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  1. Do what i did last year. Go Full Parcells. I don't stand and pace for most games. Only drink during night games. When therm pisses you off, turn the tv off for 10 minutes. By now you know you're not missing anything. We start 0-12 until proven otherwise. Don't buy in ever evar again. It's the opposite of densa's "i don't know who we're playing/played" bullshit. Rather than suffer the bullshit, let the shit flow through you.
  2. I think it's worse than that. For me this season has felt like we're a 4-8 team that's stolen 2 wins to be 6-4 and about to go 6-6.
  3. The entire board gets your point. 99% of this board believes anything short of nukes is useless and a waste of time. I was never on 360 and started lurking on hornfans in '04; in 15 years reading this group of people online, i've never seen 99% alignment on something, especially this radical and incendiary. For whatever reason you believe another year is warranted. 99% of this board, with vehemence and anger, disagrees. 99% of this board does not care if it looks ridiculous to go to nukes 2 months after an extension.
  4. Why? Why is he safe? Why should he feel safe? Parcells says he's already proven he's fraudulent. How can anyone say he's safe?
  5. yup. this is the precise setup for fraud obfuscation/continuation. even at -5 i would take texas and the points even though every thermensa win resets the 5-year clock to relevance.
  6. welp at least clappy doesn't go full thermensa and turtle when all you have to do to kill a game is get first downs.
  7. look at it this way. clappy stays. riley stays. meyer to not anywhere near here.
  8. you go hire the troll farm and report back. we want to embarrass this trite arrogant fuckface and will do so in a manner we must enjoy.
  9. Recruiting doesn't matter if the coaching sux.
  10. i think the line would be -10 if not for the massive el-foldo they pulled last night. looking from the other side, rapelor had thieves on the mat with their foot on their chest and a sword to their throat and cratered. vegas doesn't know what to do with that.
  11. I think that we can all agree on this afternoon.
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