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  1. 3 people on a 12-seat F900? you're sure it was the Falcon 900?
  2. absolutely not. if meyer has everything he wants and has asked for and says no, how is that on CDC? the only thing they could have done better was mask more of the flights.
  3. thank you new interloper tweet not showing saturday tradition 77k followers ++++ Saturday Tradition @Tradition · 7m
  4. yeah, there have been others in this thread, i wish i was writing them down. several are regulars.
  5. the texas relays justifiably insures the myers complex is retained. the soccer pitch in such a premium location is a byproduct of track and field. otherwise play futbol at the new mls stadium. why not just tear down the bubble and build a new one that maximizes the available footprint.
  6. We are past six-sigma on the troll scale. If it's not happening, we're living in a Mandelbrot Set level of simulation.
  7. those fuckers can't hold a candle to the surl collective. just ask preacher boy.
  8. which also coincidentally happens to be the plane owned by kendra scott's ex-husband that we've been following all week
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