last 48 hours: Review-Journal: zero klob Gazette-Journal: zero klob Sun: Biden & Klob "best suited" editorial https://lasvegassun.com/news/2020/feb/14/klobuchar-biden-are-the-best-suited-candidates-for/
  4. weston mckinnie / schalke just out wondolowskied wondolowski to deny schalke a winner on 92. i'm sure someone will find the egregious highlight
  5. PE firms have 1% money. VC is wide open to the world. Certain cooked meat establishments would fall in to the "Angel Investor" or "Friends & Family" plan. I'm now convinced Fearless Leader is correct: if you have a good idea, someone else is already building it.
  6. I tried to get an Amy sign for my yard last summer. I signed up for a monthly donation so I could get mails with an audit trail back to her campaign. I even volunteered to put an Amy sticker in my rear windshield if they couldn't get me a yard sign. Zero replies to anything. no amy swag at all.
  7. i'm parking my ass. klob is not going to get the nom. no other dem nom gets my vote, sorry.
  8. i was going to post that. full aggy. more aggy-looking then anyone until sharp.
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