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  1. what is the best time of day to snag a CVS slot?
  2. that's exactly what this is. it's a tail-wag false-flag out the gazoo. if wheels could wield the Texas National Guard to declare war on Nunavut he would do it.
  3. spring game banner: PURE EVIL: WHEELS, DANA, ______?, _______? how many letters will fit on an airplane banner?
  4. first wednesday of every month meeting has been cancelled for the 3rd month in a row http://www.austintexas.gov/edims/document.cfm?id=355342 https://www.austintexas.gov/content/water-and-wastewater-commission
  5. don't worry, wheels and dana are going to get to the bottom of it with SUBPOENA POWER
  6. damn yesterday spoilered for whiners pitchforks and torches
  7. did anyone have a working cell phone? was there no one who knew how to operate the switch reachable by cell, somewhere in the world? how can anyone involved be allowed to remain employed with austin water? will anyone be held accountable?
  8. https://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/austin-water-outage-single-gear-switch-report/269-c0aee9ce-418c-4669-9d1a-ca76f8abbffd Austin Water outage impacted by a single gear switch, report says Staff members did not know how to operate a 52-year-old switch that would have restored power to the plant Author: KVUE News Staff Published: 10:28 AM CST March 1, 2021 Problems with the power outage at the Ullrich Water Treatment Plant that in part eventually led to a boil water notice across the city were traced back to an old gear switch staff members did not know how to opera
  9. chelsea look like ass for chelsea
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