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  1. I still have a bitter feelings towards the brocks.
  2. Mentally Ill? I think Norman has porked her once too often.
  3. Can't take the finals? What are the players tutors to do?
  4. Girlfriend? When did he give up livestock?
  5. Just wondering upon her return she will notice the Bevo dropping all over her lawn?
  6. Why complain? They should thank the $EC for what they enjoy the most?
  7. You forgot Bag Hag as "Grand Mama".
  8. I wonder if she drove him to camps in Florida as well, as "family friend" of course.
  9. What a nice way to start off a quiet Sunday morning, gomers fighting with each other. Karen better watch what she says or they might start protesting at her house.
  10. Really surprised no one mentioned her $EC Rants yet?
  11. After seeing size of some of those ladies, I might assume taste testing was a big part of the judging?
  12. Been reported the Chinese have attempted to hack into the computers of the gomers medical research, boy are they in for a shock.
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