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  1. Thanks for trying! And with those guys hitting I'd be a good manager.
  2. Tuesday was SO long ago for this feeble mind. Refresh my memory? In the meantime ... Go Braves! Some damn hot bats. Tonight even Acuña finally got an RBI. Now to get the pitchers up to snuff.
  3. If Karen had been performing on Vic's level the last several years her contract might very well have been renovated to reflect such performance.
  4. From Bleacher Report ... Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman underwent arthroscopic surgery on Wednesday to remove "three fragmented loose bodies" and "multiple bone spur formations" in his right elbow, the team announced. Fuck me! It doesn't get much more painful than that (excepting ruptured achilles, ACL, etc.). Man's a stud. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2771343-freddie-freeman-had-surgery-on-elbow-injury-expected-back-for-spring-training
  5. How was the YouTube broadcast? Our announcers or YT's? Any better than Facebook last year? I got pissed when I found there was no archive. I'd be happy to be wrong.
  6. Thanks much! I vaguely remember that, as I do most shit, vaguely.
  7. When have they had such an offense?
  8. Seems Keuchel has settled in nicely. Also seems like he's enjoying the team.
  9. Hell, even the wife is loving it. Hasn't paid close attention since Bobby left. Even knows Walt Weiss is on the bench.
  10. I wonder if there was even a legit push to get Kimbrel.
  11. 'Bout time Riley hit a homer. Hasn't had one since, what, Saturday? 20+ RBIs in 2 weeks.
  12. Great win. Love me some Riley and Jackson.
  13. I know. The wife was super busy but every time she walked through she'd check what was happening and say, "WTF, where's HE been?"
  14. Acuña and Albies. Don't think I've ever seen two players consistently have as much fun. The Wednesday game was hilarious when they were giving each other shit from 2nd base to deep center field. And, yep, Riley brings magic.
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