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  1. Put her in charge of a police reform task force and have them push for real, meaningful, nationwide reform. Don’t call it defund the police.
  2. Humans aren’t very good at intuitively understanding numbers once they reach a certain size (both the humans and the numbers). It shouldn’t be a surprise that we aren’t accurately estimating how bad it is because that’s something we’re bad at. Even smart, mathematically literate people are bad at this. I’m not sure we should read into these kinds of surveys beyond this.
  3. Operation Eisenfaust would have terrifying.
  4. One case for a third party vote is that over time, popular third party ideas can be taken on by the major parties. I think the Bernie approach has been more effective in shifting the national consciousness, but some ideas and personalities might not fit within a major party at this time. I’ve voted for numerous third party candidates under the belief that certain non-mainstream ideas should be elevated. This is a long term strategy that the fringe but good ideas of today might eventually become mainstream. It’s effectiveness is debatable, but it’s a coherent approach. This year, it seems like the national question is whether or not we should continue to destroy the country. Given the dire situation, it seems ill advised to play the long game of supporting fringe ideas.
  5. That antifa/Nazi trick-or-treat gone bad is wonderful example of how powerful a lack of context and effective framing can be. We really have no idea what’s going on because we have no idea what led up to it. In the close up video, little miss Nazi pushes an antifa first before Mr. Antifa aggressively tries to borrow her armband. Of course, her push is proceeded by lots of shouting and laser beams in little miss Nazi’s eyes. So violence and aggression begets escalating violence and aggression. Nothing new. The implication in the tweet is that the antifa hordes are now roaming residential areas looking for more indiscriminate violence. I think the Nazi arm band is a pretty good indication that the tweet isn’t honestly framing the issue. Whether anyone is in the right here or they all are terrible is up for debate since we only see a small slice of this wonderful meeting of the minds, but the idea that antifa is on their way to your neighborhood for riots and violence doesn’t seem well supported by a front porch squabble with a Nazi where there is no evidence that anyone was actually hurt. The armband may have been damaged and you can’t just get those of the rack at Montgomery Ward anymore, so I guess there will be some repair costs.
  6. You don’t get the extra points for putting them in the correct order. Person woman man camera TV.
  7. Hurt the Bible, hurt God... I think he’s misquoting Circle Jerks lyrics: no religion to comfort your mind, the Communist Manifesto will be read all the time. It’s also one of the most transparently pandering statements I’ve ever heard.
  8. The quantity of first-person getting killed videos on this thread is a bit upsetting.
  9. The job market at least in my corner of academia has been terrible since 2008. Any full-time position can start to look appealing compared to the piecemeal adjunct life. Crazy with salary and benefits has its appeal, even with year-to-year contracts.
  10. The escalation from discussing the minutia of the budget of a hypothetical person to everyone calling each other racist was impressive. Good work everyone.
  11. I order my groceries on an app. The next day, I drive to the store, pop my trunk, and then they load my groceries and sign for me. If I lived in a less rural area, they'd deliver my groceries by mail. If the grocery store will accommodate basic and reasonable precautions for my liquid smoke order, surely the government should do the same for something as sacred as the right to vote. Using COVID to accelerate the systematic disenfranchisement of large portions of our country is just another cynical and disgusting sign of our times.
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