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  1. We’ve established that a single game doesn’t do a very good job of determining the “best” team due to all sorts of flukes that can happen in a single game. This is why the NBA, MLB, and NHL use playoff series. Perhaps the NCAA should adopt the same model. Use preseason rankings to pick the top 4 SEC teams and then have a four team, best of 7 playoff series.
  2. My surely unpopular opinion: establish some published objective criteria for playoff worthiness (a scoring system that accounts for conference success and other metrics). Every team that meets the standard gets in. Any team that doesn’t meet the standard doesn’t. The standard could be set to incentivize big out of conference games And make for a fun early season. Each year could have a different number of playoff teams and each scenario is laid out ahead of time. Some years would have two teams, some up to 8. This would completely eliminate the last team out argument, since it would be clear they didn’t meet the published standard.. It obviously wouldn’t work due to TV scheduling nightmares and it’s backwards to our way of thinking, but I think it’s the most fair method that also ensures that championship teams are suitably great.
  3. The title should be "California mildly inconveniences the tiny minority of musicians who don't already have an LLC. Will require 20 minutes of paperwork and save them thousands of dollars." I’ll quibble with the “tiny minority” part. I’ve made my living as a musician most of my adult life. I don’t personally know of any musicians who have an LLC. I’m sure some do and I don’t know it and more probably should, but I’ve never heard it come up. I’ll add that it’s never made sense for me and my situation is pretty common.
  4. At various times I’ve been an AFM member. It really only makes sense if you’re in a collective bargaining situation such as an orchestra, but union gigs are usually way better. Your time and money is much better respected and things are run much more professionally. I don’t know enough about the California scene to comment any further.
  5. Lorenzo White Allen Pinkett Mike Rozier
  6. There’s a good bit of biblical precedent of God putting people under the rule of evil rulers as a judgment against them. Considering how Trump embodies the worst of our culture, there’s a certain logic to that explanation. Even if God chose Trump, that doesn’t mean God endorses him. The fact that someone as reprehensible as Trump has been widely celebrated by certain groups of Christians should be cause for mourning and repentance.
  7. To borrow a phrase from our beloved head coach, picking a winning coach is really hard. It was time for Mack to go, but the odds were that the next several coaches would be clearly worse. There are maybe 2 or 3 sure thing coaches. Everyone else’s success relies somewhat on the right fit. Success at one school, no matter the size, doesn’t necessarily mean success at Texas. We may be exceptionally bad at picking coaches, but even with a great process, the odds are that you’ll pick more duds than not. This applies at directional state and the blueblood football factory.
  8. I’ve been out living my life and just checked the score. It seems like I chose well. I might check back in on the score next week sometime.
  9. Impeached, acquitted, re-elected, at some point during his 3rd term his health starts failing enough that he fades from public view, is replaced by deep fake Trump/Putin, and eventually quietly passes during his 4th term. Deep fake Trump is eventually taken over by AI during his 7th term and we end up with the Terminator scenario. That’s my best case scenario.
  10. Whatever academic rankings mean, ARWU top 100 rankings and most recent AP national championship: Ohio St 100 (2014), Penn State 98 (1986), Florida 95 (2008), Pitt 89 (1976), USC 55 (2004), Maryland 46 (1953), Texas 45 (2005), Minnesota 41 (1960), Colorado 38 (1990), Michigan 20 (1997), U of Washington 14 (1991 coaches poll)
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