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  1. i am so ashamed to admit i watched the overtimes in bed so i could crash the moment of an outcome
  2. the narrative is pre-constructing before our very eyes.... if they go 4-6 or 5-5 it's Mond's fault because of the statue he will have tied jimbo's hands. jimbo's hands were tied. it's the fault of that woke negro.
  3. and he sounds like boomhauer
  4. i can only rep this once. this is the #1 reason i've had an overnight meltdown and flipped fully to the dark side. how can you run backwards FACING your own endzone trying to fair catch a punt on your own 25? RUN THE FUCK AWAY. Drive the ball. Go up 3 scores. i'm just still shattered that anyone can sugarcoat this. damn i get more pissed off every minute i'm on this fucking board today.
  5. here's my idea of most exciting regular season game. i was only 4 years old so i wasn't there. but i'm sure we have a few denizens hanging around who were. Austin, December 5th, 1970 Ranked #1 and put the sword to #4 pig 42-7 on national ABC with no other games on, to finish an unbeaten regular season and clinch the UPI (before the first cottondomerdisaster). (UPI voted before the bowls through 1973 i think). "FUN" and "MOST EXCITING" should be reserved for conference championship games, fair park, and the playoffs. in the regular season with the exception of thieves, i don't share your idea of fun as FUN.
  6. you should consult for fitlump's campaign
  7. can i be happy with the win and at the same time totally pissed off and calling for tom's head?
  8. aggy go to starkville on the 17th during our bye week.
  9. edited for accuracy. and don't you blaspheme in here. dammit.
  10. uh oh. no top 10 win for bama next week. voters responsible for this heresy should go to ground immediately.
  11. this is a chinese mobile execution vehicle: this is a chinese mobile execution vehicle with no sec branding: this public service announcement was provided for the benefit of any coach or sportswriter who thought about denying bama a TOP TEN win next week.
  12. i have other gripes but these are my top 4, with pirate the most egregious
  13. mack's bullshit sunshine was more tolerable than the passive/aggressive crap we're going to get from therm at the presser tomorrow.
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