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  1. I tried to pay off and cancel a credit card with them that dates back to MBNA days in the 90s. My last exposure to them. Don't have the passwords. They refuse to take my money and cancel the card and WILL ONLY CANCEL IT IF I GO IN PERSON TO THE BRANCH. Mothefuckers.
  2. what's the werd with the hydrochloroquine/azithromycin & remesdivir stuff.. we saw something earlier this week from a new york hospital that tweeted "treating with the zpack/hcq combo on pre-pneumonia and have zero deaths when we get it to them early" etc.etc. shouldn't we be seeing a massive drop in deaths if this stuff was working?
  3. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), SaaS (Software), PaaS (Platform) and several other acronyms are all Cloud. Hosting and applications are not the same thing. AWS and Azure are not the only hosting players not mentioning GCS is criminal. SNOW and Atlassian are 2 totally different things. SNOW is a Service Management platform. Adobe, Salesforce and Workday don't make apps. They are systems of record, just like Oracle, SAP, Oracle/NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Splunk is big data, not DevOps. In short, whoever wrote that knows fuckall about the IT industry in my opinion.
  4. I disagree. Sounds like bovine has adapted to the current fucktard generation he has inherited. I've seen the grammar of some of our recent graduates and it's uphauling. A few years ago i interviewed a former tridelt/cheer with a 3.4 transcript off the 40 who could not form compound sentences. I wonder how in the hell she pulled a 3.4 out of McCombs. Next door neighbor kid graduates next year and is sitting on a 3.7 in psychology, but when she talks she uses the word "like" every 4 to 5 seconds. I know we have some youngs on here and simply by being on the Surl they get a pass. The vast majority of their cohorts have zero situational awareness and are almost impossible to teach in the business world. It is a privilege to attend The University. Hold their fucking feet to the fire. If they bitch, tell them they are welcome to transfer to Indoctrination Station.
  5. So going forward, why would any business buy business insurance if it's worthless? What *does* it cover?
  6. The big 7 global system integrators (Accenture/Deloitte/south asians) that rely on bloat are going to pivot to lift/shift and have to deliver actual value without pork. Prem shit running in the cloud is not SaaS and not multi-tenant and customers are going to demand 2020s architecture. There have been some industries that were impervious to any incursion on their 15-year-old code on-prem linus blanket (architecture, construction, car sales/service). It's now rabbit season on all of those comfortable legacy bases (Sage Timberline for example). SNOW is killing it and will continue to do so because they are one of the new backbones of a virtual economy. There are multi-hundred-million-revenue businesses still running Quickbooks for their G/L. I shit you not. You can no longer put off the inevitable and kick the can down the road on core infrastructure. Once we get the antibody tests in-person sales will resume. But you have to solve problems and do so quickly. "Selling" is going to be replaced by "Solving". All of the in-person people-gathering businesses, like sports, theme parks, schools, will come back when we get antibody tests. Winners: Nanotech, Biopharma, and the inverse of the just-in-time business model. Losers: Anyone *currently* with a bar or restaurant. They'll be back this fall. Those that don't die. Biggest loser: concur on commercial real estate. Absolutely positively toast. Giant office towers are going to be converted to residential.
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